Thursday, May 31, 2007


Even though my dream department store is not built yet, it's still time for a quick shopping trip. My Mom, my sister, Joy, and myself are leaving in the morning for a couple of days in Birmingham. Mom and Joy have the teeniest, tiniest feet, and Birmingham is the best place for them to find any selection at all. Of course, lucky for me, I don't have that problem...I can find cute shoes wherever I go. And they always are calling my name...saying,"take me home...take me home...we belong with you." And soft heart that I have, I can't bear to leave them at the store. You DO understand, don't you? And you would do the same thing, right? Good! We are on the same wave length. :)

We always have the most fun when we are together. And I am so blessed that we all live in the same town and can take these little trips together. We just build beautiful memories.

So, please say a little prayer for us as we are gone. For safety and for health. I'll catch up with you friends when I get back.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


A few weeks ago I saw a meme going around about shopping mall, and picking the stores you would want in it. No one tagged me, so I decided to take the idea and put my own slant on it. I have always wanted to own a shop for the stylish and fun-loving woman. Not just clothes, but shoes, bags, jewelry,gifts and who knows what else. In my dreams, I will build a large department store, and here is the line-up of floors.

!st. floor: FACE IT!...a selection of beauty items...make up, my Niven Morgan scents, hair
2nd. floor: BOTTOM'S UP!...a selection of the finest lingerie...including Spanx, and all cotton
underwear, cute things in ALL sizes.
3rd. Floor: LET'S PLAY DRESS UP!...pant, tops, dresses, and other clothing items...stylish
in every size.
4th. floor: SOLE SISTER!...only the cutest shoes in styles for every age woman, sneakers,
heels, athletic, flats, and FLIP-FLOPS
5th. floor: CARRY ON!...the finest collectiom of handbags available...small, large, totes,
shoulder bags, REASONABLE prices
6th. floor: EMBELLISHMENTS!...every thing you need to add the finishing touch to an outfit...l
scarves, jewelry...real and costume, hose, socks,etc.
7th. floor: TREASURES! shop...for any occasion and for any age...even gifts for yourself..

8th. floor: HOMEWORK!...home decor and accessories, linens for bed and bath

9th. floor: EYES AND EARS!...a selection of the finest books...all kinds except naughty
a selection of the best in music...but NO rap or heavy metal
10th. floor: LET'S EAT! there will be a P.F.Chang's, a Cheesecake Factory, an Olive
Garden, a Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop, and a Godiva Chocolate
store...and a Sonic.

Would you like to shop in my department store? want to know the name of the store? .....Why...GATHERINGS, of course. A gathering of all the best!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

LESSON LEARNED....Parts 2 and 3

Tuesday evening.....

Oh, where do I start this post? Wise Woman that I am...let me share some advice with you. Be very careful what you post...and what you pray. And, if you say a prayer IN a extra, extra careful. First, read the last paragraph of yesterday's post. I'd call that a prayer, wouldn't you? Well, as I was writing it, that's the way I meant it.

Today was haircut day for me, and as I was walking out the door, the telephone rang. It was Sweet Amy, my hair artist. Amy is the daughter of Tina, one of my BFF's, and I love her dearly. She is the same age as my Adam, and they have been friends forever, too. Well, Amy asked if I would stop by the store and bring her some dog food and a large leash. She went on to tell me that she had rescued a dog and he was inside her salon. But, she had a hard time getting him in, and since most dogs have to potty at some point, she was going to have to take him outside. And she wanted to be able to get him back in. I was happy to do as she asked...and I did. When I got to her salon, there was the most beautiful dog. I don't know much about breeds, but I think he is either a Golden Retriever or an Irish Setter. But his eyes...they were so sad. And mesmerizing. They looked just like a tiger's eye...golden colored. Amy took him out and sure enough, he did not want to go back inside. It took us a little while to finally coax him back in. He ate up his food and then lay down on the floor and went to sleep. My heart was breaking, ya'll. Amy could not take him, due to her living arrangements, so ..what to do? After my hair cut, I got in the car and called Don to ask if there was any way WE could keep him with us. I knew he would say no before I called, but I had to try. He told me to call the Humane Society. Well, friends...I just could not do that. This baby was so sad and skittish, and certainly had been traumatized. Every time a car horn would blow, he would jump and start shaking. What had he been through? He had been hanging around the salon for about a week and some other folks had fed him, but turned him back out. And it is on a very busy street. Makes me shudder! How could anyone throw this dog away? So...on to plan B. I called my son Adam, who happens to be celebrating his wedding anniversary today. He HAPPENED to be about a block away, so he came on to the salon. I think he lost his heart immediately. He and Suzanne already have a Rotwieller mix...a beautiful animal and a real sweetheart. They rescued her from a shelter. Adam picked him up (by this time, I had named him Sunny) and put him in the back of my SUV. And he got in beside him. Off to the vet we went. He would not walk into the office, so we had to carry him in. And, he never barked or snapped or made any move to stop us. We left him at the vet, to clean him up and check him and all the rest. They called Adam a few minutes ago, and said that he was fine...just a few parasites. Adam is on the way to get him as we speak. Now what am I going to do with this dog? OH, and he is NOT a he...she's a she. She is 2 years old and a Golden Retriever/ Australian Shepherd mix.

