Sunday, May 31, 2009

NOW I CAN TELL .......

My sweet niece Tara, and her husband, on Bush Mountain. They actually DO have a dog as big as a horse, and the 'cookie', is their dog, Oreo. They have a 'dear' family of' deer' that comes to the edge of the woods to be fed. And, because I can keep a goooood secret...I am NOT going to say what they had for supper!

The 'joyous one' is my sister, Joy. And, she, along with Tommy, are the most joyous of all...BECAUSE...they are going to be grandparents! Tara and Will are expecting in the Fall!!!!!
We are all pulling for a boy...especially since Will is a pro at all that 'boy stuff', hunting, boating, wildlife control, etc.

Our family is so excited and thrilled beyond words! This will be the first grandchild in the second generation. And naturally, the first Great-grandchild. So Mom and Pop are thrilled as well.

I am so happy for Joy getting to be a 'GeeGee'. HOWEVER...since sisters share EVERYTHING...I think it only fair that I get to be 'Aunty Granny'. Don't you agree?

Tara and Will, Don and I are praying for you all in the next few months. We pray for safety for you and the baby. We pray that the blessings of life will be showered upon him...starting even now! God bless you!

FYI...Adam and Suzanne are headed to Birmingham for Adam to see the same eye doctor that Alex did. We are so in hopes that he will be able to help Adam as well! Then they are going on to Atlanta to celebrate their anniversary...5 years, and Adam's birthday! They are going to see the play, Jersey Boys! Have a blast you two. Drive safely!


I have some good news...but I do not have permission to share it with my blogging family and friends. It is wonderful news and it is making many people in my family very happy...especially the 'joyous' one. But, I can not say any more until someone who lives on a 'mountain', with a 'horse' and a 'cookie' for dogs, and a 'dear family' for neighbors gives me permission. I think I will hear from them soon because I know what they had for supper.....

I'll be back with details as soon as I can...stay tuned!

Friday, May 29, 2009


I have begun of late, to think about 'last things'. Or, to put that a little clearer, to think of doing everyday, normal things for the last time.

Do you remember the last time you sat at the table with your family? Not the one you have now, but the original one. Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandparents? Can you recall the last time you sat and listened to your Dad dole out wisdom, or your Mom talk about what she was cooking for lunch? Can you remember the last time you sat with a grandparent and talked about the 'good old days'---the ones they lived when they were young?

I do recall one of the last times I sat and talked with my grandmother Merritt. I had decided to interview her, and we recorded her as she talked. We asked about her courtship, and wedding...about her mother and father...about her brothers and sisters. It was a very, very special time.

I do not remember the last meal I had with my original family, before I got married...while I was still their "little girl." But, I wish I could recall it. Perhaps it got rushed through as wedding plans were nearing completion. Perhaps the stress of getting the wedding 'just right' caused us to hurry through it.

I can't remember the last night I slept in my own bed before I was married, either. Was my mind racing through the plans of the coming day? Or did I toss and turn all night? Perhaps, I fell to sleep quickly. But, it is lost to my mind.

If we realized we were doing something for the last time...would we make it special? Would we do it slower? Would we add something to make it memorable? Something to cause us to hold it in that 'special memory bank' that brings important things back to us?

If we knew it would be the last time we would ever ride a bicycle, would we ride it slowly, so as to capture that feeling of the wind in our face? Or would we find a big hill to slowly pedal up, huffing and puffing, just for the thrill of coasting down quickly...our hair blowing straight out behind us? Would you stop because your legs were sore from pumping the pedals, or would you ride until you were unable to see the street in front of you in the darkness? You'd make it last as long as possible, if you knew.

