Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm having a little crisis of faith tonight. It's OK. I know all the right things that I am supposed to remember at a time like this. I know that God 's Word is truer than anything that I feel. I know there are up and downs in everyone's life. I know God cares about what makes me sad. And, I know that there is someone who would say to me, "You shouldn't be sad, look at all the wonderful things in your life." And, you know what? They would be right.

But, knowing those words...even knowing their validity, doesn't do a thing to change the fact that I am not happy with some of the things that are happening around me and to me and to the people I love. And, God understands that. He KNOWS my heart.

Nothing major has happened. Nothing that would even concern anyone other than a close few. But, the fact is...I just don't think life is fair sometimes. I feel like sometimes it rains only on me and mine. And, I feel the sky over us is dark and gloomy. Yes, that about sums it up...that's how I feel. Maybe not true, but the way I feel.

But, Praise God!, I know that feelings change. I know that things will get better. I know that things will work out...or they won't...but either way, we'll get through. And go on. And be happy.

See, I believe. I KNOW. Even when I don't FEEL like praising God, and thanking Him, or even talking to Him.....HE DOESN'T CHANGE. He is the constant. His words are always true. His promises are always kept. Whether I am happy with the world or sad with the world, the fact is...He is still in charge. So, if I feel sad, He cares. If I am happy, He cares. And, His promises are true even if I can't recall them at the moment.

I know also that God has control of my life. He has because I gave it to Him. And, while I may at times act as if I have forgotten that fact...HE WILL NEVER FORGET! And, while that does not give me license to act any way I choose...when I do have weak moments, He will gently remind me just WHO HE IS...He will comfort me, He will strengthen me, and He will fill me with joy.

He said,"I will let you laugh again; you will raise the roof with sounds of joy." Job 8:21


It is funny how I can sit down and write (for the world to see) my truest feelings. And, in my attempt not leave the wrong impression, I end up writing the words that I needed to hear. Because I would never want to leave the impression that I, even for a moment, did not trust Almighty God, I write the truest things that I know. The things I needed to hear tonight.

God is amazing. He can work in everything! Even this blog post....hope it helped you too!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Christmas is upon us. And, you may be like I am and feeling the pressure. Stuff to do, places to go, food to cook, shopping to do, etc., etc., etc.

Here are a few words of wisdom for you....You are right in the middle of it...It's here...ready or not...

This is what you find when you walk out your door...Although, at times, it can feel like this while you're INSIDE your home as well...

Don't're on the road to...


And, remember...

There is no reason for this...
You know that you should ...

It's necessary to...


And remember...

Never forget these...

And, really...

Follow the instructions...


You are NOT...

Commit this to memory...

Don't forget...

That's all for now...

Compiled and editted by Gatherings as a Public Service to the fine members of the blogging community.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Thanksgiving Day 2009 is history. For our family, we did it well. It was bittersweet for us. We missed Mom so much...but John Thomas was a wonderful addition to our clan. Oh, that sweet baby is going to be so surrounded by love. Between our family and Will's family...he has a tremendous group to care for him through life. Oh, that every child born this year could say the same.

Joy and I shared the cooking duties. When I started mixing up the sweet potato casserole, and I saw this bowl full of ORANGE...I thought that this is definitely the color of Thanksgiving!

Of course, when you add the topping ingredients, it really gets to smelling yummy!

Here is the table, set. NO! I DID NOT HAVE MY CHAIRS!!!They are now on backorder!

Lori came in with these cool ALABAMA (ROLL TIDE) gloves. We're sort of split as a family when it comes to the rivalry with AUBURN (WAR EAGLE).

We were so glad Tara could be with us. John Thomas is only 2 weeks old! And, since she had a c section, she's really not supposed to drive yet. Will was off on a hunting trip, so she came anyway! We're glad, too! She is looking great! And, she is going to be a great mother. Very laid back and easy going!

Here's Tommy holding his grandson! Isn't he proud?

The men at the table...

Alex holding the baby for the first time!

Pop and I warming by the fireplace...

Alex and Ben doing computer things after lunch...

After lunch,we visited with each other. Suzanne and Adam came. They had eaten lunch with Suzanne's family.

Then we all...except Don and Tommy...'cause they are just old men!...went over to Pop's house. We put Adam and Ben up in the attic, and began pulling out the Christmas decorations. We all worked like little bees. Got the mantle fixed, the dining room, got the tree out (but not decorated), got the wreaths ready to go up, and worked on several other places.

I think Pop was a little overwhelmed. He said, with tears in his eyes, "I am so blessed. Just look at this...all of you over here, doing this for me. Look how everyone is working together-just to help this old man's house look nice. This is what a family should be." And I had to agree. We were all tired, but happy. We laughed, tried this, tried that, changed this, left that,took out of the attic, put back in the attic, got out of the attic again! Joy and I will finish up next week...but it sure helped us out to have all that help!

Now, I think Pop lucked out and got the choicest job of all! So sweet!

Ian just wasn't sure he wanted to hold the baby, but Joy put JT in his arms...does he look uncomfortable or what?