Wednesday morning.....

Hi again.. the saga of Sunny continues... Adam thought that maybe he and Suzanne could keep Sunny, but things did not go well when the 2 dogs were introduced to each other. They began fighting, and they had to keep them separate all night. This morning, I have called every vets office here and no one has reported her missing. So, at this point, she is going back to Sweet Amy at the salon, while the rest of us try our best to find her a home.

Pray with me please about a place for her to live with lots of love. I believe if the Lord led all of us to rescue this animal, He has a place for her to live.


Just got word that Tina, Sweet Amy's mom, has called a vet who goes to our church to tell him about Sunny. He is going to board her and try to adopt her out to a good family. Dr. Holland is a fine person and we all feel sure that he will do the right thing for her. So, thanks for your prayers andgood thoughts.

Monday, May 28, 2007


On May 10 I showed you pics of the sweet critters at my house. Sweet Thing and Chubby Hubby. Well this morning when I got up at 4:30 to let the dog out...there was Sweet Thing...sitting on her egg. When I got up for real at 7:00...she was gone, and she hasn't come back..neither has Chubby Hubby...I have not seen them all day. We have been so careful going in and out of the house, and they had gotten so used to us that they would just watch us as we would enter. So, I don't think we did anything to scare them. The egg is still there, and is not cracked. Now I am not a nature expert, by any means, so do any of you know why the birds would abandon their nest and egg? I would love to know what happened.

Another thing I don't understand...why does this make me feel so sad? I mean, it's just 2 wild birds, for heaven's sake. I guess my heart has been touched by these little creatures. Seeing them work so hard building their nest, and watching how they would take turns sitting on the egg, has been so sweet. Seeing how the Chubby Hubby would sit on the limb over the porch keeping watch over them has been amazing. And even though I am 53, I have still been in awe at the working of our Lord. How He put this love and caring and knowledge into even the smallest of creation fills me with awe. As a preschool teacher for many years, one of the Bible thoughts I have taught many children is, "Think of the wonders of God..."Job 37:14. This has been running through my mind . And I also know the verse that says"...He knows when even the smallest bird falls..." So that says to me, that even our mighty God knows about this little bird family who made their home on my porch.

I hope I never get so old that I cease to be amazed at the wonders of God, large or small. I pray that I will never take for granted what a wonderful world He created for us. And my desire is that my heart will always be tender for the weak or the hurting in this world...human or not. We are all God's workmanship.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Here are some old songs, rewritten with lyrics us baby boomers can relate to:

Herman's Hermits...Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Walker
Bee Gee's...How Can You Mend A Broken Hip?
Bobby Darrin...Splish, Splash, I Was Having A Flash
Ringo Starr...I Get By With A Little Help From Depends
Johnny Nash... I Can't See Clearly Now
Commodores...Once, Twice, Three Times To The Bathroom
Leo Sayer...You Make Me Feel Like Napping
Helen Reddy...I Am Women, Hear Me Snore
Abba...You Are The Denture Queen
Procol Harem...A Whiter Shade Of Hair
Marvin Gaye...I Heard It Through The Grape Nuts
Roberta Flack...The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face

