Monday, December 29, 2008

JOY OF MOVING....Part 3...

We made it into the house before Christmas Day...just as our builder, Mike, promised we would. And as you well know, Christmas does not wait until you get settled and ready. So, a day or two before the final move, I brought all the Christmas gifts over to the Creek House and put them into the guest closet, so I would know exactly where they were on Christmas morning. Never mind that they were all clustered under the TV, instead of a Christmas was still Christmas!

Now, the only gift I expected from Don was...nothing. I mean, this house is all the gift I could want. And, as much as I love presents...I knew he would not get me anything else. And, that was as it should be. However, I got him a few little things, so that he would have something to do on Christmas morning as the family gathered to exchange presents.

(I must assure you...honestly...I did not expect there to be a gift...nor did I need anything else! I am not joking about this.) be honest, I think this exemption should only be good for 1 year from date of First I should be OK for next Christmas!

Well, after we finished oohing and ahhing and looking over all our treasures...Don mumbled something about not being able to find 'my gift'. I did not believe him, and just thought he maybe felt a little guilty since I had gotten him something. I just let it slide and no more mention has been made of it till tonight.

My Partners in Crime and All Things Fun and Frivolous, Tina and Shirley, descended on the Creek House and commenced to putting it into order! All boxes were to be opened, all 'stuff' to be gone through, and what was deemed 'fitting' would be given a place to live. Don was so happy to see them, he practically kissed their feet. And, he fixed them a pizza. And, he told me to do everything they said.

My friend, Shirl, is a decorating dervish...actually, just give her a project, and she can be a dervish of any kind. It is as if she has blinders on...there is a goal, and she will see it through. PERIOD. Only stopping for occasional coffee and Diet Coke breaks. Even though Tina and I THOUGHT we had sorted through and 'let go' of lots of my stuff...Shirl thought we had only begun. Friends, I 'let go' of much, much more. Much more than I thought I would. And of things that I thought I would never let go of. Shirl has been watching Clean House...24 hours a day...preparing for this task. She kept asking me, "Do you love it?" Love is very close to LIKE in my mind...but not hers. Like was not good enough. "In the box," she would order...and I grudgingly complied. Talk about culling out! We quickly whittled down my pillow stash from 5 boxes to 1. But, I can't talk too much about still hurts. I did manage to hide a few treasures back before she took them outside. But, she was as right as can be! Those are things that do not fit in the Creek House. They are things I have outgrown (decorating wise)...and I need to let go and move on. It made it much easier on Shirl as Don cheered her on from the sidelines, saying, "Go, Shirley, get rid of all of it...she doesn't need it...get it outta here." His eyes were glazed over...he was a happy man seeing all that 'stuff' going out of our house.

Now, I must be fair. Shirley knows I am a sentimental fool...and she knew there were things from family and friends I could not bear to part with. And, she was cool with that. But, she even threw away some of the things that even SHE had given to me. I tell you...she's a dervish!

Meanwhile, Don poked his head around the corner in the midst of all this glee, and said," If you see a box labeled Don's Underwear, let me know. I can't find it. Well, friends, we opened all the remaining boxes in my garage, about 10 or 12...and no underwear was ever found. He began to get desperate. "Where is my underwear? I know I packed it. And, TONJA'S CHRISTMAS GIFTS ARE WITH THEM!" Important news that caused my ears to perk right up. "We MUST find the underwear, girls!" I said. But, we didn't. And Don even went back to the other house to see if he left them there. He didn't. I am also missing a few boxes of things I can not find. But, nothing as important as the underwear.

Today, we are on a Partners in Crime and All Things Fun and Frivolous...find the underwear...and whatever else may be lurking close by! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

JOY OF MOVING...Part 2...

THE SCENE: 4:00 AM on the first night spent in the Creek House. Tonja and Scooter are walking through the backyard...taking care of business.
THE TEMPERATURE: 38 degrees...a blizzard by South Alabama standards...
Because I have empathy for helpless creatures, I pulled myself out of a deep sleep so that I could take Scooter out for a comfort break.

We have no fence yet. This is a source of extreme irritation to me. Why do we not have a fence when we have been building this house since February and every one involved knew we must have a fence? The builder was not responsible...and the architect was not responsible. I was not responsible...and Alex was not responsible. That leaves one other adult who was responsible. Or irresponsible, as the case may be. The logistics and other preparations for the hot tub, which this person was also responsible for, were all seen to with much haste. The fence fell by the wayside. But, I'm not bitter...much. Because, without a fence, Scooter, who was born to run, will. And, he won't stop until he's exhausted. And he may be 14 years old, but he has not slowed much. So...he has to be taken out on a leash for the time being. He has to be taken out on a leash into the deep, dark woods that is our backyard. And, especially in the middle of the night, and most all other times, actually...if Alex is not able...I am the designated leash holder.