If we knew it would be the last time we swam in the ocean...would we be more daring than usual? Would we try to make it all the way out to the second sand bar? Or would we be content to sit at the waters edge...where the waves break...and enjoy the feeling of letting those waves gently lap at our back. Would we be able to see the bigger waves further out, and not be forced to feel ourselves pushed along by them, as they rushed to shore. Would we walk down the beach and try to dodge the incoming little roll of foam...or would we throw caution to the wind and boldly let the rolling edges of the waves wash across the bottom of our pants legs and begin wicking the wetness up to our knees. Would we hurry into the nearest restaurant so as to get a good table before the dinner rush? Or would we sit and watch that glorious orange ball of warmth slowly sink down behind the water's edge? Watching until the last tiny spot disappeared...and waiting for the 'sizzle' as it touched the water. Would you remember the feeling of sand and sun and wet clothes? You would, I think, if you knew.

What if it was the last time you would eat ice cream? Would you choose the biggest banana split? Or the yummiest, thickest fudge to top 2 huge scoops of vanilla? Nuts on top, of course! Would you choose your favorite ice cream bar...would it be an ice cream sandwich, or a Nutty Buddy, or a fudgesicle? Or, perhaps, a banana Popsicle, or that delicious creamy orange sherbet of a 'push-up"? Would you have a large waffle cone filled with your favorite of the 31 flavors? And, if you did...would you eat it fast , so it wouldn't melt and run down your fingers...or would you use your tongue to make trenches in the sides of the ice cream and savor every little bite...and not mind at all if you had to lick a little bit off the side of your hand?
I think sticky hands and fingers would be acceptable, if you knew.

Webster defines 'savor' as: To appreciate fully; enjoy or relish: 'I want to savor this great moment of accomplishment'.

What should you be 'savoring'? What should you be committing to memory? What should you be 'squeezing' to get the very most out of?

My Pop has said so often through the years..."We need to squeeze every minute and get all the good out of it we can." True words...wise words.

Appreciate life, seek out the best, and fully enter into it, take the extra time necessary to imprint the 'goodness' of an experience in your mind forever. Taste the tastes...smell the smells...feel the air and the wind and the sun and the rain. Let it all wash over you and become immersed in it. SQUEEZE IT!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Just got a call from Alex. He and Don are in Birmingham for the follow-up visit for his eye surgery. All is well. He has 20/30 vision in one eye and 20/40 vision in the other. They made glasses while he was there to take care of his double vision. He is on the way home now. A miracle, I tell you. 2 weeks ago he was legally blind...and today he is seeing everything! God is good!

Next, on June 1, Adam, my oldest, has an appt. with this same doctor. He has extremely poor vision also. Not as bad as Alex's, but very poor. He is excited as well. This will be such a help to him and his work as a photographer.

I imagine that this doctor is going to be building a new house this year courtesy of the Owens' family! Or at least taking a long vacation somewhere exotic!


I had all my friends from school over for a pool party on Friday. It was rainy and mostly we just gazed at the pool...but, fun was had anyway. Here is the food...before we dug in. Thanks to my sister, Joy, it all came together like I planned.

TJ, Sherrie, Tonja, and Jeanna

Rhonda, Angel, Bonnie, Paula

Mary Alice, Tina Stephanie, Dawn, Brenda, Donell

Allison, Daronda, April, Katherine, Donell


Dawn, Lynne, Debbie, April

Special gift for Stephanie,in pink, who's moving on up to teach 1st grade.

"Oh, this water is cooooold!"

"Let's smile anyway, and get a picture, so we can still call it a pool party!"
Bonnie, Tonja, Katherine, Paula, Rhonda, Andi, Angel

"Now, KICK! Let's wet those wimps who wouldn't get in!"

Bonnie, Paula, Andi, Tonja, Katherine

"Hey...where did everybody go?"

Even though it was dreary outside, it was a sunny and warm inside. Friendship has a way of doing that, doesn't it? It brightens up dreary days, and drowns out the 'thunder' of life, and brings sunshine to the soul! These girls have brought 'sunshine' to my life and I hold them all in my heart. Let's do this again...SOON!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I just ran across two new(to me, anyway) sites that I thought you may enjoy.