This came to me in an I do not know who to credit...sorry.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Originally uploaded by Tonja Owens
These are my latest "cool shoe." I found these at a gift shop in my town. I had previously seen them online, but was afraid to order since I didn't know about sizing. It's is such a bother to return things. So, I was excited when I saw them. I bought the black pair, and a pair of the brown (hidden in my closet...somewhere). Oh, are they comfortable! I then went online and ordered the white pair. They did not have the white at the store. Here's the cool thing. You can add your own ribbon. So it is easy to match whatever you are wearing. Can you tell that they have little raised bumps on the arches...feel sooooo good. Look for them online at: They sent my pair in just a few days. They also have other styles...a regular flip-flop, and a flat mule. They are made of a rubber kind of easy to clean. I usually wear a size 61/2 or 7 in shoes, and I got a small.
Try 'em out...they are great! Oh, the brand name is OKA-b.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OH! NO!....I MISSED IT!!!!!

Visual Poetry -

I can not believe I missed it! I had been looking forward to it and waiting and watching and waiting....and OOPS!... it went right on by. I told you I'm ADD. Thoughts and ideas come and go very quickly in this brain of mine. I know, I should have put up a note to remind me, but there are so many notes now, you'd swear my walls are painted Post-It yellow. And then, I forget to remember to read them and ...oh well...

JOIN IN MY CELEBRATION FRIENDS! THIS IS MY 113 th POST!!! Bet ya never celebrated anyone else's 113 th before, now have you?

I have found such joy in blogging. And you, my friends, are so much a part of that. So, thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. And thanks for coming back to read again. We'll have a REAL celebration on my 226th! :) :)


It's that time of year again. Time for school to be out , and time to say good bye to that favorite teacher. With 3 boys, I have bought many teacher gifts through the years. And as a teacher myself for the last 18 years, I have received many also. So, as a favor to those of you who do not's a little helpful info: Do NOT give us another mug. We have mugs out the wazoo. We have mugs with every imaginable saying...for every season. We have mugs stuffed with yucky hard candy, individual packets of coffee or hot chocolate, or with a tea towel. We will NEVER need another mug...ever. We shop the dollar stores, too. So it is kind of insulting to us when you give us something we saw in the 1/2 off bin at the EVERYTHING'S a DOLLAR store. Yes, I know it is the thought that counts... but I hope I counted more than $.50 in your child's life. We also have a plethora of note pads, cutesy pencils, and stationary with our initials. (But, I do like the stationary...I just have more than I can ever use.) And, I know how easy it is to run into Bath and Body and get a cute little gift pack already wrapped up and all, BUT...everyone has their own favorite fragrance and it just might not be Tangy Orange Blueberry Sizzle! Oh, and those cutesy teacher pins and necklaces....we do not enjoy these. They are NOT cute.
Now, here is a list of things that any teacher would be proud to be presented with: a picnic in a year I was presented with an inexpensive tote filled with cute paper plate, napkins, cups, utensils, tablecloth , a selection of soft drinks, and a gift certificate to KFC. I loved it! This year a group of 3 children gave me a momogrammed jewelry and ring holder shaped like a hand. Very useful! Hanging plants or dish gardens are always nice, too. All the hard work is done, all I have to add is water. And I got a set of note pads monogrammed with 'A NOTE FROM MRS. OWENS....these have been very helpful. My favorite though are the gift cards. This year I got them to several restaurants in town like Sonic, Chick-Fil-A, Olive Garden. Outback. I also got one to Wal-mart, and one to Atlanta Bread . In recent years, I have gotten them for Lifeway and Books A Million. These are the ones I have enjoyed the most! Since I love to read and summer is the time I am most able to.
There is 1 family in our school who does the neatest thing for me each year. They have 2 children and they have both gone through 3 years with us. Each year, the Mom has the child write a personal note telling why they liked that teacher. She copies( before they can write) exactly what they say. This is a treasured surprise every year. Hope this helps when you start that gift buying this year.

