Friday, April 30, 2010



When it's hard to keep doing the right thing, when you really want to bop someone in the head or shake them till their teeth rattle...don't. Just count to 10 or 280, and keep your cool. Perhaps take a walk...preferable in a shopping area for maximum benefit!!!

When you want to eat the last cookie in the box, and it's your most favorite kind in the world, but you know someone who lives with you loves them as much as you do...go ahead and leave it and you eat Ritz instead. And, if you should need a chocolate milkshake to go with...not a problem. No calories will be counted because you were being magnanimous in the first place.

When you have made 2 trips to the drug store in the last day, and SOMEONE comes up to you and ever so kindly asks you to please take this other prescription to get it filled, and would you mind waiting because they need it in the next 2 hours, and it just happens to be right at 5:30, when the CVS is the busiest, so you can not drive through, you have to go inside, which means you'll have to put your bra back on...just smile sweetly and say, "I'll be glad to," and remember it is against the law to sit and wait at the pharmacy in the back of the CVS without downing a Diet Dr.Pepper and a Snicker Bar while you wait.

And, if you are feeling really sick, sick nigh unto death, and your kind "neat freak" spouse complains about the 4 pieces of Tupperware that are in the sink instead of being in the dishwasher or preferably washed by hand and put away...try to refrain from taking every piece of that 'Faux Tupperware' (which is really, really faux...not even Glad or Ziplock...but more Dollar General) and laying it gently on the floor and then taking your dainty foot and stomping every square inch of that wimpy plastic until it lies flat on the ground, never to be a square or rectangle again in this life...and then throwing it in the garbage can. And all the while spouse who started this whole scene, stares at you with mouth hanging open, eyes bugged out of the head, and brow furrowed. The next words that leave his lips are, "Are you out of your mind?" To which, the correct answer is, "Yes. Yes I am. So, if I were you, I'd be very afraid." But, say it with a smile on your lips....for full effect.

And, if you are able to do this..."Lo! You shall be rewarded! And GREAT shall be your reward. For you are indeed worthy." Truths from Tonja: Chapter !

I'm not bragging on me or anything like that...humble girl that I strive to be...
BUT! Look who came to stay with me AGAIN. THIS. MORNING! As you can easily see...He is indeed delighted!

HOWEVER, there was just one little problem. This very smart little boy (kin to me)is used to much visual stimulation. And due to the fact that he is either on his tummy or his back...there is not much to look at. When I hold him, he is very happy...even overjoyed...because he gets to look at me! But, even his Aunt Tonja can't hold his attention forever. So what's a resourceful aunt to do? Hmmmmm....

Well, when he sits in his carrier, it has a bar that toys hang from. Which excites him greatly! When he rides in his car seat in GiGi's car, there are toys tied everywhere for his amusement. But, at Aunt Tonja's house...there is nothing that hangs above his head for him to grab and teeth on and wad up and gnaw on. And, he obviously misses his toys because he doesn't tarry for very long on my face.

So, using what supplies I had on hand, I set about to build a playground for Master Bush. I needed something to hang toys from, and whatever I hung the toys from needed to be suspended overhead of baby boy. First, I found some old macrame cord. I used to be quite a good macrame knot tying artist. I made plant hangers for every post me or Mom or Joy ever had. And, they were fine ones, too. And, purses! Oh. My. Goodness. Purses of every color, shape, size that you could imagine! I gave them away, I sold them, I made them for everyone who even thought they wanted one. I even made a table. Yes, a table. A hanging table,but a sturdier table you could not find in all of the city.

But, I digress. I have not done macrame in about 20 years. However, for some reason, I have held on to this small amount of cording. Actually it's probably 10 yards. Now, how to SAFELY place this cording above the baby. I began tying the cord to the leg of my work table. Securing it, I moved to the next leg of the table...because I wanted to be sure JT couldn't pull the table over to him.!!??!!
OK. that was on one side of the baby, now to the other side of the baby, but safely overhead. There it was...the corner of the daybed! Perfect...higher than the baby...higher than the table, so there could be a nice dip in the the toys could be reached. OK..done! Looking good! UH OH...maybe the toys should have been strung onto the cord BEFORE it is tied into several double knots on the bed posts! OK...are you ready? Here is the the "SWINGING TOYS FOR BOYS" designed and manufactured by Auntmade.

Ignore, please, the condition of the room. There are several things out of place today and there will probably be several things out of place tomorrow, too! Notice the specialized cording tied to the table leg on Right, and the bed post on the Left.