The first is .......
This site has questions that children ask. The parents then give THEIR answers and then the CORRECT answers. I find it very interesting...I think that maybe, possibly,...well probably, OK...likely, that I may even learn something, too.

The second is .....
This is a site that anyone can contribute to. All that's required is the courage to actually admit to some of the funny things you used to believe. Like...I used to believe that all ice cream started out as vanilla. I thought that vanilla ice cream meant it had NO flavor at all...and could never understand why anyone would ever willingly choose to eat vanilla. Silly, huh? I found this site to be highly amusing.


On Thursday night, I directed the last of my programs at FP. It went so well, and I was very proud of the children. They all spoke or sang so well, and performed their very best! I will miss them immensely.

Sweet Camille

After the graduation part for the program, I presented my pianist, Debbie Fain, with a gift. She is a pastor's wife here in town, and has been an invaluable partner with me for the last several years. I have adored working with her. She is such a shining example of a Christian woman, and has inspired me and touched my heart!

I thought that was the end...But...Bonnie and her helpers had much more in store for me.

First they brought up a beautiful crystal vase and placed it on a stand. Then, Bonnie spoke some beautiful words about the fact that there have been many children that have passed through my classes in my 20 year tenure there. And then, she began calling names...from 2009...back to 1989. A student from each year was there to present me a rose . Here are some pics of them waiting to come in:

As they came down the aisle, and I heard their names, I could still see them as that little boy or girl who sat in a circle on the floor of my room and sang with me. They were as beautiful now as they were then. Here are just a few of them:

Then for the biggest surprise of all...for the last year...actually, the first year I taught...they had asked Ian to be there. He had come to Dothan the day before, but I thought he had left to go home...he actually told me he had gone home. So, I was very surprised when he came down the aisle to bring the last rose to me. He was in kindergarten the first year I taught.

Justin and Joshua, big brothers to Sweet Sophie from China:

Just to look at those faces, and to realize how blessed I have been is overwhelming.

It humbles me to know that FP put this much trust in me...and the parents put that much trust in us to lend us their little ones for a few hours each day. I have tried with all my heart to use every opportunity that I was given to point these little souls to God. I have tried to teach them to appreciate the wonderful gift of music. I have tried to lead them to appreciate all kinds of music, even if it was not their favorite. I hope that they learned from me that music is one way you can worship God. I pray that some of the songs that I taught will remain in their hearts and minds...resting there until the day those words or melody are needed to give them comfort or peace or a way of praising God. That, then, will be my success.
Thank you, Sherrie, for the pictures! They are a treasure!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Scenes from my last day of school...

My sweet friend, Morgan, said, "Mrs. are dressed up like Halloween today!" I think she was right!

Graduation practice...teachers: Lynne and April

Teachers: Stephanie and Andi

2009 Graduating Class...and Mrs. Owens.

Monday, May 25, 2009


My dear friends, Shirley and Tina, have had a tragedy in their family this week. Shirley's stepson, who is also Tina's nephew, was killed in a automobile accident. He was 31. They are all together in Moultrie, Georgia. I will be going tomorrow for the funeral. Please pray for them as they deal with this sad situation.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


As Alex and I were sitting on the couch last night, he was telling me about the wonders of his 'new eyes'! I was thoroughly enjoying listening to him expounding upon the things he was seeing...for the 'first time' in a long time. joy turned to dismay quite quickly when he looked right at me and said, "Mom, I can even see all the lines on your face now!??!!!???

Obviously, his close up vision still needs a little tweaking!!!!!


Mom and Pop came over to see Alex soon after he returned home today. Here he is showing then a video of his doctor's instructions. He can actually see that small screen!

This shows just how happy he and his granny are! A precious pic!

Alex and Don enjoying the backyard! The first time he has really seen it all at once.

Showing off the pool to Granny and Pop.

He has to patch one eye or the other to correct the double vision for now. On Thursday, he will get his glasses with prism to correct that. Also, he has to sleep in goggles at night to avoid putting any pressure on the eyes. Cannot get them wet or touch them for 2 months! Sooo worth it!

Sweet Granny made Alex a big pan of her famous macaroni and cheese. And an angel food cake with strawberries. Yummy! Hoping he's gonna share! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009



I have just talked to Alex on the phone. The excitement in his voice is priceless! He says that he can see the leaves on the trees...he can see the road signs that they are passing by as they travel home...he can read the tag numbers on the cars around him. He said, "Mom, I can actually see where I am going!"

Friends, I confess to you that I am not as thankful for my sight as I should be...even though I know how much Alex has missed out on because of his FORMER limited vision. If you haven't stopped and thanked God for your sight lately, do it now. It is a gift from God that we should never take for granted!

Alex's vision is still a little blurry, but will continue to improve over the next few days. The doctor saw him this morning and was very satisfied with the way he is progressing. We return for another visit next week.

Alex will still have to wear glasses, because of his double vision. That is a problem that stems from the disease and is coming directly from the optic nerve. He also will still have the nystagmus, which is a constant jumping of the eye. But, that is manageable...the important thing is that he can see 100% better than he could 2 days ago. Praise the Lord!

I want to be very clear to anyone reading this blog, that our family gives all the glory for this outcome to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He set this procedure into motion, He led us to this doctor, He is the one who gave this doctor the abilities and skills, and He is the one who guided the doctor's hands during the operation. We know and can testify that "Every good and perfect gift comes from God." James 1:17.

I am in awe at the thought that my child who suffers so much every day of his life, has been given this gift. No, he is not completely healed of his disease...he has many issues that he will continue to deal with daily. We will continue to look for answers and help for the pain, and the balance, and the walking...but, today, God has answered our cries for help by giving Alex back his vision. Could God heal him of all of the aspects of Cerebellar Atrophy? Of course He could! Will He? I don't know. But, this I do know...He loves this boy more than I do...and Alex is in His hands. God is worthy of our love and adoration and praise whether He ever heals him completely or not! And we will thank Him, and praise Him and serve Him as long as we have breath!

Friday, May 22, 2009


I have had a wonderfully blessed few days. And I want to share it all with you...really, I do. And, really, I will. But, not tonight. Much too weary in body and mind. I'm sure you understand...

BTW...Alex's surgery is over. He is not seeing yet, but the doctor says that all is well. He is having to keep drops in them and they are very blurred. He will see the Dr. again in the morning. More info then.

You sleep well.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday was the next to last practice for our spring musical/graduation that will take place tonight. However...most of the participants were NOT in the mood for a practice. And, they certainly were NOT in the mood to stand on the risers and be still and quiet. They were silly, and full of wiggles. They were hot and they were cold. They were yelling instead of singing. They were skipping to the microphone instead of walking nicely. They were being exactly what 5 and 6 years olds are supposed to be! They were having fun, and looking to 'brighten the corner' where they were. So, we sat...and did our best to finish the practice. And, then I sent them on their way. Skipping and playing out to the playground...where they were much more relaxed than on a set of risers in a big, quiet sanctuary in a church.

BUT...TODAY...I must 'crack the whip' and remind them that TONIGHT is the program...TONIGHT is the night they must remember all the rules...TONIGHT is the night they must bring out the good manners, and remember 'stage presence'...AND remember the words to their part...AND remember the words to all the songs! And...they will! They will be perfect...well, they will be perfect 5 and 6 years old children...and that will be just fine!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today was the end-of-year party for our K4 friends. They had all sorts of activities and yummy treats. There was an art gallery, too. Each teacher does seasonal decor outside her room, and these were some of the colorful ones I came across today. I didn't get to all the classes, but, they were just as cute.