Monday, September 17, 2007


This is a very special book I received for my birthday this year, from my brother-in-law, Tommy. He and I share an affinity for the written word. [Of course, he remembers when they first started printing books, I think he was a teenager then...JUST KIDDING :)] And I think he is the only other person I know who can get excited about an old book. He has quite a collection, and enjoys searching for them. He picked this one for me, and I love it. It is titled Grandmother's Child, written by Annie S Swan. It is the sweetest story of a family in London and as you can see from the inscription, this lady received as a gift in 1892. I wonder just where else this old book has been and who else has read this story. Did they find it both sad and heart warming as I did? Was it given to them by someone they loved and cared about? Did it lay in an attic somewhere, or was it stored in a trunk with someones belongings? Was it tucked away on a bookcase somewhere, or was it sold in a library sale of old books? Of course, I'll never know, but I do know something of its life from now on. It will be stored on my bookcase and listed among my treasures. I will read it one day to a grandchild, and pass it on as a dear possession to be kept and read again.

Treasure, you know, has very little to do with monetary value. To me, treasures are those things that speak to your soul, and strike a chord of the beautiful and lovely things of this world. They certainly do not have to BE beautiful, just remind you of it. This book reminds me of the love between a mother and daughter, and finally a granddaughter. It reminds me of how great forgiveness can be and it shows the tenacious spirit of a young child.

Thank-you, Thomas, for this wonderful present. Thank you for recognizing how I would delight in owning this book. I'm so glad you are my brother.


T*mmy said...

Hello...I found your blog through a link yesterday and want you to know I enjoy it very much.

What a treasure of a book you received!

I read a book by Gladys Taber years ago and I guess they are out of print now and if found they are very costly. At least the ones I've located online anytime you can find something like this it is a treasure!

I hope you don't mind but I've bookmarked your site as a future read!

Lynne said...

What a thoughtful gift. I have an old copy of HOUSE OF EARTH by Pearl Buck (THE GOOD EARTH trilogy) with an inscription dated 1932. I'd love to know the history of that book. Instead of reading that book (I was afraid I'd destroy it), I bought new copies of the 3 books to read.

Ang baylis said...

AWE! What a sweet book! I can get rid of a lot of things, but books are very difficult! I could not give away any of my children's books! I can't wait to read them to my grandchildren! Well, yes... I can wait until God brings me a darling son or daughter-in-law first!

Enjoy the book!!!!!
I love the smell of old books... I know I am weird!

Angie xoxo

Dianne said...

My sister and oldest niece have an affinity for books like that. That's a great thing to collect, especially when you can get good ones like the one you have!

Musicaljean said...

That's an awesome gift, especially with that signature and date! Dick's dad's house still has a bookcase filled with Dick's mom's books. I haven't looked through them for many, many years. This post gives me the desire to do so next time we're there.

nancygrayce said...

Love it! I especially love inscriptions in old books. My favorite book from childhood is about a doll who tells all the places she's been. Sounds dorky, but no it's really not!

justabeachkat said...

Wow...Tonja, this was a touching post. How sweet of Tommy to know just what would mean the most to you! It's so true - it's not how much the gift's the thought behind it.


violetlady said...

Your post really spoke to me. I have been a book lover since I was a little girl and as the years have passed, I still treasure a few of the books I owned way back then. Friends have given me old books and I have bought some in antique stores. Sometimes the binding is better than the contents, but it is still a treasure.

melissa c said...

A treasure indeed!! Such a thoughtful gift.