Saturday, May 26, 2007


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These are my latest "cool shoe." I found these at a gift shop in my town. I had previously seen them online, but was afraid to order since I didn't know about sizing. It's is such a bother to return things. So, I was excited when I saw them. I bought the black pair, and a pair of the brown (hidden in my closet...somewhere). Oh, are they comfortable! I then went online and ordered the white pair. They did not have the white at the store. Here's the cool thing. You can add your own ribbon. So it is easy to match whatever you are wearing. Can you tell that they have little raised bumps on the arches...feel sooooo good. Look for them online at: They sent my pair in just a few days. They also have other styles...a regular flip-flop, and a flat mule. They are made of a rubber kind of easy to clean. I usually wear a size 61/2 or 7 in shoes, and I got a small.
Try 'em out...they are great! Oh, the brand name is OKA-b.


RealEstateGirl said...

Adorable! I'm gonna have to check them out! I'm all about shoes!!!

After reading your comment on my post about Flip-Flops, I told Gary, "I HAVE to go by Walgreens! Tonja said they have really cute flip-flops!"

He just shook his head and was like, "are you kidding me???"

Tonja said...

They'll never get it, will they? :)

justabeachkat said...

Very, very cute! Gotta go now and check out that site.