Joy and I. I know what she's gonna say. "I should be holding him! He's MY grandson!" Too bad, Sis. I got him first! :)

Our work had to come to an end. Sweet Tara and little JT had a 40 minute ride ahead of them. So, we packed them up, and got them headed out. And the rest of us followed suit. JT is changed, fed, and already asleep for the ride!

A wonderful day! Family, food, fun...a winning combination. We had a moment before we asked the blessing on our food. Several of us talked about the things we were most thankful for. How blessed this family is! We all belong to the Lord. We all have made our reservations in Heaven. We will ALWAYS be together! We like each other as well as love each other. When one or another one is having a difficult time, we walk along side them until they find their way. We support. We forgive. We strive to show grace to one another, because we know how much grace and mercy God has shown to us.
"Praise God, from whom all blessings flow...!"

PS...if you did not read my previous sure to do so! It was a very special part of our Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


When Joy and I were quite young...there was an incident in our family that became sort of an inside joke between Mom, myself, and Joy. And, was played out in a grand finale, of sorts!

This all got started because Mom was sick. I do not remember what was wrong, but she had a terrible time with migraines for a while, so it could have been that. Anyway, Joy and I were at church, and Mom called to leave us a message. She had taken some pain medicine, and was not making a whole lot of sense to our church secretary. We came home, and she still was not thinking or talking coherently. She tried to touch one of us and she kept missing. Even though it was not was funny to us. This was so unlike our Mom. She was always in complete control. We said, "Mom, you look like you are trying to poke the Pillsbury Dough Boy!" (Do you know the old commercial where some one pokes him in the tummy with their finger, and he giggles?) Well, that was about the time it first came out, and we thought it was hilarious! We took care of her and she was better the next day. When we told her about it later, she said she did not remember doing that! And, we assured her she did

We began to find all sorts of thing with the Pillsbury Dough Boy on them, and we would surprise her with them all wrapped up in a fancy package! It was a running joke!We found notepads, magnets, ornaments, towels...and so we kept the surprises coming through the years! The kids enjoyed doing it as well!

Can you see some of her little figures on the back of her stove? This is a pic of her and her sister, Marie.

And this is the little figure that started it all. It has always sat on her stove. I made this picture is still there.

In the past few years, I found this vintage metal sign...well, I had to get it for her. She would not hang it didn't match her decor. But, she did keep it right next to the stove. So, when she wasn't looking...I would grab it and put it up on the top of her stove....where everyone could see it. She would usually discover it after we had gone. Then she would call me and fuss...trying to act like she was really mad! One time she found it up there after a big party!

Do you have little jokes in your family? Things that would not be funny to anyone but you? It's an endearing thing, I think.

Today, I got up early, and started the cooking. My TV was on F*x News...but after I had heard the same things a few times, I turned it on to the Macy's Parade...JUST IN TIME.....
Tara was watching the parade, too. She had gone out of the room to check on the baby,... but returned JUST IN TIME...
Joy was at home, watching the parade as well. She started paying attention...JUST IN TIME...

JUST IN TIME to hear the announcer of the parade say, "The next balloon is appearing for the very first time in the parade. You'll recognize this chubby, little's the Pillsbury Dough Boy!"

And there...flying high over NYC....was the little Dough Boy!

Now, what do you think about that?

And, WHO do you think set that little surprise in motion?

You believe it was Macy's if you want to, but Joy, Tara and I know the 'real story'.

I never did look up and find out how to spell 'coince...'. Because, upon more reflection...I know it wasn't that at all. Someone was giving us a little 'poke'...a little 'wink'...a little 'hug'. We felt it loud and clear!


OOPS! How DO you spell coincidence? Oh, nevermind...I'll just use another word!

Rachel, I know we are on the same wave can even make sense of my mistakes! And, leave a perfectly wonderful comment! :)

(I am trying to write a post on a coinc.... before I fall stay tuned...when I get it done, you're gonna love it!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I know that you know that I tend to run into 'crazies' everywhere I go! It seems as if they just seek me out at times! Or maybe it just 'takes one to know one'!

I was able to get out for a little while today. My plan was to go and get the groceries for Thanksgiving, and then come back, put them away,and commence to preparing the Thanksgiving Feast for the family. little green car just didn't feel like driving straight demanded a little TJM*XX. And, of course, I went along for the ride!
I love to go in and see what great bargains I can find. I love to see what they have put out since I was there the last time. I love seeing what they have that I can not live without. It is amazing that this store brings in so much merchandise ...JUST FOR ME!!!! But, they do!!!

So, I found several garlands, a few Christmas gifts, a bed skirt for Pop's bed (we're working on the bedroom now,)some ornaments, some cute snowman PJ's for my sweet little friend, Addy, and few other little surprises. It was very pleasant to walk through the store and take my time, and relax, and then leisurely check out and walk to the car.

Do you ever forget where you parked your car...I can usually get the general vicinity, but not always the correct row. And, that's what happened today.
Hmmmm...I thought I parked one row further. Just not paying attention, I guess. I unlocked my car, opened the back door, and began putting my loot into the back seat. Why does it sound as if the locks are locking and unlocking and locking and unlocking? I hope it's not about to go on the blink! Almost finished. When to my shock and amazement, the front passenger door opens and a man gets in and sits down. Now, I do get a little bumfuddled now and then...but I'm pretty darn sure I did not bring a man with me today. I knew it wasn't Don because I am not a glutton for punishment...and I would have to have had a complete loss of all my senses to go into TJM with him to browse.