OK, back to our story. This was the first night, and Scooter was already freaked out about being in a new place. Nothing smelled familiar to him. By the time, he and Alex were able to come was already dark. So he couldn't even see where he was. I went to get him, and out we went. Of course, if you are a dog, you must be sure every inch of a new place has been sniffed before you feel comfortable enough to 'let go'. So, every inch was sniffed, with me following behind...going round and round the trees because he kept getting tangled up and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get him to go back around. And it was cold. And, I am not sure there are not bears back there yet myself. Finally, he was reassured,nature took over, and we could go back in. However, instead of following in a straight line close behind me, as any smart dog would do...he veered off to the left. I turned around just in time to see him walk right into the POOL!

OH! MY! GOODNESS! His little eyes about bugged out of his head, and his little paws were paddling for all he was worth. I was not about to jump in and get him. It was COLD...and it was the deep end! So I pulled on the leash, to aid his paddling. When he got to the edge, I had to lean down and haul him out of the pool...causing much water to adhere itself to my body...and it was COLD! Of course, what is a dog going to do when he is wet? Right...shake...and shake...and shake...all over me...because I was still holding on to the leash.

We got inside and I called Alex to get up! "Bring towels," I yelled. "Why?" he asked. Not the best time for him to go questioning his mother. "Just get towels...lots!" I yelled again. "Where are the towels?" he asked. And, I realized right then that I had no idea where the towels were. Only that they were in a box and the box was in the house...somewhere. Luckily, we found Alex's new set of towels for his bathroom. New...never been washed...not very absorbent.

Once Alex woke up well, he saw the water on the floor. "Mamma, get that water off the floor! Daddy said water will ruin them! Get it up! Wipe it up!" he cried. And, that posed a dilemma, my friends...the dog or the floor. The wet, old, smelly, cold dog...or the brand new, gleaming hardwood floors. The dog won. Quickly throwing towels over the wet floor, I started rubbing Scooter to dry him off and warm him up. Alex could still be heard, yelling, "Get the water off the floor...Don't let Daddy know they got wet. They are going to be ruined!" This is where I yelled back, "Just get yourself out of bed and come help me." And he did. He took over the dog drying duty while I went to work on the floor. I knew there was not enough water to ruin them, but Alex was about to have a coronary!

And we spent the next 30 minutes or so, furiously rubbing the dog. Bless his heart, he was still just a shivering. Finally, he crawled over to the rug and lay down and drifted off to sleep...still shivering occasionally. Alex and I sat for a few minutes on the couch, then he went back to bed. I went to the couch, and spent the next hour gazing at the trees, watching the sky turn from black to grey and finally to a cloudy white. I never did see the sun that day, and it stayed cold and damp all day.

But, it was in those moments alone, in the studio, everyone safe and sleeping, dry and warm, that I realized there will be as many memories to be made here as there were in our previous home. The place is not really isn''s the people who we surround ourselves with that cause a place to feel homey. It is the everyday accidents and regular living that takes place, that causes a building to become a holder of memories. It is the love and care and concern for each other (and the dog), that causes a place to become warm and cozy and safe and welcoming. It is the living that turns a house into a home.



First turkey cooked at the Creek House! It was yummy! And thanks to Strong Arms (Ian) for taking it out for me...and then carving it! What a son!
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Friday, December 26, 2008

JOY OF MOVING....Part 1...

"LOOK!" It's here! FINALLY!"

"Careful, guys! No scratches!"

"First thing in...THE Christmas tree!"

"The first of many, many, many piles of STUFF."

"Great, great friends...with strong backs! I couldn't have done it without them! This is Patty(L) and Tina(R).

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Just a quick post to let you in on a new trend...BIG earrings!!!!

JUST KIDDING! :) Just an early morning attempt at humor. These are actually 2 of the 3 mercury glass balls I received for Christmas! They were beautiful! I also received wonderful gifts from family and friends! As always, they are too generous!
We spent a quiet morning at home, then went to Joy's house for family get together! Alex was able to be with us, even though it was a big struggle!
Christmas 2008...things felt a little different this year...but a wonderful year in spite of it all.
I hope your day was as full of love as mine was!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


From Wikipedia,

Wooden trough
A manger is a trough or box of carved stone or wood construction used to hold
food for animals (as in a stable). Mangers are mostly used in livestock raising. They are also used to feed wild animals, e.g., in nature reserves. The word comes from the French manger (meaning "to eat"), from Latin manducare (meaning "to chew").

"And she brought forth her firstborn, a son, and wrapped him in cloths, and laid him in a manger..." Luke 2:7

"This will be a sign to you: you will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger..."
Luke 2:12
"So the shepherds hurried off and found Mary and Joseph and the baby, who was lying in a manger..." Luke 2:16
This most beautiful story of the birth of Jesus can be found in the Holy Bible, in the book of Luke, chapter 2, verses 1-20.


We are in-mostly.

I am beyond tired.

I have great pics and stories to share with you---hilarious stories...just wait!

