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Can I get a witness?????

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I'm just saying......

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I adore this picture. Notice the subtle difference in the shading of the blues on the shutters, the door, and the mailbox. The plaster appears to beginning to fall off the walls. And, it seems, some tenacious plant has insisted on growing right there by the doorway to welcome whomever may enter. Did it just shoot up through a crack in the sidewalk? No, it looks as if there is maybe a tiny plot of earth right beside the door. Since this seems to be the only thing growing, perhaps this cottage owner just grew tired of trying to garden there. But, 'life' is not held back by our giving up, is it? The strong will continue to grow and change as need be. And that which wishes to 'bloom' will find a way. This picture has such a sunbaked, hot feeling to it, yet, I still am drawn to find out what lies beyond those torn curtains left hanging in the window...of the door...of the little cottage of blues.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


This has been a busy week for me, as you can tell from the little time I have been visiting. Nothing personal...just a busy time of year for me. I am presently getting the children at our school ready for their spring programs and kindergarten graduation. Our K-3 will have two programs( 2 groups 35 in each), and our K-4 will have a program- 72 children, then K-5...68 children, and each one of these in K-5 have a separate part. So busy time indeed for me. Thanks to my dear boss I have had some help this year. Sweet Andi has been a godsend. I have also been designing the t-shirts (2), and getting the orders together for those...Andi handled that....she likes putting things into columns and adding them and totaling and making it all look nice and neat...me?....not so much. I'm just happy if I can get close to a number that vaguely sounds correct....I mean, there are so many other things that have to be done, but she can not continue to breathe in a normal and life sustaining manner unless it is correct! She's a dear! But, I know she would love to clean up my room and get it organized something fierce! None of this is complaining. I love my job. I love my boss, the teachers. the children...it is a God-filled place to work, and I am blessed!

It has not been a very good week for Alex. I have had to be right here as much as possible. He is having a horrible time right now, and I continue to beg and plead with God to hear our petitions. He hears, I know...and He WILL answer.

We did go to visit with our architect this week to pick out our doors, and the mortar wash for our brick, our flooring, and something else. Oh, it is so exciting! God is blessing us so! And we give him all credit for the chance to do this. Here is a picture from the street...with a big old trash container in the front...oh well.

This is a picture looking up into the ceiling of the den and dining room. I am intrigued by all the patterns and angles. But, then, it doesn't take much to intrigue me, either.

Joy took Mom back to B'ham for a follow-up Dr. visit. He was very pleased with her progress and says all looks well. Thank-you, Jesus! However, then they, along with Tara, Joy's daughter, decided to spend the night at the Wynfrey, no less...so they could conveniently shop till the stores closed. And get up the next morning and start when the stores opened. Can you believe that? I just don't know how they had the heart to do that knowing that I was back home working. And besides, they needed my expert opinion, I'm sure. I still haven't seen what they bought. Seriously, I'm thrilled beyond words that Mom felt like shopping...it has been so long since she has, and I am glad that Tara had a chance to spend time with her Mom and Granny. And I'm glad Joy didn't get lost! :)

Don and Adam rode their motorcycles up to Birmingham to the motorcycle races. They were able to be with Ian and spend time all together. Don even went to Pottery Barn to look at their leather chairs. They had a ball at the races, and the weather was perfect. If only Alex could have been with them...

Suzanne was out of school last week and she and Adam went to 'Tonja's Lake House and Retreat'...that is what Don named it...to spend a few days. They enjoyed fishing and boating...but Suzanne said it needed my touch. I still haven't been up to see it.

And Suzanne and I spent a few hours today running some errands. I do love having her for a DIL....that's Daughter in Love.

So, ends this week. God has been good to us and kept us all safe. I thank Him for our many blessings. One of which is friendship...and so I thank Him for YOU! Thank you for your kindnesses, your supporting words and your hugs which sometimes feel just like a hug from God himself. We are His hands, you know? And, in case, you're wondering....yes, I can feel your hugs when they are sent via blog.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


You did so well deciding what the little bird was thinking, I thought I would challenge your brain again. What could be going through this man's mind as he's staring at this funky wall? "My 4 year old could paint that.". or " Someone's got lots of explaining to do!", or "At least this time, they used pretty colors instead of ugly words." Tell me what you think he's saying....in your own words.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The Thirty Second Quiz
Author Unknown

Don't bother getting a pen and paper... just read... if you can't
answer them, just keep going.