I'd like to document 2 of those sweet letter from the Smith children.
From CAROLINE: "You teach us songs. You make us be in programs. I love you because you love me and you teach us. When we had the last program, you laid sheep out for us to hold if we needed to and we sat down when the program was over and you told us how good we sang and we practised a fun song. You brought a little finger puppet sheep and you made music fun."

From SPENCER:"Mrs. Owens, you're the best music teacher ever! We love you, Mrs. Owens. Everybody loves you. You're funny and kind. You are the best music teacher in the whole wide world! You are a good music player. You pick out good songs. Everybody loves you. Thank you for doing everything for us."

Now, if that doesn't melt the heart of a teacher...I don't know what will.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Lori and Tara
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Don't mean to upset anyone out there in Blogland...but these are the 2 sweetest young women anywhere...and they're mine. Well, they are my neices, but thay makes them half mine, doesn't it? These are the daughters of my sister and BIL, Joy and Tommy. On the left is she's a hoot and a half! Smart as can be, but she definately lives up to her nickname...Loopy. She graduated last week from Alabama with a Masters in Social Work. It has not been an easy ride for her and she's faced some BIG bumps in the road...but, she's handled it...and met her goal. We are sooooo proud of her. She's as ADD as I am and I don't think I could have made it through like she did. She is moving back home and I am so excited at the chance to spend more time with her. On the Right is Tara. She is married to her love...Will. Now Tara and I are also alike in lots of ways. We both have a love for the medical field. She works in radiology in special procedures, and is in big demand by the doctors. She can get it done. Very astute in medical matters, she has made herself indespensible at one of our hospitals here. She is extermely caring and sensitive ( I told you she was like me...LOL)
I also have always loved working with preschoolers and have completed much training in this area. She and I taught a class of 5 yr. old children for several years before she got married. The, she stopped to be with her hubby and I stopped because I had been in PS work in our church for 25 years. We recently built a new preschool building...wonderful facilities. I was asked to come in and get it up and running properly. Training teachers and putting proper rules and regulations in place. When I agreed to do it, I had only 1 condition. That I could train a younger woman as I was working through this, so she could take over and continue running things. And guess who was willing to step up and do it...Tara and Will. So, I am thrilled. Tara is quite capable of the job and Will is learning quickly.
I am so fortunate to have these girls(and Will) in my life. Sometimes I find my self drowning in testosterone at my it's wonderful to get around my sister and the girls. Helps with the sanity, you know!
They both love the Lord and are committed to live a Christian life. They have the highest of standards and live up to them. I am proud to call them mine.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Niven Morgan
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A few years ago, I was on a girlfriend's trip to Destin, and shopping was on the "to do" list for the day. We stopped at a shopping area at Sandestin and started visiting all the little shops there. While still out on the sidewalk, I smelled the most wonderful aroma ever. It smelled like I think heaven might smell. Following my nose, I went inside and was treated to the most delicious fragrance that filled the room. "What is that?," I asked the salesgirl. She showed me the votive candle that was burning. That was the only one burning in the store, and it smelled even out onto the sidewalk. "Niven Morgan,Gold." she said. I had never heard of it before. But from that moment on, I have been a convert. The fragrance comes in perfume, body lotion, hand cream, bath gel, room spray and candles. I have horrible allergies and I can not wear anything heavy. But, this is so light and fresh and clean smelling, it never bothers me. There is not a store in my town that carries it, but by going online, I was able to find it in an even smaller town about 30 miles away. Of course, I think it's a great reason for an extra trip to Destin. If you are interested in where I bought it in Destin, I'll be glad to tell you the name of the store. Just thought you may like to try something different. But, be warned...if you smell it'll be hooked.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