I am blessed far more than I could ever deserve. God is good!

I am going back to sleep is 4:20 AM...and it is not wise to write too much at this hour of the day...embarrassing things may slip out.

I pray that YOU have the very best Christmas ever! May your homes be filled with love and laughter and sweet memories...old and new.

Forgive me for not visiting each of you with a personal message, just think of me surrounded by mountains of STUFF...perched on a get to my computer. OK, quit's not THAT funny!

Good Morning...see you after THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION.


Sunday, December 21, 2008


I bet you do, too. I happen to like a lot of different, therefore...more stuff!

Now, if you don't have enough stuff....this is the store for you!

We girls have a lot of stuff, nail stuff, skin stuff, makeup stuff, dressy stuff, casual stuff, etc. Stuff for everything we do...which is, of course, as it should be.

I didn't even know about this...but apparently it's true...because there is a book about it...and a blog! If I was not white, I would write my own book.


1. We have more stuff than we need.

2. Yes, that 'we' includes YOU.

3. We have stuff we don't even know we have.

4. Stuff accumulates very easily...and very quickly!

5. No one has ever actually seen it happen, but stuff multiplies!

6. I know this is true, because it has happened to me. Upon commencing the packing process...I was surprised, shocked, and overwhelmed by the stuff that has appeared unbeknownst to me.

7. When the day comes that you realize the awful truth about your prepared to act swiftly. You must rid yourself of the stuff with no looking back. if you hold on to it, it becomes yours. You actually begin to feel ownership of it even though it may not be yours, technically.

8 Once you feel this're a goner. You have crossed over. This amazing amount of stuff is yours....and now you must either find a place to display it.... or store it....or move it.

9. One of the best ways to 'pass along' your stuff to others, is to hold a garage sale, a yard sale, a tag sale, a moving sale or whatever you wish to call it. It seems that at these sales, other folks who like stuff actually will come to your house and take it off your hands and add it to their collection...for a very low fee...certainly not what it is worth! FYI...I'll be having a huge MOVING MY HOUSE AND GARAGE SALE IN MY YARD very soon! It will all be tagged. Great stuff!!!

10. All these facts are true. I know from experience. I am living it even as we speak...or read and write. And I will be moving it in a few hours.

"HOME...a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff!"
George Carlin


1. There are 1 million boxes in the Creek House and current house.

2. There were 2 million boxes moved today...go figure.

3. It is doubtful that we will have any room for furniture in the Creek House.

4. I am fairly certain, however, that I can build a nice table and chairs out of the million boxes I have in my possession.

5. There is still more packing to be done at current house. I found out...TODAY...that the movers will NOT pack my china. They also will NOT pack my books. They will , however, MOVE them...if they are in a box.

6. The movers are coming tomorrow.

7. Pray for my sanity...and my back.

8. I could not have gotten this far without my friend, Tina. She deserves an award for going above and beyond the call of friendship. I am going to make her a very nice surprise...out of a box...and then I'll wrap a box.

9. I hope I never see another box after this.

10. Yes, I have gone off the deep end....but it's OK....I landed on a BOX!

Friday, December 19, 2008

YES, I DID..and YES, IT WAS...

Yes, I started moving today!

Yes, it was exciting!

Yes, I made pictures!

Yes, we got a lot accomplished!

Yes, we will start again in the morning!

Yes...Yes...YES, I am exhausted!

Yes, I'll tell you about it soon...but not tonight!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today the temps have been in the mid 70's, in fact, most of the kids wore shorts to school. So snow is the fartherest thing from our minds! However, the jokes are funny, anyway!

The final clean-up of the Creek house was taking place as I left there this afternoon. My new friend, Stacy, has finished up her painting expertise...she did an amazing job! I will show you some pics soon.
Tomorrow...we start with the boxes. IT"S HERE!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The day started off wrong. I think it is just a cruel joke by the' powers that be 'when all the electricity goes out in your house just as you step into the shower! I mean, you are partially wet, and can't see to get a a shower in the dark seems the only way to go. Well, showering and praying, actually. Praying that you'll have electricity by the time you get out so you can dry your hair! Prayer works! It came on just as the hot water was beginning to give out! P.S. I did not attempt to shave my legs...just so you know...

By the time I had gathered all the stuff I had to take with me today, I was waaaay behind schedule! And, to top it all off, the car was running on fumes because I was too tired to fill it up last night. So, gas station...back home to pick up food for luncheon that I forgot...out to Creek House to check on a few things...then on to work!

I have been able to kinda coast at school since the program. Gives me time to catch up on clean up and putting up the stuff I have been too busy to do for a while! Then we had our teacher luncheon after school. This is the one that was supposed to be at my house...IF I had moved in the first time I thought we were. But, that's OK...I'm not bitter! :-) It's coming soon enough!

