Friday, October 30, 2009


Here is my tribute to Halloween. I must confess, this is not a favorite holiday of mine. I have never put too much into celebrating it, but my children used to go trick or treating in the neighborhood...and we opened our home to trick or treaters. Frankly, I am glad there is no reason for me to get involved in it anymore. But, if you like it...that's just fine with me.

All that being said, here are some cartoons that I find funny...hope you do, too. So, Happy Halloween or Happy Fall or Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm sure you have all seen those BRIGHT garbage bags that are designed to look like giant jack-o-lanterns. Every year, around this time, they pop up in yards all over town.

While searching for something on the internet today, I ran across these cute bags. Goldfish, anyone?

I wondered if there were any others out there. So, I did a little search, and these are what I came up with.

How would you feel about putting your trash in this pretty damask pattern with the accent turquoise tie?

From the ingenious Japanese,we find these cute bunny bags......and these dogs, too. No, I don't know why they have an X on them...

And, also from Japan, these garbage bags are color coded for recycling...metal, glass,plastic.

Now, would you look at how much nicer this dumpster in NYC looks with these pink polka-dotted bags?

These bags are designed to look like teddy bears...sorta weird, huh?

And, here's lovable Oscar the Grouch, who actually lives in a garbage can! He deserves his own bag!

But, THIS... this must be considered the 'ultimate' in trash bagging. Can you tell what it is...see the famous logo? Yes, you're's Louis Vuitton garbage bag!! Well...not really...just designed to LOOK like the LV logo.

And, since I'm sure inquiring minds want to know...MY garbage goes into whatever bag is on sale at the grocery store! Unless it's those scented kind. Bought those once and spent 2 days trying to find the sickening odor in my house! They are scented allright...but not in a good way!

*****FACTS TO THINK ABOUT***** (from The Washington Post)
***Every American produces about 4.3 pounds of trash a day!!!!

***Between Thanksgiving and the new year, environmentalists say, Americans typically throw away as much as 5 million extra tons of trash, thought to be mainly wrapping paper and shopping bags

***80% of our trash is recyclable...but, we only recycle 35%...

***When things go into a landfill, this is the amount of time it takes to decompose**
Styrofoam container > 1 million years
Plastic jug 1 million years
Aluminum can 200-500 years
Disposable diaper 550 years
Tinned can 90 years
Leather shoe 45 years
Wool sock 1 year
Paper bag 1 month
Banana peel 3-4 weeks

***Some easy ways to cut down on waste***
•Use cloth napkins instead of paper
•Use sealable storage containers rather than plastic wrap
•Reuse cardboard boxes, plastic bags and paper sacks


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Wonder of wonders!!! I FINALLY have some dining chairs!!! Well, I do not actually have them, yet. BUT, they are on order and should be here soon. Don picked these out, and while they are not exactly what I wanted...they are fairly close. Oh, and it will be so good to finally have some chairs at the table!

I want to say for the record: if you have music on your blog that BLARES out when you connect to can be held responsible for giving 'ladies of a certain age' a mild heart attack or at the very least a lack of bladder control!!!!!

I may or may not have personal experience with the following:

Are you familiar with Tom's shoes? To see the company philosophy please click here and read about what is being done to help those in need. They vow to give a pair of shoes to a needy child for each pair of shoes you purchase.
I had heard about these, but had never seen any in our town. However, I found some in another city over the summer, and bought a pair to see if they were as comfortable as they were touted to be. And, I am here to report...YES, YES THEY ARE!
And, the neat thing is that they are very simple and plain...yet they have a funky sort of vibe to them as well.
Now, I have heard that some women tend to get swelling of the feet and ankles when their glorious selves reach a certain age...I've only heard of this, you understand!!! So, let's pretend that awful fat ankle look has happened to me...and if it had happened...these shoes would have still been comfortable, and I would have still been able to walk...IF it had actually happened to me.