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Tracey has asked us all on her blog list to do this. She said to list 7 quirky or unusual facts about yourself. Here goes:
1. If I find a product that I like, I tend to stockpile it in multiples. I don't ever want to be without it. I do this with toothepaste, and lotions and makeup, deodorants and any thing that might be discontinued. If I find the perfect t-shirt...I'll buy it in all colors.
2. I have trouble falling asleep. I have a Palm Pilot, and Alex put some games on it. So every night before going to sleep, I play solitaire, or word games. Usually I will get sleepy in about 10 minutes. I keep it right beside my bed so if I wake up in the night, I just play some more till I get sleepy again.
3. I actually like my grey hair. I have never colored it. When I was a teenager, I frosted my hair a few times, but that got old. Luckily, when my grey started coming in, it was pretty even. My mom has the prettiest grey hair, and I've always loved dad, too. People ask me often who colors my hair (thinking that it is highlighted or something) answer? "God."
4. I am so A.D.D. My mind races from one thing to another, and I find it so hard to stay on one task. I have a thought and off I go to pursue that and forget what I was doing originally. I especially have a hard time sitting in church. And I love to go to church. But, let the pastor mention something...and there I go. When I was first married, Don couldn't understand why I couldn't be still, and he is of the opinion that in church you sit still, and listen...Do not move, or whisper or heaven forbid ,write. If I can doodle with a pen, or take notes...I can listen. Finally...he got it. Give me something to do with the action part of my brain, so the listening part can listen.
5. I am OCD about many things. One of these is purses. I have to have a purse that coordinates with my outfit of the day. Take 1 purse for the season.?..NEVER. I change daily. Now it does not have to match...just go with the outfit. And I notice other people's purses. I just can't stand to see an old dirty purse that has obviously been used for years. A cute purse need not be expensive....just fashionable.
6. I do not like movies or t.v. that is scary . I do not like seeing or hearing people or animals get hurt or killed. If I am going to spend my time watching a movie or a show on t.v.....then I expect it to make me laugh or be uplifting in someway. I do not mind dramatic shows...just not killing and torture. I have all the drama I need in real life.....
7. I am a very fast reader. I have always loved to read, and in college I took a speed reading course. So, if nothing stands in my way, I can read at least a book a day. Of course, someone always wants to eat or wear clean clothes or some other useless thing.....I'd much rather read.
8. I am a collector. I collect things I love. Some of my favorites are: sheep, little ring boxes, snowmen, funny cards, primitive samplers,birdhouses, and the letter "O".I don't know why it is, but there is a feeling of joy when you add one more to your collection.
My newest item of interest is garden statuary. Not the new stuff, old and broken pieces. Love that "used up" look.
9. I'm not too good at following rules....I did more than 7...oops!

The photo is of my sweet DIL, Suzanne, and I at Santa Rosa Beach. We had just gotten soaked while waiting for a table at a restaurant!

Friday, May 18, 2007


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I was asked to do this several weeks ago, and I have just gotten time enough to comply. So here are the contents of my purse today:
Handkerchief and nasal spray...never leave home without it
Emergency never know when you may need a
transfusion...sometimes it is THE best
My paycheck and grocery list
Oversized wallet
Cell Phone
Gum and Mints
Sweet and Salty P-Nut Bar...when chocolate just won't do, or you
just want both
C.D. used in program last night
Palm life is in here
Fingernail file
Pill Box
Post-It Notes and Marker
Hollywood Fashion Tape...see previous post...went to Stein Mart
yesterday and bought another box.
3 Lipsticks...MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour...The best! Put it on in the lasts all day...REALLY!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Now there are some things that only another girl can understand. So, let's talk, shall we? The good Lord made me a little off-kilter, a little wonky, a little, not THAT way. :)
I have one shoulder that is lower than the that makes everything a little hip is lower,etc. Now, the hip only bothers me walking...the shoulder is much more trouble. My bra strap on the low side will not stay up. I cannot make it tighter...'cause that will throw the lovely boob line off. I struggled, and complained, and fussed about this for years. But, I have now found the product of my dreams, the answer to my problem. There is a product called Hollywood Fashion Tape...and it is a wonder! I found it at Stein Mart, where the lotions and soaps are. They are little 3 1/2 in. strips of double sided tape. You stick one side to the underside of the strap and the other side to your skin. And, lo! and behold!...the strap does NOT move. Really!. They will not move until you take them off. They do not irritate your skin, or harm fabric. You buy them in a box of 36, for about $6.00. You can also get them online at They are also useful for tops that are cut in a little and bra straps show, like a tank top, or if you have a wrap top that will not stay wrapped. Now, I'm telling you, girlfriends...this is a great product, and it has made me a much happier woman. Try them out. If I am the only person who has this problem..."never mind."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Surprise