Back to the house after the luncheon. Then to the fabric store to get burlap (I'll explain that later) Office Max to buy an external hard drive. I did not even know what that was until today. I have 8 boxes of CD's (each hold 60), and they need to be loaded onto a hard drive so that the electronic people at the house can program them into the music system. The music system that I will probably never understand how to work, but which they say is simple. Myself, I am just happy with an old boom box that has only 2 or 3 buttons. Too many things to learn for an old lady! A stop by Dairy Queen for a delicious, nutritious supper...complete with a blizzard of a dessert. Then home...and off the feet. I am not moving until 7:oo in the AM. I am not even drinking anything so I won't have to get up to go potty!

Have a blessed tomorrow!


Had school, then on to Creek House. The pool is finished! Looks great. Problems with putting up the fencing...but Don is working it out. A few problems with the inside fireplace, but working on those, too. The landscapers continue to enhance the outside!

Left to take Mom to the Doctor. The builder called just as I was leaving, and said to" come back"...they were hanging mirrors and needed my input. So back over to give them my OK.
While locking up, Don had trouble with a door locking...the builder tries...and the lock came off in his hand! That is the second time that has happened. They already sent someone to 'fix it' one time...but obviously, not too well. Don and our builder were both furious! Some one got an irate call last night...I bet that door will be really fixed today!

Then a stop at Lowes for broom and hangers and such. They do not have simple wooden stools there! On to Wal Mart to pick one up...then a fast run to a BBQ place for food for the family.

Home and now it is time to get up and get ready for work. Teacher's luncheon, then back to Creek House to check in. We have help line up to start the move on Friday! Ready or we come!

Monday, December 15, 2008


This is the week. It has finally arrived, and I just hope I am ready.

Tonight is my final Christmas program. And 2 more days of school after that. They began filling the pool on Saturday. It still has a ways to go, but looking great! Final touch ups at the Creek House tomorrow and Tuesday...and then Friday and Saturday we can start moving things in. The movers, however, will not come until the 22. Plans now are to spend Christmas Eve in the Creek House for the first night! How exciting to wake up in my new home on Christmas morning!

But, there are miles to go till then...

Lord, give me strength, and health, and flexibility...along with a sense of humor...
I have the feeling I am going to need it! Pray for me, friends!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Passing the Christmas section on my way out of a store Friday, I stopped for a second to look at the Willow Tree display. I have always liked this collection, and I have the Nativity Scene from several years ago that consisted of Mary and Joseph, the Baby, a shepherd, sheep, and donkey (as above). On one table, they were showing the newest additions to the scene. (Myself was saying to Me that I did not need to buy these because it would just be something else to move. And, I am happy to report that I listened to Me, and took My advice.)

But, while I was standing there, an older lady stopped beside me and said, "It's a shame, I tell you...a crying shame." I was trying to decide whether to engage her in conversation or not, when she saved me the trouble. "There's not a baby in sight...and no Mama and Daddy either. It's just not right", she said. I looked at her and was trying to figure out what part of this dialogue I had missed, when she spoke again, "It's been like that everywhere I go this year...everybody is leaving them out. You can't have just the Men, that's not what the story is...the story is the Mama and the Baby." Then she looked at me and said, "Do you see the Baby?"

The lady was pointing at the Wise Men display...and suddenly, I got it! She was talking about Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus not being with the Wise Men. I suppose that they only display the newer sets. They really wanted to get rid of them obviously, because they had 3 sets of them set up on this table. And, she was right...not a Mama, Daddy, or Baby in sight.

She wandered on off, mumbling to herself, "It just ain't Christmas without the Baby."

And, while I understood what the store had done, I thought her words were so prophetic. It isn't Christmas without the Baby. The decorations,the ornaments and trees, the shopping lists and presents, the food and the parties and whatever else has become attached to this Holy-day, isn't Christmas. Christmas is the BABY.
Yes, I do know that in the REAL story, the Wise Men did not come to visit while Jesus was an infant. They arrived when He was around 2 years old. But, the makers of Nativity Scenes the world over have contributed to our belief that they visited while He was still a little baby. I don't think that Willow Tree got it right, either...because their intent is for all the characters to be displayed together(as below). It is still a beautiful set, and I plan to complete it...later. Usually when I display my other sets, I move the Wise Men a short distance away from the Baby. It's just one of those things that I like to get right. Matters not to most, but to me, it's important. I have several scenes that I like to put up at Christmas...each a little different in style and design...but they all have the Baby!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yesterday, I made a quick stop at TJ M*xx...where there are always wonderful surprises in store for those with stamina enough to sort through the fray. Yes, I could have been elsewhere, but, actually, I was hoping to make a dent in my Christmas list.

Speaking of buggies...(oh I guess I wasn't) why in heaven's name would any store start corralling their carts on the outside of the store when they have the hardest doors in town to open. It makes a body not want to even mess with getting a buggy...and everyone knows that you will spend waaaaay more money if you have one. It is just easier to carry more things around with you as you go about your search. And you can shop longer and buy more stuff if you have a handy convenient way to move it around the store. That is just 'Basic Shopping Skills 101'.