1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.

2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners.

3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America contest.

4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer prize.

5. Name the last five Academy Award winners for Best Actor and Actress.

How did you do?

The point is, none of us remembers the headliners of yesterday. These are no second-rate achievers. They're the best in their fields. But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.

Now here's another quiz. See how you do on this one:

1. Name three teachers who aided your journey through school.

2. Name three friends who helped you through a difficult time.

3. Name five people who have taught you something worth while.

4. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special.

5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.


The lesson?

The people who make a difference in your life aren't the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They're the ones who care.

Monday, April 21, 2008


This one is dedicated to the vile and evil Mr.Blogger:

This one is dedicated to...well, I really think you can figure this one out for your selves:

This one is dedicated to to the world in general because I just think it's a handy bit of information for you to have.
And this one is just for general knowledge, you love cake...I love cake. Is there anything better than bakery birthday cake with lots of icing? Of course there isn't. Whoever made up that dumb rule is just that...dumb!
That's about all the honesty I can face today, my friends!

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What do you see in this picture?.....

a old stooped grandmother enjoying her granddaughter's preening?

perhaps the dad wondering, "how will I ever get these birdbrains through school?"

maybe a bird from a lower class in school who so admires the sisters and wishes
to be just like them, but they don't even know she's alive?

could this be their guardian angel thinking,"I'd better call in reinforcements!"?

What do YOU see?

Friday, April 18, 2008


Have you ever looked like this while putting on your panty hose? Come on...tell the truth...Well, the time has come to just admit it to the world..."I'M A QUEEN AND PROUD OF IT!".....there...now, doesn't that feel better. Well go take off that pair of too small panty hose and then you'll feel better!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


why the kitchen seems to be the smallest room in our new house.....

not that I am complaining or anything.....

I'm just saying...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


At this price, I can afford a head full! Sure hope they don't sell out before I find the location!

Monday, April 14, 2008

ADAM...Part 4

And, this was the beginning of our quest to help Adam. And, a long term relationship with Children's Hospital. We began meeting with a series of Doctors...pediatricians, oncologists, surgeons, counselors, hematologists. I am so blessed that I had some medical knowledge...so we were not flying completely blind. And, I acquired much more knowledge than I ever wanted.

