Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm sure you have all seen those BRIGHT garbage bags that are designed to look like giant jack-o-lanterns. Every year, around this time, they pop up in yards all over town.

While searching for something on the internet today, I ran across these cute bags. Goldfish, anyone?

I wondered if there were any others out there. So, I did a little search, and these are what I came up with.

How would you feel about putting your trash in this pretty damask pattern with the accent turquoise tie?

From the ingenious Japanese,we find these cute bunny bags......and these dogs, too. No, I don't know why they have an X on them...

And, also from Japan, these garbage bags are color coded for recycling...metal, glass,plastic.

Now, would you look at how much nicer this dumpster in NYC looks with these pink polka-dotted bags?

These bags are designed to look like teddy bears...sorta weird, huh?

And, here's lovable Oscar the Grouch, who actually lives in a garbage can! He deserves his own bag!

But, THIS... this must be considered the 'ultimate' in trash bagging. Can you tell what it is...see the famous logo? Yes, you're's Louis Vuitton garbage bag!! Well...not really...just designed to LOOK like the LV logo.

And, since I'm sure inquiring minds want to know...MY garbage goes into whatever bag is on sale at the grocery store! Unless it's those scented kind. Bought those once and spent 2 days trying to find the sickening odor in my house! They are scented allright...but not in a good way!

*****FACTS TO THINK ABOUT***** (from The Washington Post)
***Every American produces about 4.3 pounds of trash a day!!!!

***Between Thanksgiving and the new year, environmentalists say, Americans typically throw away as much as 5 million extra tons of trash, thought to be mainly wrapping paper and shopping bags

***80% of our trash is recyclable...but, we only recycle 35%...

***When things go into a landfill, this is the amount of time it takes to decompose**
Styrofoam container > 1 million years
Plastic jug 1 million years
Aluminum can 200-500 years
Disposable diaper 550 years
Tinned can 90 years
Leather shoe 45 years
Wool sock 1 year
Paper bag 1 month
Banana peel 3-4 weeks

***Some easy ways to cut down on waste***
•Use cloth napkins instead of paper
•Use sealable storage containers rather than plastic wrap
•Reuse cardboard boxes, plastic bags and paper sacks



Keetha Broyles said...

Those are SOOOOO fun! I've never seen ANY of them except the orange jack-o-lantern ones.

Just Breathe said...

Already took it out! I love those.
Do they really sell them? The goldfish ones are adorable. We buy ours at Costco. They do make the trash look good. The the LV one, matches my purse!

Anonymous said...

You spelled "Louie" wrong...It should be Louis Vuitton....Trust me, I have several of the handbags....They probably spell it that way on those horrible fake ones and nobody even notices.LV trash bags would certainly invite people to dig through your garbage.Ha Ha.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Yeah, who can afford to buy the fancy garbage bags JUST to throw them away...NOT this conservative girl.

Love the trash facts....amazing.

I knew styrofoam "never" decomposed...yep, basically...1 million years. And plastic...there's no reason not to recycle it. UNLESS your city only recycles #1 and #2.

Go take out the garbage but also....

Musicaljean said...

I had no idea there was anything but black or white garbage bags!

And I agree with Paula - recycling is a must.

Southern Lady said...

Cute and informative post, Tonja. My favorites are the fish and the bunnies.

Janean said...

the bags are amazing! who knew? great blog!