Yesterday, I did not stop outside to get a was cold and I figured that I could find an empty one somewhere along the way. Well, I did find one...sitting by itself...over to one side...looking all alone and empty. It was in my sight, and I was making a bee line for it, when I heard a lady say to some other women nearby, "Is this your buggy?" "No," they replied,"but I don't think you will want it." The lady said," Oh, it'll be fine...these things are heavy." And with that, she quickly dropped her assortment of goodies into the cart, and proceeded down the aisle. I noticed the other group of women smiling at each other. OH. MY. GOODNESS. That was the worst sounding buggy I have ever heard. It sounded as if someone had tied tin cans to the wheels....and with every turn of the wheel, the tires jumped instead of rolling smoothly...and it would sort of shimmy and shake while it was making all those noises. I am not could hear that buggy all over the store! That poor lady, turned around and looked back at the group who had warned her, and she said,"I see what you mean." However, she kept right on going. I went in another direction, and got distracted by the wonderful selection of purses that always calls out to be touched and considered. Soon, I didn't hear the buggy any more...the horrendous sound stopped. I figured she had made it to the checkout lane and was waiting patiently for some disembodied voice to tell her "Register # 3 is available. Please move to register #3."

I made it through the sea of purses, and on past the shoes, and entered Christmas Land. Oh the pretties that were waiting for me there. Look, here's a big mercury glass ornament to add to my collection...and another. And, look at this cute rug...the Creek House would LOVE to feel this caressing its floors. I began to realize that I was going to have to find a buggy or leave these treasures for someone else. And, that was not going to happen. I walked over toward the kitchen things...because they put a kitchen in the Creek House, even though I told them it wasn't necessary. I spied a buggy...and set forth ...with seize it for my own. I made it and carefully cradled my ornaments and rug inside, and set off in search of more. WHOA, NELLY! It was the same buggy from the front of the store...the one that sounded like some horrible creature from an unholy place...jumping and shimmying and shaking! People were looking. I quickly got my stuff out and left it pretty close to where I found it. Wrapping my ornaments in my rug...I ventured on. Next came the aisle of decorative objects. My, what a conglomeration of things here. All in a pile and a mess and a jumble. And, guess what else I found? A little old man, dressed so nicely in his khakis and jacket...beautiful white hair.

Now, I just knew something fun was about to happen...due to all the encounters I had had during the past few weeks. Sure enough, he was headed straight for me, and was about to speak. "Hey, there, pretty lady, I need some help," he said with a twinkle in his eyes. And, I knew not to be worried since he obviously had fine taste in women. "I'm looking for something called a 'dirty santa' gift, and I really do not know what that is," he explained, "they just said to get a dirty santa gift under
$10.00." So, I explained what it was, and he looked around and said, "I don't like to give things that are risque, I just don't think that's proper." "No," I told him, " the 'dirty' part is when you steal it from someone." "Steal it?" he asked. "Well, that comes when you are playing the game at the party,"I explained. So we looked around, and I found a box of 12 shiny purple balls for the tree. I told him that those would be a good gift. "But, they are ugly," he said,"I couldn't give those to anybody." I told him that was OK, some of the gifts would be junky. He said...and I promise you this is the gospel..."Well, I could just take some of that mess my wife, she's recently deceased, used to make. She called them crafts, but they weren't nothing but junk. She liked doing it, but nobody wanted any of it." He stopped for a minute, and then said, "Oh, I better keep that stuff around, though. It makes me laugh, and I could never give her stuff away." "Oh,I think you should keep her things, too...especially if they make you laugh," I told him.

He started walking away, and bent to pick up a vase shaped like a giant conch shell. It was very poorly painted, and not a very good likeness of a shell really. "Now, what about this?" he said, "this is something they could really use if they got it. And it is only $6.99." "I think it's perfect, sir," I said. And, he put it in his buggy and walked on away, but turned at the end of the aisle, and said, "Thank-you, pretty lady, for taking the time to help an old man. You're very kind." "My pleasure, sir. Enjoy your party," I replied.

I moved on down to where the lamps and pillows were, and found a wonderful, soft, cuddly throw that would be perfect for a person on my list. I carefully took it with my free arm, and started toward the checkout, because I was overloaded...what with me not having a buggy and all. I did want to look at the men's socks, though. And, they were on the way to the checkout. There, amidst the boxers and briefs and handkerchiefs with a monogram...was an empty buggy. "Great!" I thought. And since no one was around, I figured it was placed there providentially...just for me...since I had been kind to the old man. "Thank you, Lord" I said quietly. Carefully placing my items inside, I headed for the socks.