The oncologists came into Adam's care as soon as he was out of ICU. And, this was a whole world I knew nothing about. They were following protocol from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Their research at that time indicated that removing the tumor was the only course of action in this type of cancer. Thus we began many long years of testing and waiting to see if the cancer returned. Many more 24=hour urine tests...it was not unusual to see a big carton of acid and urine in our refrigerator!
Blood work and x-rays of course...but the most horrendous and terrifying and hated was the bone marrow aspiration. The first one they did on him numbed me to the core. But for Adam, it was pure torture. I think they give some sedation now, but at the time...nothing. The first one they did, they laid him on his stomach, and proceeded to clean off a space at the base of his spine. Then they brought out the needle. Oh. My. Sweet. Lord. It was the biggest needle I had ever seen...big enough for the top to screw off and remove the core...leaving it hollow in the middle. Then the Dr. pressed the needle to his spine and leaned into it so as to push it into the center of his spine where the marrow was. This is nothing like a spinal tap where they go into the spaces between the bones...this was directly into the center of the bone. This was bad enough, but then they aspirated the marrow...and my baby screamed from a place that no one should ever have to go. And then it was over. He was clawing to get to me and I was so weak, I though I would pass out. The only bone marrow aspirations I had ever seen were done in surgery on a sedated patient. Never did I see anything like this in nursing school. I am shaking just typing this now...that horror will stay with me for ever. Don, being the good dad , wanted to be there for Adam and take some of the pressure off of me, said he would go with him for one of them. I told him no, that he really just should not, but he insisted. They picked him up off the floor after it was over and he never offered again. I would never have let any one else go, it was too gruesome. I later learned after doing some research on this procedure, that because there is such a vacuum in our bodies, when the marrow is aspirated through the needle, it feels as if everything inside of you is being sucked out through that tiny opening. Horrendous.
BUT...it brought GOOD NEWS! There was no evidence of cancer cells in the marrow! This was wonderful. We stayed in the hospital for about 2 weeks. I held up well, and was able to do everything that I needed to do for Adam. At this time in my life, I was suffering excruciating cluster migraine headaches that would sometimes last for 2-3 days. But, I did not have one the whole time we were there. We knew we were going home the next day, and that morning, I woke up with a severe migraine. I was in so much pain, I could not even walk...or even see straight. Don came to take us home, and I put Adam in the front seat with him. The Dr. gave me something to take, and I lay down in the backseat, and drifted in and out for the 4 hour trip home. I was not much better when I got home, and spent the next 2 days unable to get up. But, isn't it amazing that I never had one while I was in the hospital? This is when family and friends took over and helped get us through these difficult days.
We began a routine of visits back to Children's. At first weekly, then every 2 weeks, then monthly for a year, then every 2 months for another year. The next year found us going every 3 months, then every 6 months. And at over half of them they had to do another bone marrow aspiration. Can you imagine the horror of a little boy having to ride 4 hour in a car, knowing when he got there he was going to be tortured with this procedure? It mattered not how we tried to spin it, or help him forget it, or make promises for afterward. For the day before and the trip up, that was the only thing he focused on. We tried to not even let him know we were going until it was time to go, but he always could tell. My saint of a Mom would read, and sing, and hold, and tell stories, and tickle, and blow bubbles, and stand on her head....anything to keep him occupied as I drove. I could not have done it without her. God knew this and made it possible for her to be able to go with me and help me through this. She suffered as I suffered. And together, we tried to get Adam through this ordeal.
At the time Children's was not the big, nice facility it is now. It was a small, old building, with old equipment, that never looked clean. I'm sure it was, but it didn't feel clean, you know? I hated to go into the clinics where all the children were. Most of the parents were poor, and on welfare, and their children were always very dirty looking, as well as so sickly. The parents seemed so weary of it all...as if they could hardly go another step. Usually they had another 4 or 5 children in addition to the one with cancer. The waiting rooms were such depressing places. All the toys were broken, and the books were colored in or had the pages torn out as if no one had tried to control the children at all. It burdened my heart so. My Missions group at my church gathered books and toys several times and I would just take them with us and leave them there when we left. I still remember one little girl grabbing a book and running to her mother and saying,"Look, Mama, it's a new one and it's got all it's words still inside!". That little girl died about a year later. Now, Children's is a beautiful facility, with all the latest equipment to treat little ones. We used to be bused over to UAB of St Vincents. I am so happy for the children that came after us.
One of the changes I tried to make during my years staying there, was to increase their awareness of the out of town patient and family. When I would stay for weeks at a time, I had no where to take a bath, we could not use the patients bath, no where to keep my clothes, no where to wash our clothes, no way to leave Adam and go to the store for supplies, etc. I met with hospital officials several times, and voiced my dissatisfaction from the point of view of a parent from out of town. I am happy to say that now there are rooms just for parent to shower, washers and dryers just for parents, sitters to stay if you need to leave, and lockers to store things you need to keep with you. Much improvement.
Adam was closely watched for 10 years. He had some precancerous cells come up on the kidney, they were removed, and never came back. He then had some to come up on the back of his neck...they were removed, never to return. All the surgery did much damage to his pancreas and he has had to have major surgery on it twice. But, he is well, he is happy, he is alive, he is married, he is a photographer, he is a Sunday school teacher, he is a Christian, he LOVES THE LORD, he is my boy...and I love him!

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A very pleasant surprise today when the entire "B" Club received this award from our fellow "B", and charter member, Kat. Thanks, Kat. I appreciate all you do to make the blogging world a fun and exciting place to play!


This beautiful bird is a native of South Africa. It's colors will become brighter and more vivid depending on the weather conditions. They are about 14 inches in size. Nothing really remarkable about them except their beautiful coloration. Male and female are both so colored.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


This is what I saw when I went to see the house yesterday. Oh, My! It almost touches the sky! I didn't realize! I think the framework in and of itself is a beautiful thing. Look how precise each board is placed, at exactly the right angle. The look of the whole house depends on this. It amazes me how someone see this in their mind and can put it to paper and cause it to appear in real life. Probably because my mind can not see things like that. Ask me to write a song or a poem, or put together a program, and I'm your girl, but, don't dare ask me to put wood to wood and expect it to stay! I say, "if you can't glue it, don't do it!"

