Sunday, April 20, 2008


What do you see in this picture?.....

a old stooped grandmother enjoying her granddaughter's preening?

perhaps the dad wondering, "how will I ever get these birdbrains through school?"

maybe a bird from a lower class in school who so admires the sisters and wishes
to be just like them, but they don't even know she's alive?

could this be their guardian angel thinking,"I'd better call in reinforcements!"?

What do YOU see?


RealEstateGirl said...

I see a bird not intimidated by her surroundings and not afraid to stand out in the crowd! She's an individual! Tweet-tweet! Hear me chirp!

Musicaljean said...

She's their old music teacher, and she's sitting there thinking, "I just love these birds. I'm going to clip their wings so they can't fly away."

LivingTheLife said...

I think it looks like Maria ...before she became Mrs. Van Trap and she just taught them how to sing...and she is wondering if they will ever STOP!!!lol

BTW..The Sound of Music is one of my all time favorite movies...yes...I'm a sap...for musicals, children who are about to have an evil step-mother, singing nuns...and one Mr. Christopher me that is one dreamy gentlemen...when he sang "Adelweise?" I was ver-klemp for days!


Anonymous said...

i wish i was a blonde!