You know what I'm going to say, don't you? You know that it was the same shimmy, shaking, tin can sounding, jumping wheel buggy, don't you? Well, you're was. I figured God was probably really getting a kick out of this, too. That buggy had probably been through countless people since I first made its acquaintance. I had found it in 3 different areas of the store. How many people had thought they had found a buggy for the taking...only to abandon it quickly when they heard its song? I took my stuff, held it tightly to my chest...and headed straight to the checkout line. I happened to see the 'dirty santa' man a few people in front of me. He smiled, at me and said, "Looks like you should have gotten a buggy, pretty lady." "Believe me," I said, "I will next time!"


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have a dear friend, Shanni, who is full of surprises...and I love it when I am the recipitent of those surprises! She brought this tea towel to me display in my new kitchen! I think it is SO appropriate, and I can assure you it will have a prominent place of honor there. After all, it's best that everyone know just how I feel about the cooking thing from the very beginning, don't ya think?

I LOVE this,'re a hoot!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Love, love, love this picture! Whose stockings could these be?


I was surfing around the web and happened to find this cool 'snow effect' thing. I clicked on it and typed in the name of my blog...and ***POOF*** there it was.

I, being in a constant state of bewilderment these days, do not have any idea where that was. I could not go back there if you paid me. It was just one of those things...a passing ship in the night...etc.

However, since I LOVE to help out a friend...I did find this address when I clicked on it in my 'compose page'...or some sort of place that I go to occasionally to change things know, when the mood strikes...

At this hour of the morning, with myself being late for work while I am playing on the computer...I am not sure how to link to it...requires much concentration of which I do not have until later in the understand...

I hope this helps...let me know in the comments, and I will do some more digging when I get home from my busy day of work and finishing the Creek House!
You, too, can have a lovely 'Charlie Brown Christmas Tree' . I made a quick stop at Walgreens on the way to work the other day. Had to lay in a supply of chocolates, to keep the teachers I work with happy and motivated. High on the shelf, I spied a box...and inside was the tree...complete with red ball and base. I actually put it together...BY MYSELF, in under 5 minutes! Really...and I am usually not good with carpentry skills and such! Hope you find one!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I tried, I really did....but, there is just something wrong about not having any Christmas decorations at all. So, I got busy....called a friend of mine by the name of Charlie...and he gave me pointers on minimal decorating. He and his friend Linus have this down to a science.

So, here amidst boxes ready to move, is my 2008 tree. What do ya think? Pretty cool, huh?

They were a little shy, but I managed to snap a quick photo of Charlie, and his friend, Linus. He said his girlfriend, Lucy, was coming to help...but she was a no-show...

I hear she has an attitude problem, anyway.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


While looking through some files of things I have saved, I ran across this little essay. I think there is much truth in these words. However, this is not an opinion on whether you should teach your children about Santa or not. That is your business. Personally, in our family,there was never any problem with Santa. It was fun to pretend for a few years, but then it was over.
At the church I attend, I worked with children for about 30 years. Of course the Santa question would always come up. Now, my attitude was (since I have retired from the preschool dept. now) kids get enough of Santa everywhere they go. At church, I felt it was important to NOT show Santa, and to show only the true Christmas story. I feel that at church, everything that is taught should be real. (Therefore, I didn't do Easter bunnies or any other cartoon characters.) I am not saying we did not do them at home...just not at church.

If asked about Santa by the children, at church, and I was asked many was my reply. "When I come to church, I use my Bible. I know that everything in the Bible is true. When I read about Christmas in my Bible, it only talks about Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus. So, that's what we will talk about and learn about while we are here. " And then I would swiftly move on to something else. :) Because I believe that it is important to always tell a child the truth, especially when asked outright. And, if a child learns later that some of the things they saw at church were not real, they will wonder what else they learned at church is not real. And that can cause a person much difficulty in sorting things out.

Now I would never tell a child that Santa is not real or that they shouldn't be celebrating Christmas that way. It was enough that we put our emphasis on the real story.

And that is my 2 cents worth on that! Here's the essay...


Santa lives at the North Pole.
JESUS is everywhere.
Santa rides in a sleigh
JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water.
Santa comes but once a year
JESUS is an ever present help.
Santa fills your stockings with goodies
JESUS supplies all your needs.
Santa comes down your chimney uninvited
JESUS stands at your door and knocks.. and then enters your heart.
You have to stand in line to see Santa
JESUS is as close as the mention of His name.
Santa lets you sit on his lap
JESUS lets you rest in His arms.
Santa doesn't know your name, all he can say is "Hi little boy or girl, What's your name?"
JESUS knew our name before we did. Not only does He know our name, He knows our address too. He knows our history and future and He even knows how many hairs are on our heads.
Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly
JESUS has a heart full of love.
All Santa can offer is HO HO HO
JESUS offers health, help and hope.
Santa says "You better not cry"
JESUS says "Cast all your cares on me for I care for you.
Santa's little helpers make toys
JESUS makes new life, mends wounded hearts, repairs broken homes and builds mansions.
Santa may make you chuckle but
JESUS gives you joy that is your strength.
While Santa puts gifts under your tree
JESUS became our gift and died on the tree.
It's obvious there is really no comparison.We need to remember WHO Christmas is all about.We need to put Christ back in Christmas.
Jesus is still the reason for the season !