How wonderful God is that He made us all with differing talents. He made some of us who know just exactly which plant will bloom where and what kind of light and water and fertilizer it needs. I put out a plant and if it dies I know it doesn't go there. But, there are people who KNOW hese things. They know about zones and such. Some even attain such status as to be considered a Master Gardener!

There are those who can take a pair of scissors and cut slices of fabric into the oddest of shapes, then take them to a sewing machine and make a glorious creation worth thousands of dollars on the runway. I can still remember when I learned to thread my machine and sew a straight stitch. I was elated and felt like a real seamstress. That is still about all I can do. The bobbin thingy drives me crazy!

There are those that can put a little seed into the ground...a whole row of them actually, watch them sprout into vegetables, know exactly when to pick them, and are able to tell which one to shell and which to snap.( Aunt Marie, I really did think I had all the snaps in my pan!) Then take those beans in and cook them, adding in the perfect seasonings....serving them for supper with the perfect biscuits made from scratch....no measuring of anything! Tomorrow, taking the rest of those beans and canning them on the old stove in the kitchen to be eaten all thru the coming year. And doing the same with the peppers, and peas, and tomatoes, other things I forget. This is real cooking. And I have been so excited to find Steam Fresh Vegetables in the grocery stores lately that you just put in the microwave for a few minutes...zap it, and it's ready...but it's not the same.

There are those who can sit down at an instrument and become one with it. You cease to see that there are 2, you cease to see at all, you just hear the music...or rather, you feel the music. These people never have to look at the keys, they never have to worry whether a g# means 1/2 step to the left or right...they just know. It is part of their soul. They intuitivly know if the music is to be played pianoissimo or fortissimo...they FEEL it. I can play the piano, I took lessons for many years, and taught lessons for over 20 years...but I never felt that the piano and I became one. My sister, who is a superb pianist, is much closer to this than I will ever be. Our friend Pam, is there.

There are people who can actually take cars and motorcycles apart and put them back together again. All those little parts. Many, many parts. And, they HAVE to be in the right place or the vehicle will not move you. Each part does a different job and each part has many parts and they are all important and necessary. I have trouble getting my digital camera card out of the camera and into the computer and back into the camera again. I do it wrong every time!

I know this because I have seen it with my own two eyes. There are men and women who can open up your head and go into your brain to exactly the right spot and fix what is bothering you
and you can be well and whole again. They actually use a saw to cut a hole in your head! Then they glue it back, and soon all is well with you. I cannot put a bandaid on a cut with out the sticky sticking to itself before it gets on me!

Friend, God made us all different, and with different talents. It is a sad thing to me when I see that talents such as doctors or architects or lawyers are revered more highly than those with the talent for fixing your car or planting your yard or building your house. Why do we do this? Our society as a whole does it, and I think it is a shame! Personally, I think teaching should be the most highly esteemed profession....but what do I know? I'm just a teacher. Our beautiful world could not run as efficiently as it does if we did not have those who are skilled and talented in the 'menial' jobs. Could you fix your air conditioner when it goes out this summer? Do you know what to do when your whole front lawn gets an icky fungus? Would you know what to do with 4 hampers of peas...right now...to keep them from spoiling? Could you come and help the builders on my house...I really do want to be in by Christmas!!! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Are you in a stressed out state?......

Well it happens to all of us. Everyone has their own individual level of how much stress they can take, and how well (or not so well) they handle stress and pressure.

To determine how much mental stress a person can handle, doctors use a stress test which is made up of these three pictures. Look at each one and see what you notice about them. Don't rush it, give each picture a full 30 seconds. It will help if you will click on each picture separately to enlarge and isolate it.

OK...what did you notice? "Moving", you say? You think the pictures are moving?
Are they moving fast or slow?
WELL...they are NOT moving! No they really are not! But, you are not crazy.
You see, your brain is not able to focus on every aspect of the image, because it has too many corresponding sections, so it makes your eyes bounce back and forth trying to assimilate all of the visual data.

And it makes your brain subconsciously "frustrated". The more the image appears to be moving, the more you can NOT handle being under a lot of stress and pressure. So, if it is moving fast, you're not handling your stress well. If it is moving slowly, you are still in control. Whew!