LOOK! He's found it! He likes it!

Notice, please, that the 'specialized cording' is at a safe distance from his head.
Notice also that the toys are in the correct position for ease of playing.

Looks like it's working just fine!

It MUST BE NOTED here that at NO time during the use of the Swinging Toys for Boys was the child in question left alone. A responsible (!??!!) adult was there at all times!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I had the joy of keeping John Thomas, Tara and Will's son and Joy and Tommy's grandson...but most importantly, MY GRAND NEPHEW ! We had so much fun playing and laughing and singing. Well, actually, we both did the playing and laughing (Don, too)....and I did the singing. He thought I was pretty good, too. At least he didn't cry. Actually, he got very still while I sang. Maybe because it reminded him of the angels singing. Or maybe he had just never heard anything quite like it.
Whatever! It was a 'joyful noise' anyway!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


"Listen! Stand still and consider the wonders of God." Job 37:14

"God made the world and everything in it." Acts 17.24

"God made everything beautiful in its time..." Ecclesiastes 3:11

Just a few of the beautiful shells I have collected...

Monday, April 26, 2010


"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in nets of wonder forever." Jacques Cousteau


Saturday, April 24, 2010


PS...I made this for you........

I did my best............

Yes, I realize that one of the quotation marks is backwards........

I tried to correct it.........

It would not cooperate........

It wanted to go its own way........

I decided to let it.......

I can live with that.........

Life isn't always perfect.........

You just have to deal.......

There may be a sermon in there somewhere........

Just saying.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I almost didn't write this post, because I'm afraid you'll have trouble believing this really happened. But, really, these folks are too funny not to share.

On Saturday, Don was busy in a meeting, and I had read all the magazines I brought, and there was nothing good on TV. So, I hopped on the bus...and went shopping! I did a little damage and called the bus to come and get me. (These are small vans that have seats down each side and across the back). When it got there, it was full, and I had to go to the seats across the back. We stopped and let all those folks out at the beach. And, I thought I was going to have a quiet ride back. BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! here comes a family of 8...not intending to miss this bus--no matter what! And, friends, it took me about 30 seconds to realize the 'crazies' had found me...and were riding on my bus! The door closed behind them...and off we went!

First to speak was the little boy...around first grade. His arms were folded and his lips were poked out. When he realized that no one was paying him any attention, he said," Yeah, that's right! I'm mad as he**!" Well! My eyes popped, and I thought that if that had been one of mine, he would be walking his sassy self back to the motel! His Daddy thought that was highly entertaining and very funny. His Grandaddy stood up and walked over to him, pulled him up and swatted him on the rear. Then he looked at him and said, You apologize to that lady, right now!" And, he was pointing at ME! (I didn't want an apology...I didn't want to even be on this bus!) Grandaddy continued..."You ain't no hooligan, and you ain't no bad boy...but, you sure is rude! Now apologize before I have them stop this bus." The boy grudgingly said that he was sorry, and then, he tried to stomp in the we would all know he was mad ,as well as being embarrassed. At that exact moment the bus hit a bump...and he went flying over his sister's feet, and landed in his Mother's lap.

OH! MY! She jumped up and started yelling, "Get offa me, know I've got the vertical. And you's gonna get it, too if you don't get move!" She pushed him then and he landed on the floor of the bus.

{Friends, this family of 8, and myself were the only ones on the bus. And, I really did not know whether I should get off and walk the 3 miles back to the hotel or just sit veeeeeery still and hope they forgot I was there. ...........Also...what exactly IS 'vertical'? Well, she had it , and she had it bad!}

The boy got up, and began easing his way toward the back of the bus where I was sitting very quietly. He sat down beside me. Which was a mite scary...cause I knew he had a streak of the meanness in him, and if Grandaddy got started again, I didn't want to be too close. There was a stream of blood running from his knee, going in 2 directions when it hit the top of his foot. I turned to him and said, "Did you hurt yourself when you fell?" He nodded his head. He was near tears, and no one from his family said anything to him. I looked in my purse and found a tissue and a bandaid and asked his Mother if it was OK for him to have it. She said, "I don't care." I fixed the bandaid and put it on his knee. And, he said, "Thank-you." I said, "You are very welcome. And, thank you for apologizing for saying what you did. I really don't think words like that are very nice."