Friday, December 5, 2008


I seem to be sending out signals to those in a constant state of bewilderment lately. I don't understand why. Unless, it takes one to know one!

Yesterday, after leaving work, I had 45 minutes to kill before I got a haircut. So, I went over to Big Lots. I love to peruse the aisles and see what goodies I can find. I headed straight for the Christmas decor. Spying a big pile of rugs, I decided to see if there was one I could not live without. I parked my buggy over to one side and bent down...because, of course they were on the bottom row... when I heard a voice very close to my right ear. "Honey, let's just open this one up out here. I can't see when you are down on the floor," it said. Oh, with the luck I have been having...I was terrified to look up at the face that was speaking in my ear. And, before I could turn my head to see who it spoke again, "Now, don't you bother bringing up any of those tacky rugs, I just won't have them, I'm telling you. I won't have them." Scared of offending this demanding voice, I decided to just bring up the one I was looking at. It was not an expensive rug...just one of those that will last a season, and then get thrown out. We were at Big Lots, after all! (It was, however, in very nice colors...muted deep red and khaki, and brown...2 snowmen looking up at the snow falling.) I stood up and gazed upon a tiny, old er lady who couldn't weigh more than 100 pounds, about 80 years old. solid white hair. "Whew!" I said to myself, "I can deal with her."

Or, so I thought. She immediately started in talking to me, "That is a dumb rug. Who would have such as that in their house? Have you ever?" I knew better than to say that I was thinking I may take this rug to the Creek House to put in the entryway through Christmas. "What is it, Mam, that bothers you about this rug?" I said. "Well, what idiots bring snowman rugs to D*th*n? It don't snow here...why would we want snowman rugs? Dumbest thing I ever saw!" she answered. "You would think a nice store like this would know better," she continued. I was quickly folding it up, to move on out of the area, when she said, "Well, go ahead and bring out the rest of 'em...let's see what other cr*p they have." I did as she asked, and laid open another rug across my buggy. It showed a snowman, and a tree with a redbird in it. "There's another old snowman...but at least it has a pretty bird on it," she said, "What else you got?" (I was thinking that I don't have anything, Lady, I don't work here, or supply their rugs. All I want to do is leisurely look at the Christmas items...without having another 'looney' interaction) I figured I might as well play I put on my best sales lady hat, and continued. "Well, here's another one, Mam. How would this pretty rug look in your house? No snowmen here, just a birdhouse and a bird. Do you like it?" I asked. "Why is it in such dull colors? Christmas is supposed to be bright! Show me another one," she demanded. "How about this one, it has lots of green holly and red berries...and its colors are brighter. I bet this one would work for you," I said. "No, that is just not a purty rug, and you know it," she said. I pulled myself up to my full 5 feet and still stared down on her. "I actually like this one with the snowman and the bird," I told her, "You know, I think it is just fine to use a snowman rug even if we don't have snow. It is sort of like having beachy things to decorate with even though we don't live at the beach." "Well, dear, the beach happens to be just down the road, but there shore ain't gonna be no snow just down the road, now, is they? "she countered. "You're right", I said, "I don't know what I was thinking." "Just tell me, dear,"she said,"what am I supposed to do for a rug in my living room? You'd think you would have some Santy rugs, or those cute little teddy bear ones, but I ain't see'd them no where." "Oh, I know just what you need", I said. Down near the end of the row they had those rubber backed vinyl door mats in a virtual plethora of Christmas glory. "Look down here,"I said. And, her tiny mouth started to smile. "Yes, Mam, that there's what I'm a-lookin' for. I know'd you had 'em", she said with great excitement.

Now, if you thought this was the end of the have obviously not read my last few posts. "Come on," she called, "let's have a look at these, now!" (there were about 75-80) Going against my better judgement, I followed her, and began to pull an assortment out of the huge piles. Her eyes began twinkling. "Yes, yes, yes", she exclaimed, "here's the good rugs!"
And, so, we spent about 30 minutes pulling rugs out of piles, and laying them on the floor, and deciding amongst ourselves if they would match her house. She thought I had been there...and I did not bother to correct her. She settled on a group of snowmen holding hands around a fire. I decided not to point out to her the obvious danger in that. She also bought one with a jolly group of reindeer (acting like the Rockettes...complete with pink tutus). And finally, she chose one with Santy and Mrs. Santy sitting in their rocking chairs...Santy with his feet in a washtub.
And both with a bottle of questionable liquid refreshment in their hands. She was now a happy shopper.

"I used to have lots of rugs", she told me. "And, I moved 8 years ago and I ain't see'd 'em since." I said, "Well, maybe you will find them one day." "Ain't nobody gonna find those rugs till I'm dead and gone." Honey, if you ever move just plan on loosin' half of yore things and you won't never find 'em. That's what happened to me. " (No, I did NOT tell her that I would be moving very soon. I could feel a lecture just waiting to be passed along. And it wasn't going to be to me...and it wasn't going to be today.)