It should be noted too, that people like criminals, (certainly none of my readers) and those who have very stressful jobs see the above three images as moving extremely fast, and everything is spinning crazily. Hope that's not you. If so, you need a vacation! Most senior citizens and children see them as NOT moving at all.
Just so you know...they DO move for me. The third one moves the most, but it still is pretty slow. Of course, I am not surprised, I've always known my brain was
subconsciously frustrated! :) How's yours?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yep! That was me! When I left school yesterday, I had to go and see about getting the shirts printed up for my school programs. That is always mildly stressful because, I really am not an artist...I do a fairly good job of pretending, but it is work. So, when designing shirts that a whole school will wear and another for all the Moms, I want it to be just right. I always know in my head exactly how I want things to look, but I can not always get it transferred to the paper. One of the teachers at school, Courtney, is always ready to help me. She should be doing the whole thing actually, because, she is a real artist. Thanks for the help, Courtney! And, my dear friend and director at school Bonnie, has so graciously gotten me some help this year 2 days a week. Probably because she knew I was going to have a total meltdown and scare all the kiddies. But, now I have sweet Andi coming to help me and she is a dear! She is a mom to 3 boys and a real bundle of energy. And so opposite from me. Thank goodness! I am just so scattered , but Andi has got me or-gan-ized! WOW! She has gotten all my programs run off, put in folders, labelled, given out, parts run off, highlighted, given out,...she's the best. And, she spent 2 days last week coloring flip-flops for me because I could not ever decide I liked the colors. So, she colored, and colored, and colored. She wants it perfect...I want it good. She wants it lined up in order, even numbers...I want it askew, and odd numbered. We make a perfect team! Thanks Andi! And, thanks Bonnie for being the most understanding boss anyone could ever have, always full of grace and mercy, ad kindness!
All that is not even what I was going to blog about. While I was there, Don called and said he was at the new house and I needed to come out there...now. So I did!
He was very concerned that Alex's suite was not going to be big enough. That we had made it too small. And the more he talked, the more he convinced me. And by the time I left, I was in tears. Why had I not paid attention and made sure it was big enough? How did I let this happen? Now, I really do have complete faith in our architect. He is terrific and knows how important it is to us that Alex have a wonderful place to live. No one believes me, but I really do want this house as much for Alex as I do for myself! Anyway, how could Bill have drawn the plans too small? He knew what all Alex needed. I was in a high level of distress. Don called Alex and told him I left there upset and asked was I home? So, that got Alex upset. He does not want anything bothering his mama. I just drove. Turned off my phone and drove...for about 30 minutes, then headed home. Don called as soon as I got in and said we were to be back at the house to meet with Bill at 4:00. He would pick me up. I was not in any state of mind to go anywhere. But, when he blew the horn, I got in the truck. And off we went.
Bill was waiting for us. Don told him our concerns...well, he made me tell him our concerns. Then Bill patiently explained to us exactly how large the space really was, and just how he had designed it so everything would fit in just perfect. Alex will have a den, bedroom, kitchen and bath, and closet. A built-in bed and bookcase wall unit with lights and speakers. He will have a couch and 2 chairs, a desk and TV and table and chairs in the den. He will have a full size bathroom...all handicap accessible, so that if need be, he can use a wheel chair in every area.
All is well. It is turning out just like Bill designed it. It is Don and I who are freaking out! Actually, I think it is more Don than me, but don't tell him I said that.
Finally made it home. Explained it all to Alex..and I went to bed. Alex had a very rough night and we were up several times. He was in terrific pain and could not get comfortable at all. I called in and did not go to work today because I was up so much last night. Say a prayer for Alex if you will...he really needs it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm just saying.

Monday, April 7, 2008

ADAM.....Part 3

After we got settled into a room, Beth and Don left to find a motel nearby. Don was so sick...throwing up and such. I really didn't want him to be around Adam in case he was contagious. They immediately began working on Adam...more x-rays, blood work, scans, another 24 hour urine collection. The plans were for Mom and Pop and Don's Mom to come up the next day. The surgery was scheduled for 6:00 AM. They were planning to be there by then. I met with the surgeon and liked him a lot. Adam was still sick from his ear infection and cold, and during the night, he spiked a fever of 103. After this, the DR. came back and said he would put the surgery off til the next day due to his high temp. So, I called Don and told him to just sleep in the next morning and called the family to tell them not to rush to get to the hospital.