Ian and Tonja
Originally uploaded by Tonja Owens.
I had a surprise about 2:30 Saturday night...actually Sunday morning.
Someone tapped me on the shoulder, I woke up and there was my youngest, Ian. Happy Mothers's Day! He made a flying trip home from Birmingham. He was able to go to church and have lunch with us. Then he had to hurry back because he is in the middle of finals. Thanks, Ian...a wonderful surprise!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


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Here she is! The BEST MOM IN THE WORLD! Really! And, SHE'S MINE! How God has blessed me with this lady as my role model. Though I fail miserably when compared to her, she sets the bar high. Mom has always been involved in many things, especially at church. She and my Dad have always looked out for those who are needy for company and caring. And, how she helps me with Alex. She will cook something special for him every week, and he so looks forward to it. I, on the other hand, will stop and bring him a quart of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream! But, Mom knows homemade is best. She delights in having the whole family to eat with her and Dad. Her children, my sister and I, respect and honor her. Her grandchildren, 3 boys...mine and 2 girls...sister's, adore her. She is always ready to listen and and advise. My dad, is as much in love with her as when they first married and he'll be happy to tell you about how wonderful she is. He pets and pampers her...and she pets and pampers him. Truly a match made in heaven.

Thanks, Mom, for the fun and the love and beautiful memories.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Enough , already, of all these scary creatures. You know all this talk of snakes and mice and others unpleasant critters. This is the sweet thing that has made its home with me. I kept seeing these 2 dove around my deck and they would fly off the minute I opened the back door. So, I kept watch and sure enough, they were making a a hanging basket that I had not replanted this year. In a day or two...there it was...a perfect little egg. I am so honored this sweet little dove family chose to nest by my back door. Sweet Thing and Chubby Hubby. Now, what has been so sweet to watch is how when Sweet Thing flies away, Chubby Hubby comes and takes over the egg duty. Then, when she comes back, he will take his place back in the tree that shades my deck....keeping watch over his little family. How amazing that these little birds have such instinct. How marvelous of our God to cause even the little birds to care for one another. And to think that He cares for each and every one of these, and watches over them...just as He cares and watches over me. How great is our God!

"All together now-applause for God!

Sing songs to the tune of His glory,

Set glory to the rhythms of His praise....

The whole earth falls to its knees--

It worships You, sings to You...

Take a good look at God's wonders--

They will take your breath away!...

Now isn't that cause for a song?"

Psalms 66: 1-5
(sorry, the pics are not too good)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


My son, Ian, called me at work about noon to give me a report on the doctors visit for Don. He says the doctor thinks it is a benign tumor, but it could be malignant. Most of the tumors in this area of the brain are benign. They are going to watch it for 8 weeks and then make a decision as to what needs to be done. Don is travelling home from Birmingham now, and I will get more details when he gets here. My smart son, the one who I birthed, who learned at my knee for many years, who takes after me in so many ways....recorded the visit and will send me a copy of the recording. So, I can hear the whole thing for myself. Yes...he's a smart one, a real keeper. I feel real good knowing he is using that way too expensive recording device that he just HAD to have to stay current in all his classes. And, truth be told, he knows I would ask way too many questions that he would have to answer, so this is a much easier and more efficient way.

I'll fill you in when I have more info. Thanks for caring and praying!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Somebody stop me...quick! I have just eaten 2 (TWO) nutty buddy ice cream bars and I want another one. Doesn't sound as if I am stressed or anything, does it? Not that I have anything to be stressed about. And haven't you heard that "stressed" is "desserts" spelled backwords. Coincidence , you say? I think not! I know...KNOW...KNOW that I do not need to eat another one. O.K. (deep breath)...I'm fine...just a little minor setback...I can handle this. I'm really not hungry...I just THINK I want another ice cream...I really don't....that's just the stress talking. What I REALLY want...... the calm and collected, sane me..... is ...a big piece of Godiva Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory that does not live in my town, but is all I have been thinking about since Tracey brought it up! I knew it was going to be like this today when before I went to work I had to stop in at Walgreen's and buy Afrin Nasal Spray and a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates and a large Diet Dr. Pepper. HELP!!!!! What makes these Nutty Buddy's so good is they are made with PEANUT BUTTER ice cream with a center of CHOCOLATE...and waaaaay down at the bottom of the delicious sugar cone...the bottom 1/3 is also filled with chocolate! YES...You read me right. A delight for the taste buds...don't ya think? NO, No, No...I do NOT want another ice cream....I know it's not good for me or my, there is only 1 thing to do to stop this insanity....I've got to get my mind out of the refrigerator! O.K....all together now...what is the only solution to this problem of mine?.....YEAH!!! I hear you talking...I KNEW I could count on you girls to help a friend out...see ya later...I'll show you my new shoes when I get back!!!