"I better get busy," I said. "Honey, you's the best help they got in this store. And I'm gonna tell the manager. What's yore name, honey?" she asked. "Doris", I replied. "What's the last name?" she asked. "Just Doris", I said, over my shoulder. And I beat a hasty retreat to the door without looking back. And, I did NOT buy myself a 'tacky rug'!

1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
2. 'Good taste' is very subjective.
3. It is hard to find good sales help in retail stores.
4. Keep your eyes on your stuff when you move.
5. I look like the sales help at Big Lots...and obviously, the name 'Doris' fits me just fine.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Let me just tell you that I have the best boys in the world! I am here to tell you that they look after their mother, and see that I have what I need.

Today, when I left school, I went to the Creek House to check in. It is all looking great! The landscaping has started, and the touch-up painting. They hung my mantle, and finished putting in the appliances. The pool and pool deck is nearing completion. I will try to post some pics for you tomorrow.

Anyway, while I was out, Alex called and asked me to come home because Adam needed to tell me something. After making sure they were both OK, I checked out of Kohl's and headed home. My sweet, kind, thoughtful son, Adam, has figured out a way for me to use the Internet at home...even though I said I couldn't. And, I still can't in the way I once did, but he and Alex worked on it and did some kind of 'hocus-pocus'...and viola! it works! Now, what they did, I do not know. I only know there are some things hanging out of the side, and I was told in no uncertain terms to be careful and not break them. And, I will be very careful.

Adam came to my rescue, and I didn't even ask him. Well...actually, I did not know that I even COULD ask him...I thought service off meant service off. Thank goodness, my boys have never been entirely happy with taking 'no' for an answer. They have most always been able to find 'another way' to solve things that didn't go their way. Now, this made raising them very difficult at times...but, now that they are is mighty handy!

So, I am thanking Adam for his resourcefulness, and for his desire to find a way to make his Mom's life easier! It is a blessing that I do not take lightly, that God has blessed me with wonderful boys. They are good to Don and I, and respect us...and are a constant source of joy to us. OK, well, maybe not constant, but nearly constant!:) So, thank you, God, for my boys. Please bless them with as much joy as they bring to me.

So, I do not know if you are as excited that I am back among the bloggy living as I am...but I think that I can even survive without the TV and the land line phone just fine. By the way, as of now, the computer will not let me send e=mail. I receive it just fine however. And I can comment on your blogs.

Life has returned to some semblance of normal...if the fact that your underwear is packed up in a box next to the TV, and your shoes are in laundry bags behind the couch, dished stacked up on the kitchen table. And, I can only use 2 purse, because the others are packed up and to hard to get to. Yeah...sounds like our 'normal!'

Here's a little more news to share with you today...


Above are the Christmas Designs I did for our school. The gifts are in color and B/W, and the ornaments are for the children's program shirt. I also had aprons and tote bags made with the ornament design.

This is a part of my job that I so enjoy. I have been able to satisfy the 'artist' in me by doing these shirts twice a year. Every one is so gracious and seems to really enjoy wearing them.

When I first started designing the shirts, I did a colored one for the children, and began doing the B/W for the adults. Only in the past year or so have I done a shirt with color for the adults. From the very first design, I have always included scripture. It is exciting to think that anyone who wears my shirts, will be sharing the gospel also. I like that. The colored shirts are nice, but I am still partial to the B/W.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

OH NO!!!

I have just gotten some devastating news! I don't know how I am going to be able to cope. I just know that my life will not be full and rewarding for at least...oh...about 13 days. This afternoon, my internet connection, my telephone service, and my cable tv has all been cut off! Disconnected, I tell you! Shut down, cut loose, turned off! Can you feel my pain?

I am sitting in the doctor's office with Alex, and fortunately they have wireless internet here, or I could not be sharing my dark day with you, my friends, my dear bloggy buddies.

For some strange reason, the 'powers that be' will not let you wait until you move to turn off service to one house, and turn it on at another. Of course they won't...that would be too convenient. So, since my desire is to move into the Creek House on the 15th...and since I want to have cable, telephone, and internet....YES! I want it all!...I am forced to comply with this travesty.

Therefore, I share my sad story with you all, so you will know why I am absent and not as available as usual. I will try to find places to check in with you and keep you updated on my fascinating daily experiences. ..and the 'fun folks' I encounter! :)
Bear with me, if you will be so gracious, and I'll be back with you just as soon as possible!

Monday, December 1, 2008


The Thanksgiving break is over and it is back to work! I have a busy, busy time at school for the next few weeks working and presenting 3 Christmas programs. As tedious as it gets sometimes, I love it so much. Working with children is such a blessing. They have a way of lifting your spirits whether you want them lifted or not! And, then we have Christmas Holidays! I think I can hang on til about you?