As I sat there in that room, I prayed so hard. What was going on? Is this real? Am I dreaming? All I wanted to do was run...fast and far. I remember asking God to take control of this situation. I had my Bible and kind of clung to it like a life preserver. I would open it and read, and pray, and read...and wait. I asked God to tell me what to do...to let me know He was there...to save us from this nightmare. I wanted to hear His booming voice saying it was all taken care of. But, I didn't hear that. I didn't hear anything. I wondered what was to come...I wondered if God even heard what I was saying. I was not nearly as strong in my faith at that time as I am now, and this was a sure test of that faith. Finally, I dropped off to sleep, and at about 6:00, the surgeon came in. "Mrs. Owens", he said, "I have a feeling that I need to operate on your boy...now! I never operate on a child with fever like this, but my gut tells me to get in there now. Will you give your permission." Well, what a way to wake up! "I have spent the greater part of the night praying", I said,"so if you feel that strongly, then I feel like the Lord is leading you." So, I gave permission, and he picked up my little boy in his arms and off they went...down the hall, onto the elevator...and away. Just like that. I had no time to call Don, or family, or God. I had to make a decision right then and there and pray it was the right one. What a feeling it was to be there and know my baby was in a fight for his life. They had told us the night before that his type of cancer...ganglioneuroblastoma...was usually discovered during the first year of life...the later it was discovered, the greater the likelihood that it had spread. They said we would be lucky to have him for a year. A lifetime can not be crammed into a year.

I quickly called Don and Beth and the parents, and they spread the word. They all began to make their way to the hospital. I had to give up our room and go to the intensive care waiting room to wait. All our belongings packed up, and moved with me, into a little room that came to be a "hell on earth" to me. This was in 1978, so the smoking rules were non existent. This dungeon like room was dark and had chairs all along the outer walls and a row down the middle. There was very little room to walk. Some of the people had been staying there for weeks, so they had little homesteads set up. People asleep on the floor, in chairs...and more than half of them smoking. No windows in this room....just a coffee machine, 2 televisions, about 30 people, 1 pay telephone, and enough cigarettes to circle the globe. I have never been so miserable in all my life. And, there was no other place to wait unless you sat on the floor in the hall. When they would go get food the odors of the food would float on the smoke and stay there for hours. Hell-on- earth. But, this was the only place we could stay for the next 4 days. So we did. These people were in the same position I was. They were hurting, too. Their children were fighting for life just like mine. Being so young myself, there was much I didn't know about human nature. Things like desperately ill children can bring out the worst in people and families...or it can cause you to cling together and draw strength from each other. It causes some to lose every bit of dignity they have. Some lose all restraint, and don't care what they say or do...or who is nearby. What I observed those days sitting in that waiting room taught me much about people...a real lesson in life.

Don got to the hospital while Adam was still in surgery, so he was there when the dr. came out to tell us the news. He said, "When I opened Adam up, I could see the tumor. It was on the adrenal gland. It was visibly bulging and could have burst at any moment. I think we got it out still encapsulated. But, if we had waited another hour or two, it would have been too late. He could have died from the tumor bursting, and if not it would have sent the cancer all over his body. We did the right thing." Friends, I hugged Don, I hugged the Dr., and I sent a hug right up to God! It was so evident to me that I had just seen God at work. This was the first of many, many lessons I would learn about letting God be God and following His will. The first of many.

Adam went straight to ICU, and when we went to see him, he looked so pitiful...my heart was torn in two. He had no clothes on and was crying for someone to put his diaper on. He was not completely potty trained and still wore a diaper at night. He had 2 drains coming from his abdomen, a tube down his nose and IV in both arms. Now, he was and had always been a thumb sucker. He arms were restrained and he was unable to get to his thumb. All he would say was ,"Put on my diaper or give me my thumb." I got the nurse to give me a diaper and I laid it open on top of his bottom. They could not put it on him because of the incision. But that satisfied him. Then they let me hold him and while I held him, he could suck his thumb. What a comfort for him. When they found out that I was a nurse, and was not going to freak out , they moved him into a little side room sort of by itself, so that I could stay with him more. When the Dr. came in, a few hours later, Adam said, "please give me my thumb." The Dr. looked to me and I asked Adam if he would promise not to pull at the tube in his nose. I told him if he did we would have to tie his hands back down. "I pwomise, Mommy", he said. We untied his hands, and he never once tried to pull it out. Boy that was the best medicine in the world for him at that moment. He was able to sleep and rested quieter for the rest of the time. We spent the next 4 days there...parents, family, friends...pulling together for the life and well being of this little boy. Watching God work,,,feeling the strength only He possesses...knowing the peace that only He can give.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I do not know where this is or anything about it at all. I just think it is a beautiful way to incorporate a window. Very unusual, don't you think?
Jesus said,"In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am." John 14:2-3

Saturday, April 5, 2008


The new drug I reported about on 4/4, totally works. I was more than happy to test it for everyone, so you could feel safer using it. And, it is amazing! I am clear headed, and feeling rested and relaxed! Wow! What if I had bought 2 pairs? Here they are...$19.99 at Goody's...Union Bay Brand.