Just a quik note to let you know we finally got an appointment for Don in Birmingham. The young lady, Kara, who was so helpful during my meltdown with the office here, called me around noon yesterday to tell me that they still did not have an appt., but she was working on it and would get back to me soon. And she did. About an hour later, she called with an appt. --- Wednesday morning at 9:oo. So Don and a very dear family friend are leaving this afternoon and will spend the night in Birmingham and be ready for the appt. on Wed. My youngest son, Ian, will be able to go to the appt. with them.

Because this came up so fast, I will not be able to go. This is program week at my school and I have programs Tue., Wed., and Thur. mornings. This is fine with Don, he knows I would be there if I could.

I may not be going...but I am sending a list of questions. Men...they never ask the right questions...or any questions at all sometimes.

So, please think of us in the morning and ask for God's grace and mercy and healing power. I thank you again for your concerns. Will post as soon as I hear anything. Blessings....

Saturday, May 5, 2007


Yes, I finally did get through to someone in charge yesterday...but not without a fight. I called their office at 8:03 . "This is Beverly, may I help you?" "I'd like to speak to your Office Manager, please." "Can I help you?" "No, thank-you, I'd like to talk to your O.M." "She is busy right now, I'll have to take a message." "No, I'll wait to speak to her, please." Cue music...1, 2, 3, 4, minutes. "Hello, may I help you?" Yes, I would like to speak with the O.M." "She's not in today." "Well, I've been on hold for her for 5 minutes." "Oh, well, let me check." Cue Music...1,2, minutes. "No,mam, she's not here." "O.K. then let me speak with Beverly."
"This is Beverly, may I help you?" "Hi, Beverly, this is Mrs.-----again. Remember, when you put me on hold for 5 minutes waiting for your I'm told she is not there. What's up, Bev?" " Well, actually, we don't even have an O.M." "Oh, well, who was I holding for?" "I was just looking for someone who could help you." "Did you find someone?" "No, I'm still looking." I PROMISE I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!!! "Beverly, is there anyone in charge, there?" "Well, I guess it would just be the doctors, but none of them are here now." "Just let me speak to someone who is in a position of authority,PLEASE". "Hold, please." Cue music...1,2,3,4,"This is Kara, may I help you?" Kara, are YOU the office manager?" "No, but I am the scheduling supervisor." "Well, let me tell you a story...."
She was extremely nice and helpful. She took all the info down, and said she would check on it and call back within 10 minutes...she called in 5. She found out that the holdup is in B'ham, because they did not have enough info from the office here. She faxed it to them yesterday and since they closed at noon on Friday...we should hear on Monday. She gave me her personal number, so I wouldn't have to deal with the clowns in the office. So...we're still waiting. I bet those girls were mad in that office, but I don't care. Mistakes I can forgive, but just inefficency and a lack of attention to important matters is inexcusable when you are dealing with someone's health.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Several of you have asked about my husband, and how he is doing. He does feel some better. He went to get the appliance for the TMJ, and they are making it now.
However, our neurologist , who is sending us to Birmingham, is dragging his feet. We have been out of the hospital for a week now. We got home last Thursday. I called the dr. office on Friday to make sure they were making the appt. , and to give them my cell phone number, so I would not miss their call. They assured me they were on top of it. No word Monday or I called them Tuesday afternoon to see what was happening. All was well, they said. The doc was going to discuss the appt. with Don on his visit Wednesday morning. O.K. So, he goes in on Wednesday, and the doc doesn't know why the appt. hasn't been made...but never fear...HE is on it now and he says ,"You will hear from us tomorrow!". That was yesterday...guess what? You got it! At around 4:00. Don called the office and they told him that they make all their calls around closing the phone nurse would call soon. Guessing time again! You smart KNOW we did not hear. So, this morning, the office manager will get a call from me just as soon as their office opens. This is ridiculous. Here we are waiting for an appt. for a possible life threatening condition...and they can't get around to making an appt. I much time does it take to make a phone call, and set it up. Is there anyone, anywhere who operates an efficient office anymore? Does anyone do what they SAY they will do? I'm sure if it was their family, they would have been no delay. I have tried to be patient and let things occur in their own time. I am not a patient person....actually...I am a very impatient person. But, this is something the Lord has helped me with through the years, and I have learned how to "REST" and not get my panties in a wad. But, I've reached my panties are so wadded up...I just may have to throw them away. I am going to "PUT ON MY BIG GIRL PANTIES...AND DEAL WITH IT!!!" Say a little, not for me...for the girls in that office!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