My brain went into overdrive and I began to think about all those self defense shows I had seen on TV. I remembered where to kick...I remember I was supposed to bring my arms up quick if I am attacked from behind, .....and gouge out his eyes...oh and never to leave the scene of the abduction. I thought all this in about 10 seconds because, this brain of can go into 'retrieve important information quickly' when necessary! Must have something to do with my nurses training. Why, yes, I did pose for that picture.

I then noticed a lady standing at the back of my car. She was looking at me very strangely. I was beginning to sense something was just a little askew here.

TONJA...Can I help you?
LADY....Mam, I think you are in my car.
TONJA...Well, I don't think so. I just unlocked it with my key.
LADY....I unlocked it with MY key as I walked out of the store.
TONJA...I guess that would explain the strange man sitting in my front seat, then.
LADY....That would be my husband.

*****Realizing that I have royally messed up...but still not fully comprehending just HOW I had managed to do it... *****

TONJA...I am so sorry, I really thought this was may car. I can't believe I did this. And, where is MY car?
LADY....That would be it right there. And she pointed to the car that was parked directly in front of the car into which I had unloaded all my packages.
TONJA...Let me see if it has a cross on the front.
LADY...It does...we saw it when we pulled in.

*****And sure enough, right there in the TJM parking lot were 2 little green Honda CRV', parked hood to hood. *****

TONJA...Well, we're not really into the Christmas rush yet, and here I am already losing it. I'll get my stuff out, and let you be on your way.
LADY: Well, let me see what you put in there, I may want to keep it! :)

So, I got my things out of the quickly as I could! I put them back into the buggy, pushed them to the back of MY car and loaded them. The man in the front seat has never said a word. He never looked back. Evidently, he didn't really care who drove him home. I think he could probably tell that I was not a person to be messed with...what with all my defense training knowledge, and all.

I proceeded to the grocery store. Got all the groceries for the Thanksgiving Feast...except the most important part...the TURKEY!!! So, to W*l M*rt I will go tomorrow.

Headed home now...and Lo! and Behold! there they are...the crazies are at MY house!!!
Let me explain:

As I am driving home, I am listening to Sugarland's Christmas CD. FYI: B+. As, I pull into the driveway,I put up the garage door...and begin to drive in. SOMETHING WAS AMISS!!!

1. I heard sirens on my CD...they had never been there before...
2. I noticed I could see all the way into my front foyer....I should be seeing a wall.
3. Patty came running out of the house with the telephone in her hand. Sweat was literally dripping off of her.
4. She was talking on the phone to someone...let's listen in:

"No, we don't need a firetruck.
We just have lots of smoke.
No, I do not know the code.
No, I don't live here.
Yes, I know the Owens'.
I am supposed to be here.
I don't know the code. Let me go ask her son.
No, He doesn't know the code.
Alex, why is the garage door going up?
Hey, here she comes...let me ask her the code.
Tonja, I'll explain later...what's the code? "

(I tell her...she punches...sirens stop)

I do not think I want to go inside...but Patty and Alex look in such a state of despair, that I must try to calm and remedy the situation.

Seems as if a big glob of cheese dropped off the pizza onto the bottom of the oven, and started smoking really bad. When she opened the door to remove the pizza, the smoke came billowing out and set off the alarm. The alarm company called to see why.

They had all the doors opened, and I suggested that maybe we should turn on the exhaust fan. Where is the exhaust fan? It has always been on the stove hood. But in the Creek House, I have no stove hood. There is a microwave where the stove hood would be. I have never had the need to turn on the exhaust fan before...and we have lived here for almost a year. But, if I ever need it's on the very bottom of the microwave. And, when I punch the spot that says 'exhaust', that I never knew was there before, the top of the microwave opens up and it exhausts its little heart out. Go figure!

Suzanne comes over, it's her birthday, and we talk a while.

She leaves.

Patty leaves.

This day has been quite 'exhausting'!!! :) get it?


The day that my oldest son, Adam, brought Suzanne into our lives was a blessed one indeed! I love her as if she were my own. She is the best thing to ever happen to Adam, and I am so thankful they are travelling life together!

I am always delighted to be around her. We've taken some fun trips, and there will be many more of those! We may not like exactly the same things, but we do love shopping together!

Suzanne came into our family...and truly became part of our family. She loved Mom, and they shared the same aesthetic. They could ooh and aah over a piece of fancy glass like you wouldn't believe. Mom loved her, and appreciated her.

She and Pop have a very sweet relationship, as well. She is always taking him something good to eat. He says often just how happy he is that she is part of our family now.

And, here she is with the love of her life. I feel so blessed that Adam's heart is safely held in hers. That is a gift I do not take for granted!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. I love who you are, I love your sweet smile, I love your kind and gentle heart. My birthday wish for you is that all the dreams you are holding and keeping in your heart come to fruition in the coming year. God bless you today and always.