Just then his Daddy (who looked amazingly like Sn**p D*gg. Yes, there is really someone with that name) said, "Ro-berta, sit up straight, you getting me hot!" WELL!!! She said, "I can't help it. You know I'm taking medication pills...I'm sick and and you ain't helping me none." Then, Grandaddy said, "Baby girl, you come on back home and I'll get you to a good doctor and your Mama will take care of you." "Daddy, you know I ain't coming home, I'm staying with my husband," she said. Grandmother piped up now and said, " And,I ain't fixing to take care of her...she got herself into this d*** mess, she can d*** sure get herself out." (Wonder where Little Boy learned to talk?) Grandaddy said to Ro-berta, "You know he's what gave you that verticalization in the first place!"

[Throughout this whole strange episode, the two baby sisters and the older sister were having a grand ole time. They all 3 had T**tsie R*ll P*ps. Yum-my! They were having a science lesson of sorts. JUST HOW STICKY DOES A T**TSIE R*LL P*P GET WHEN YOU ROLL IT DOWN YOUR LEG...AND IN YOUR HAIR...AND YOUR SISTER'S HAIR! At least they weren't cussing. And, actually, this was pretty tame behavior considering their lineage!!!] But, the real show is back with Ro-berta...

Then, people, she stood up. And then she fell down...into the aisle. "Somebody help me. I'm stuck here on this bus with all you stupid people who don't even know I'm a sick woman!" Daddy got on one side and Hubby got on the other, and they pulled her up, and deposited her back on the seat next to Snoop. I moved to the far back corner in an attempt to stay clear of whatever came next.

The boy who had moved with me, said to me, "They's all crazy. Just crazy." And, I really felt sorry for the little fella...for about 10 seconds. Then he leaned over and whispered to me..."and there ain't no snow in Desitin!" Yes, he said 'Desitin.'

O. Sweet. Pickles. I know this is some kind of test from the Lord above...just wanting to see if I'll crack! I was feeling quite close at that moment!

Little boy was still looking at me. I said, "No. No, you're right. There is not any snow here in Destin." He said, "Is there ever any snow here?" "No, there's not. It is too far south for it to snow here," I said. And for the life of me I could not remember if it snowed here when it snowed in Dothan. But, I didn't say anymore than I had to. Then he said, "They told me we was coming to 'Desitin' to see the snow. I been looking for it." Now, I was back feeling sorry for him. They were messing with his mind. They had suceeded...he was properly confused.......It was only 87 degrees. Snow weather.

Little boy then said, "My Mama is sick...the doctor says she has the 'vertical'. "I'm sorry" I said, "but, I really don't know what that is." Now, here's where I should have just kept my mouth shut...but I felt like I was already so involved in their lives...and, y'all, I could not help myself. "Roberta, that sounds pretty bad," I said, "what exactly did the doctor tell you." {Why. No, I did not feel like I was being nosy. I knew more about them than I ever cared to know, already.}

She said,"Well, he put me in a MRI and it banged around on my brain. But, he said it was OK. Then, he stuck needles in my legs and my b*tt, and said I was having 'nervous damage.' He gave me some medication pills. Said I had the vertical. I get real dizzy, and the room starts spinning. Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe." AHA! I put all the clues together. "Did he call it Vertigo? " I asked. "Yep, that's what he said, " she said.

"Well, you will be fine if you just take your medicine," I said. Just keep on taking it and be careful not to fall." That dumb ole husband looked up then and said, "She better be able to cook my supper and keep up the house. I ain't caring if she's got vertical or not!"

This made me mad.

I knew I would be getting out soon . I looked at the boy and said, "You help your Mama, and let her rest and she will get better a lot quicker." "Yes, Ma'am, I will," he said. And, I walked to the door before I said anything else . When the door opened, I looked at the hubby and said, "I'm a nurse. And, I have known a lot of people who have had vertigo. I even had it once myself. It takes a lot of rest to get better. So, that means YOU have to clean the house, and YOU have to cook supper...and YOU have to take care of the children till she gets better!
His mouth fell open...

I got off the bus...hurried inside and ducked into the nearest case they were coming after me.

By this time, I didn't know if I was still mad...scared...or a little bit of both. But, I DID know one thing---I was glad they were ON the bus, and I was OFF!

I do not condone the use of bad language, but, I thought you needed to hear ALL the things that were said on this strange ride in 'Desitin'. And, I really did get a degree in nursing.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


STOP !!!!!

Before you read any further in this post, go and get your lipstick. Get the one you use the most.

I'll wait !!! Really, I don't mind.......GO!!!'s mine. The one on the Left is a Cl*n*q*e lip gloss that I use occasionally. The other tube, on the Right, is my favorite. It is by M*C...the color is 'O'.

