Monday, May 21, 2007


Niven Morgan
Originally uploaded by Tonja Owens.
A few years ago, I was on a girlfriend's trip to Destin, and shopping was on the "to do" list for the day. We stopped at a shopping area at Sandestin and started visiting all the little shops there. While still out on the sidewalk, I smelled the most wonderful aroma ever. It smelled like I think heaven might smell. Following my nose, I went inside and was treated to the most delicious fragrance that filled the room. "What is that?," I asked the salesgirl. She showed me the votive candle that was burning. That was the only one burning in the store, and it smelled even out onto the sidewalk. "Niven Morgan,Gold." she said. I had never heard of it before. But from that moment on, I have been a convert. The fragrance comes in perfume, body lotion, hand cream, bath gel, room spray and candles. I have horrible allergies and I can not wear anything heavy. But, this is so light and fresh and clean smelling, it never bothers me. There is not a store in my town that carries it, but by going online, I was able to find it in an even smaller town about 30 miles away. Of course, I think it's a great reason for an extra trip to Destin. If you are interested in where I bought it in Destin, I'll be glad to tell you the name of the store. Just thought you may like to try something different. But, be warned...if you smell it'll be hooked.


Lynne said...

I wish we had smell-o-computer! I usually don't wear perfume or such, just occasionally lotions or sprays from Bath & Body Works. I'll check this one out.

RealEstateGirl said...

You went to Destin and didn't meet up with BeachKat???

For shame, for shame, for shame!

What stores carry it? Any here in Montgomery?

Tonja said...

This was before I knew BeachKat or you. Before I even knew how to work this ole computer. You know I wouldn't pass up that great of an opportunity. I hope to meet up with her in July.
I bought the fragrance at a store called Teena Haven in Destin. And I checked on their web site and it is not even shown to be carried in Montgomery. I can get it in Enterprise now, too. You can order it online at:
If you order it...remember to get the GOLD...I have never smelled the others.

justabeachkat said...

I've never tried this, but I certainly will check it out. I'll love candles and this sounds like something I would really love. Thanks!

I do hope we get to meet up in July. Sounds like fun!

Actually, a blogger meeting here sounds like something we all should think about.

Musicaljean said...

Boy, I'm glad I met you, Tonja. Pretty soon I'll be all fixed up with that tape and smelling good too!

That blogger meeting sounds like a hoot. I'll bring the music for us to spend some time singing together.

Lynne said...

Tonja - I found it also at - and they have free shipping! I'm going to order some.

Can I come to the blogger meeting too?