There are so many styles and colors...some quite unique. You can also get solid white or cream and paint them yourselves! Try them if you get a chance. I can tell you where to find them in Birmingham if you'd like to know. AND, I just received a discount code, so if you would like to order a pair, let me know and I will share it with you gladly!

And, my sweet niece, Tara, is on complete bedrest. She is expecting in November and is having a lot of blood pressure trouble. She's at 33 weeks and at 36 weeks, they will take him if the lungs are ready. Please keep them in your prayers. This is the first child for she and Will...and the first grandchild for Joy and Tommy...and the first great grandchild for Pop...and the first grand nephew for me!

Monday, October 26, 2009


We have STACKED.....we have PAINTED.....hope your arm is strong, 'cause now we are going to CARVE!

Carve out flame pattern and use tiny white Christmas lights inside...

Left...use real pumpkin, then paint outside white...Right...carve squares,then paint ...

Paint lantern designs, then carve out appropriate place for light to shine through...

Start carving at top, near stem...then continue in a spiral as not to cut all the way through...

Find a unique old piece to display your hard work...

Carve branch pattern through top layer of pumpkin only...

Carve a design using elements of your choice...add painting...or not...

Enlarge a letter of your choice, then print it out and using transfer paper, copy image onto pumpkin. You may then carve it out...or paint it in...

Paint your pumpkin black or dark green. Then carve out the inside completely. Carve lines of differing widths down sides of pumpkin. Set a jar with water inside the pumpkin and arrange flowers...Note smaller sunflower...

A wood ring pattern carved into the first layer only...

Transfer a leaf pattern and carve into the top layer of the pumpkin...

If you are going to do much carving...this is the tool you need. The flimsy craft carvers are not very effective if you want a very precise line...

I have actually done the initial one, and have also done one like the vase. Pumpkin season is going fast! Get to carving...or painting...or stacking!!! Enjoy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is a fun craft to do with kids, especially if you do not like to deal with all the mess of a real pumpkin. They will look nice if you are having a Halloween Party...or even for Trick-or-Treat!

Instead of throwing away your empty 2-liter soda bottles, recycle them into these fun pumpkin luminaries to light up your Halloween this year.


Krylon Fusion for Plastic® - Pumpkin (Safety)
Krylon Fusion for Plastic® - Sunbeam (#2330)
Two 2-liter empty plastic soda bottles
Con-Tact® Paper
Xacto® knife
Adhesive remover
2 candles
Paper towels
Rubber Gloves (optional)

Peel label from empty plastic soda bottle. Use adhesive remover and a paper towel to remove any residue.

Wash soda bottles thoroughly; let dry completely.

Using Xacto knife, carefully cut off top of bottle. Cut a half-circle out of the back, near the bottom; this will make it easier to add the sand and the candle.

Draw facial features on contact paper and cut out. Adhere features to the soda bottle, being careful to firmly seal edges with fingernail.

Cover work area with newspaper. Spray soda bottles with Krylon Fusion – one with Pumpkin Orange and the other with Sunbeam. Let dry for 3 hours.

When completely dry, carefully peel off contact paper features. (Note: Krylon Fusion will be dry to touch after 15 minutes but should be allowed to cure for at least 24 hours before the luminaries are put into service.)

Add sand to base for weight and insert candle. Light and enjoy.


Friday, October 23, 2009


OK...we stacked 'em last post.....let's paint them this time! These can be done on real pumpkins or the faux foam craft pumpkins. My philosophy? If you are going to put this amount of work into it...go with the faux.

Use chalkboard paint...comes in spray can...requires 2 coats...

Hand painted...freehand...

Argyle design...

Diamond or checkerboard patterned...

Carved...then painted...

Add a creature...or 2...

...Or three or more...

Plaid...stripes...or polka dots...

Add a big, black crow...

Beautiful sunflower pattern...

Use a doily as a stencil...

OK......GET BUSY!!!!!