But, we are here to look at the shape your lipstick is in...and what that means to you. If your lipstick has:

A SHARPLY ANGLED CURVE...You're an upbeat, creative talker who loves to be the center of attention.

SLANTED TIP THAT CLOSELY RESEMBLES THE TUBE'S ORIGINAL SHAPE...You're thoughtful, conscientious and love to follow the rules.

SHARPLY ANGLED POINT...You're opinionated, full of energy, and a natural born leader.

ROUNDED, SMOOTH TIP...You're calm, easygoing, and a good listener.


This info is from the book 101 Makeover Minutes by Bennett. I have no idea if it is true or not. How could this be scientifically proved anyway? I mean, I am just not the same person everyday...are you? See, look at the two different tips. I am #1 and #2 ! So, this is shared with you only as a means of amusement.


Here's a tip...experts say to try a new shade on your fingertips instead of the back of your hand or inside wrist. This is closer to your lips texture and color.


Monday, April 19, 2010


We all need a friend at some time or another. And, from the looks of things do our 4 legged friends! Enjoy!

Hold tightly to your friends...they will feel safe with you.

Be ready to share the good things in life.

Sometimes your best friends can be very different from you.

Cover your friend with kindness.

Always be ready to pose for pictures.

Hit the streets together in your most colorful outfits.

Even if he's stuffed, a friend can make the blues go away.

Sometimes,opposites make the very best friends of all!

Always be a soft place for your friend to land.

Hug your friends close to your heart.

Be willing to go to great lengths to help a buddy!

It's fun to go out dancing with a friend!

Above's great fun to act silly with friends.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


From the Grand Sandestin Hotel, there is a seashell strewn pathway down to the Baytowne Wharf shopping and eating area. It is a short walk...maybe 500 feet or so. As we walked down to find a place to eat lunch, I used my camera to capture images that demanded a second look. Here is what caught my eye...

The pathway.....

Johnny Jump-ups...planted in big beds...

...and a little orange gerbera thrown in...

And, Old Glory is peeking out between the columns...

A beautiful urn and flower bed filled with colorful pansies...

Loved the foliage on this tree against the grey-blue sky...

An absolutely gorgeous courtyard...immaculate!...

What is that I spy back behind those bushes?...

Let's get a little closer...

What a neat old fence...

And, notice how all the vine is all twisted around, and through the gate. Don't know what it is, but bet it's pretty when it's blooming...

Walking back to the hotel after breakfast, I watched an elderly couple meandering along in front of me. She had a bag full of something. She and I were talking about all the pretty flowers. She stopped walking and then she said to her hubby, "I don't see her...she's always here. I bet she thinks we forgot her."
Her hubby said, "Don't fret, dear. She always comes running when you call her. Did you call her?" "Well, no. No, I didn't," she said. "Well, my dear, why didn't you?" he asked. She stopped walking and looked at him and said, "I didn't call her because you forgot to remember that you needed to remember to tell me to call her."
And, he turned around and walked to her, took her hand, kissed it and said, "I'm sorry I failed you, dear. I won't let it happen again. Now, you call her and see what happens." He glanced over at me and said, "She's still sharp as a tack." She looked up at him and a thousand things showed themselves on her sweet face...and then she said, "I can't seem to remember her name. So, how can I call her?" "Think hard", he said. "You know...just think." She thought and it was if I could see the wheels turning...bringing up info for her to consider. She must be thinking of every name she ever knew. And, then...a smile slowly began to form. She had it!
"Ca-a-at! Cat! Cat!, she called. "Come on here to Mama. Cat, come on...I got your breakfast! Cat! Ca-a-at!" I wanted to help her call. I wanted to find a cat for her. I actually prayed that the Lord would find that cat and set it down in front of her. She called again and again. She started to get teary. Hubby looked over at her and said, "She's gonna come...just wait!" And, I sent another prayer to the Lord. I wanted to see a cat, even though cats are not very high on my list of things I like. But, right now, I wanted to see Cat very bad. And, then...from under a big group of bushes...out comes a cat! And, from the way her sweet face lit up...I knew it was THE cat. "Look," she said to Hubby, "I told you she was gonna come. I knew it! I knew it!" Hubby told her to come on down where there was shade before she began feeding her. There was a low wall, and she slowly sat down...and Hubby sat beside her. And, as I walked off, I looked back at them sitting there...a big smile on her face as she watched the cat. And, a bigger smile on Hubby's face as he watched his wife. He saw me looking, and gave me a wave...and then a big thumbs up!