More crazies coming out of the woodwork. Lynne in GA. confesses to the 'list crazies', too. I feel better now, don't you, Crazy Jean?
The builders finished pouring the foundation on the house. And it has rained ever since! Come on now, weather people, lets get some sunshine down here in the 'sunny south'.
Mom has had a rough week. It seems she picked up a stomach virus this week(probably when we spent the day in the ER last week). So, she has been battling that, as well as recovering from her surgery and bronchitis. But yesterday she said she was feeling stronger. Mom is not one who likes to lounge around and take it easy...which is what she is having to do. Hang in, Mom. Every day is one step closer to recovery! Then we'll celebrate! I love you!
Pop, who is 82, has been treating a very bad burn on his leg. He got it riding his dirt bike in the woods...when he fell...and the motorcycle fell on top of him! And you wonder where I got the 'CRAZY' DNA? He didn't tell us about it for a while, but when he showed it to me, I was appalled. Friends, he had been walking around with a third degree burn on his leg for over a week! About the size of a credit card. I insisted he go to the Dr. and he did and they sent him to another Dr. who thought they may have to do skin grafts! But, thank God, it is healing, and will not require the grafts. Pop, be careful...I love you!
I recieved this award this week from my dear friend, Kat. How sweet of you to think of me. Kat is one of my long-time blogging buddies and also a charter member in the "B" Club. She is just as precious in person as she is on her blog!

And, I choose to pass it on to:
Too Wonderful For Me
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I was tagged by Robin to list 15 random things about myself. Here goes:

1. Random is a good word to describe me. I am always starting one thing and before finishing, starting another...and another. If you look around my house you'll see little piles of started and unfinished projects. That is why Donald has added a studio to our new house....a place to store my piles...and make new ones!

2. I love..LOVE ... LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper! It's the best! And I drink way tooooo many.

3. My favorite color combination is black and white! And just a touch of something bright for accent. I like it in clothes, in shoes, in art, in decorating, in everything!

4.I love rusty things...rusty anything! I think the color and shading is beautiful and unlike anything a painter can capture. I also love the verdigris patina that copper takes on. It is such a 'natural' process, and fun to watch. (Yes I know you can't actually 'watch' it happen, but it's neat to see it evolve over time.) I have actually bought things for my home and then put them outside for a few months to get some character!

5. I am very frightened of lightning. VERY! I do not like it! And I know it is from God and necessary in the grand scheme of things, but I just wish it would never happen around me! EVER!

6. I have a clock that is very difficult to set. So, I don't. I just have to remember that it is right only during daylight savings time!

7. I have stacks of books that I have not read. I fully intended to at the time, but just haven't yet. At least I will have something to put in our new library.

8. I do not like to sit in the back of the church. I usually sit on the 3rd or 4th row....if I get in there first from Sunday School. If Donald gets there first, we sit about 7 or 8 rows backs. He is 6'2"...I am 5'1".....plus, I get very distracted if there is anything between me and the preacher...and I need to hear everything he is saying!

9. I love to make lists. And I love to cross things off of lists...if I don't lose the list and have to make another one. Which sometimes happens...and when I find the first list, I can really confuse myself. Which is not a good thing...for someone who is easily confused. If I forget to put something on my to do list...and I do it anyway..I will write it on the list just so I can cross it off. My crazy friend Jean does this, too. So there is crazy in AL and PA.

10. I love listening to music by Beethoven. It speaks to my soul, and to my heart. The notes are like words I need to hear. Music is a beautiful thing!

11. My favorite scene from nature is a bare tree against a grey sky. It's branches are like beautiful architecture.

12. I know these last 2 things make me sound like a much deeper thinker than I am. And I maybe could be a deeper thinker if I was not spending so much time looking for lists, and waiting for rust to happen!