I don't mean to sound so negative lately, BUT...I think I just need to vent. My grief today if swim suits. Now, I know swim suits are of the devil :), but what bugs me so much is this. Why is it that when you see an article on "swimsuits to fix every figure flaw"......the models HAVE no figure flaws! They are as thin as I was in 8th grade...(but way more developed). A suit for a flabby tummy...she's anorexic. She wouldn't know flab if it hit her in the face. And for those with "ample bosom"...well if THAT is ample.....someone needs an optometrist. Oh, and for those with a "larger thigh area".....let's just say her thighs can barely hold up her body. I know you have seen these articles. There are even some on the internet....saying they've found the suits for "REAL WOMEN". Well, it doesn't get any more real than stomach pooches out, I have saddlebags like my grandma, and my bosom is ample enough for me, thank you very much. Can you find a suit to fix all those things? I have come to the realization that I am never...NEVER going to like the way I look in a swimsuit. I do want to look my best, but "my best" will NEVER be in a swimsuit! And, life will go on. I am going to Hawaii in 43 days, 8 hours and 1 minute with my 2 best friends. And I am going to go swimming in the pool. I'm going to lay on the beach, and lounge by the pool. This body has served me well and I'm going to treat it to a vacation in the sun. Now if I somehow magically lose 20 pounds before then...I show you a picture....if'll have to be content with a picture of a lovely island sunset.


I don't know about you, my friends, but I wish someone would stick a sock in Rosie Donnell's mouth. Does she not have the most annoying thoughts and words to say? It seems that every news program I turn on, they are reporting what Rosie said. Or how she responded to someone else. Even that she lost her job. Well, for anyone who cares, I DON"T CARE. As far as I am concerned, it matters absolutely zero to me what she thinks or says or does...only the fact that it intrudes upon my daily news. Who decided that her views were so important to the masses, anyway? Do you know anyone who follows her brand of politics or lifestyle? She is just a regular person with a big mouth who makes enough noise to get attention. I think ABC finally wised up when they decided to get rid of her on the view. Not that I watch it very much. It used to be interesting when Meridith Viera and Star Jones were on because you felt like you at least heard a balanced discussion...but now, the only voice of reason is Elizabeth Hasslebeck and it seems as the goal of the other 3 is to drown out whatever she has to say. So, gone...I, for one, will be glad.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


O.K. Here we go...DRIVING 101....When ever you have the need to pull into a median...always...always...ALWAYS pull to the RIGHT! Whenever you pull to the right, you have a clear view to the traffic you will be pulling into. HOWEVER....if you pull in on the LEFT side, and some one pulls into the median with you....they will be forced to pull in on the Right. THEN...neither one of you will have a view to the traffic. You will only be able to see the other car and possibly inch out into the traffic, which could cause an accident and all sorts of problems, like not having a car to drive for a while, possible bodily injury and even a delay to that fabulous shopping trip you were going on before you so carelessly pulled onto the wrong side of the median. And you know how mad that will make you! Just remember...if you have need to pull into a median...DO RIGHT ! Thank you very much!

P.S. And to that crazy lady who messed me up yesterday the median...both of us trapped by her actions...I apoligize for the exasperated look that I gave you....but it's a good thing for you that I was going to the tanning salon and not the mall!