Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hi World, John Thomas Bush here! I'm still a little is hard work getting born!

They've had me all wrapped up in this hat and blanket ever since this morning! I'm ready to stretch out a little!

Daddy, can you help get these blankets off of me.

Whew! That's better! Now, hurry! Look, there's that nice lady.

I don't know who that old man is...but he looks nice too!

Come on, nice lady...I'm ready. I want you to hold me now.

Now, what did you say your name was? That's right...GiGi. That's a nice name.
I think I like you.

Now, I KNOW I do! I like snuggling with you!

Now, who is that old man over there watching me?

Oh, he's your he's my Pop! Hi, Pop! You look pretty nice, too!

It's OK, you can touch me...I won't bite...yet!

Ohhh! I like your hands! They are big and strong! I bet you can teach me to shake hands one day!

Hey Adam! That tickles! Aren't you supposed to be taking pictures?

Look! Here's a good pose for you! Now how about passing me off to the Pop. I think he and I have got some talking to do!

Yep, me and the old man are going to be big buddies...I can just tell.


Just Breathe said...

I really want a turn holding him. He is so precious and adorable.
Enjoy! Beautiful pictures.

Kat said...

Absolutely beautiful...John Thomas, the photos, the smiles and your sweet post! Congratulations!


racheld said...

What a sweet baby boy!!! And a proud GiGi!!

You are going to treasure that "hand" picture above all others in the years to come---I have one just like it, and it's very special.

Congratulations to you ALLL!!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh, he is beautiful! And Adam's photos are GREAT!!! She is so blessed to have him take pictures of her new son!

We are counting the days waiting for our new grandgirl!

Musicaljean said...

Ohhhhhh!!! He is perfectly beautiful! And the pictures and your post are the best. I just love how your dad dressed up in his Sunday best to meet his great grandson!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Tonja, you have such a way with story telling. Really you do. I enjoyed this very much...I often wonder what God says, thinks, and love to hear Him speak as in 1st person to me. I also love to hear other's interpretations of what babies think. Doncha just wonder...what do they think.

This was just really great!

LivingTheLife said...

Tears in my eyes...that about says it all...What wonderful blessings abound today for you and your family. John Thomas is gorgeous and how lucky for him to have so MANY loves in his life. Your Pop is going to absolutely adore this young can already tell...and I'm w/Jean on how cute it is of your dad all dressed up to meet his first great-grandson...again...I can feel the tears of joy welling in my eyes...I'm so happy for all of you.

Your post totally made my they often do!


Southern Lady said...

Oh, what precious, precious pictures, Tonja! Adam is very talented.

All of the photos are beautiful, but I especially love the ones of your dad and John Thomas.

Congratulations to you all -- what a blessing for your family.

Jewel said...

Oh how precious! What a beautiful baby boy!