Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Alex had his first procedure this morning. I felt so at peace about this...even though I was not there to tell the doctor just how to do everything! Alex called and said it was over and told me a little about it. He said they put a metal contact over his eye, and then with a laser, cut tiny slits all around the eye. He said it hurt some, but he wasn't complaining at all. Just the beginning.

I expected to feel very conflicted this morning...with me here and the surgery center 200 miles away! But, God reminded me that He is the one that set this thing up. I, nor Don, had anything to do with it. It was all in God's timing. So, obviously, He knew I would be busy with my programs. He didn't see fit to arrange this when I could be present...and so be it. God's timing is perfect! Even though I was anxious to hear that all was well, I really felt a total peace. A peace that only God can give. And, if you are reading this and do not know how to find that peace...I would love to tell you more about it. It's for everyone...and it's FREE!

So, my first program was today. The sweet group of 3 year olds did very well! Of course, whatever they do is always cute! But, they sang and said their verses and poems, and it was very cute. 1 down and 3 to go!

This was especially fun today because several of these boys and girls go to church with me, too. And, Sweet Sophie, from China, was in her very first program today. She did great! What a long way she has come from the scared little girl who arrived here 8 months ago. She sat on stage, and sang, and did her part when it was time! Her mom, Sherrie, made a picture of her. I'll post it when I get it from her.

I'm waiting on Don and Alex to arrive and then, it's another big day tomorrow. I'll make some pics of the decor and share with you later.

Thanks all of you, for your prayers for Alex today. God is good! And you are special to me.

EDIT: Go here to see Sweet Sophie and myself after the program today. This is her mom's blog.


Darby said...

Rejoicing with you in Alex's successful surgery... can't wait for TOMORROW! :)

Musicaljean said...

That picture of you and Sophie is just precious! And so is the tribute Sophie's mom wrote to you. I feel so privileged to know someone like you.

So happy for Alex and the peace you had today.

nancygrayce said...

So thankful for his surgery! You're so right God's timing is perfect and so is His peace!!!

Sherrie said...

So glad that Alex is home safely and the surgery is over for now!!!!

See you tomorrow for another 3yo program :)

Gram said...

Glad everything went well. May God's peace continue to be with you.

justabeachkat said...

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! That's such wonderful news about Alex. He was on my mind just last night and I was praying for him. I'm glad the program went well. Little Miss Sophie is a doll!


Jillian, Inc said...

Glad to hear the good news on Alex and the program!

Sharon said...

Praise the Lord!!! God's timing is always perfect Amen!
Take care and know I am praying for you all.

Have a beautiful and blessed day :)

Southern Lady said...

Tonja, I'm so glad to hear Alex's surgery went well. Little Sophie is a precious little angel, and I know you and her mom were so proud of her.

Keep us posted on Alex ... I will remember him in my prayers.

Jennifer said...

I am so happy to hear that God has given you such peace about it. It is hard for us mom's to not be by our kids.