13. On the days when I plan to run away from home, I call the airlines and check on the cost of a flight to Maui. I always change my mind before I give them my card number...but....one day.........

14. I think sunflowers...the giant ones...are magnificent!

15. My sister likes to think she can boss me around...but she can only boss me around when I NEED to be bossed around. Like yesterday. Thanks, Sis.
WHEW! Now you know way more about me than you ever wanted to know, and I realize I'm just a more 'off-center' than I thought!
I am tagging: Crazy Jean in PA. and Jennifer.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I really did have a Dr. visit yesterday. And he did talk to me about some things I need to do. I was trying to pay close attention...but sometime what I hear you say is not exactly what you meant. HOWEVER...I am fairly certain that this was what he said...or at least what he meant! Anyway, it pays to follow your Dr.'s advice. And I am a very good patient!

Have a great week-end!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ADAM.....Part 2

This was a long night and I didn't sleep very much. Early the next morning, our Pastor, Ken Harrison, came by. Pouring out my heart to him, I said how unfair this was and maybe I had done something to cause God to punish my baby. He was a fiery, old-time country preacher, and he jumped up and shook his finger in my face. "Don't you ever let me hear you say that again", he said,"that is not the way God does things. If you needed punishing, God would punish you. This is happening and God will be the One to see you through!" I knew his words were true, but I was at a loss to find some sense in this crisis.

The plans were made to send us on to Birmingham. When we finished with the 24 hour urine collection, we were on our way home. I found out later that the type of tumor that Adam had puts out a certain substance and it always show up in a 24=hour collection, and it did in Adam's case. When we got to our house, it was full of friends. They had a meal for us, and were there to love on us and give us support. We packed and quickly ate, then joined our hands in a circle and had prayer. My sweet, sweet Aunt Katherine who was like a second mother to me...not really an aunt, but so much more than a friend....prayed for us all. People...she and Jesus were real tight. They talked often, and she went boldly to Him and asked for healing. It was as if we all had a taste of the glory of the Lord that day...He filled my den and wrapped us all up in his tender loving arms. A feeling I will never forget. Aunt Katherine lives with Jesus now and I know she is one happy lady to be with her Saviour every day. I miss her, her kind ways, and her quiet wisdom.

Don was having major stomach problems through out this time. Virus...nerves? I think it was a little of both. Remember we were young, He was 27 and I was 25...just younguns' ourselves. His sister, Beth, drove us to Birmingham. Time was of the essence, so they told us to go quickly, but safely. Don was crashed in the backseat and Beth, Adam and I were in the front. We pulled up at Children's Hospital about dark. Don was so ill, so I checked us in while Beth took care of Adam. Then they gave us papers and told us to report to the 6th floor. We got in the elevator and I felt like the closing doors were sealing me in a tomb of despair. When the doors opened, we got off and there were 2 little guys pushing IV poles...laughing and playing,,,but no hair. Here comes a mother pulling a child down the hall in a wagon. The child was very ill and not smiling at all...neither was the Mom. Walking down the hall, looking into rooms, were children in various stages of cancer...some crying, some playing...but all without hair. I freaked! I turned around and went back to the elevator with Adam and got inside and pushed the bottom floor button. When we got out I went straight outside. My plan was to get in the car and go home. I guess I thought if I didn't stay, it wouldn't happen. Crazy, huh? I think that was when the reality of the situation hit me...and I realized my baby was going to be one of those on that hall. Beth and Don followed me and by the time they arrived, I had pulled it together. Don just put his arm around me and Beth took Adam, and back up we went. And this time, when those doors closed, I had resigned myself to get through the coming weeks. My worst fears were about to come true. My baby and I were getting off this elevator to fight for his life.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Just went by to see the house...and We. Have. Wood! Only 1/2 of the foundation is poured, but they are already framing it. Still looks so small...but the builder just laughs at me when I say that.


April Fool's Day...a day for jokes and pranks, and having a laugh!

An atheist complained to a Christian friend, "You Christians have your special holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. Jews celebrate their national holidays, such as Passover and Yom Kippur. But we atheists have no recognized national holidays. It's unfair discrimination."

His friend replied, "Why of course you do, didn't you hear? It's on April 1 !!!"
I suppose it is only fair...even Maxine agrees! Check it out....

They can celebrate this.....


God has said:

2 Peter 3:9 says "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

Galatians 6:7 "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting."