Thursday, May 28, 2009


I had all my friends from school over for a pool party on Friday. It was rainy and mostly we just gazed at the pool...but, fun was had anyway. Here is the food...before we dug in. Thanks to my sister, Joy, it all came together like I planned.

TJ, Sherrie, Tonja, and Jeanna

Rhonda, Angel, Bonnie, Paula

Mary Alice, Tina Stephanie, Dawn, Brenda, Donell

Allison, Daronda, April, Katherine, Donell


Dawn, Lynne, Debbie, April

Special gift for Stephanie,in pink, who's moving on up to teach 1st grade.

"Oh, this water is cooooold!"

"Let's smile anyway, and get a picture, so we can still call it a pool party!"
Bonnie, Tonja, Katherine, Paula, Rhonda, Andi, Angel

"Now, KICK! Let's wet those wimps who wouldn't get in!"

Bonnie, Paula, Andi, Tonja, Katherine

"Hey...where did everybody go?"

Even though it was dreary outside, it was a sunny and warm inside. Friendship has a way of doing that, doesn't it? It brightens up dreary days, and drowns out the 'thunder' of life, and brings sunshine to the soul! These girls have brought 'sunshine' to my life and I hold them all in my heart. Let's do this again...SOON!


Gram said...

Loved seeing your checkered plates put to use! Love them

racheld said...


How do you DO it all? All that work, and just after the last program!!

And what a lovely crowd of friends, all smiling and enjoying the day together.

What's in all those wonderful dishes? I recognize several things, but I just KNOW it's a glorious Southern spread, and wish I knew what everything is. I miss that kind of party, with all the pretties laid out, and everyone happy and glad to be together.

Wonderful post.

nancygrayce said...

Great party! I love your pool! Is your deck tiled? I want to brick or tile mine......right before every bit of cool deck cracks off!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Funny that the *Lets Eat Out* sign is right there with all the food. We southerners sure know how to make a covered dish don't we?

Looks like you made the best of the pool situation. Besides, who wants to put on a bathing suit after eating all of that????

andi said...

So fun, even when one misses most of the "party." How did that cleanup go?????? LOL!! Thanks for my fun candle plates!!! Can't wait to enjoy to enjoy them~I'll think of you!

Tracey Kirksey said...

Tonja, your house is SO beautiful! You need to post a photo album on Facebook of each room so I can see! I love your style of decorating. You are so talented!

And can I just say that looking at the post about your retirement and how special the program was, each child bringing you a rose, then ending with! How special! Congrats on your retirement!

Miss ya! Let's get together sometime this summer!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great day! I was absolutely beautiful inside - forget about the weather!!!! Love you lots - Paula

jennifer said...

Here by way of the Alabama Bloggers Blogroll. Hello!

Looks like you ladies had a great time. As hot as it is today,, I imagine the pool feels PRET-TY good by now.

Rachel said...

Your house is GORGEOUS!! We need to have a blogger's pool party! ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog! Sorry about the Toms/Vera post - it really was meant all in fun, not really to be opinionated. I try to find the humor in everything, but sometimes to those who haven't been reading my blog for long enough to know that I don't mean it, I fear that it comes across harsh. At any rate, it wasn't meant so! :)

Sherrie said...

It was a fun day despite the rain and it has rained EVERY day since your party...uggh...ready for some sunshine!!!!!

Darby said...

This post makes me love the preschool even MORE!!!! And your house... oh Tonja... it looks delightful! The pool looks fabulous... I bet you got to actually use it today!