Sunday, April 27, 2008


I adore this picture. Notice the subtle difference in the shading of the blues on the shutters, the door, and the mailbox. The plaster appears to beginning to fall off the walls. And, it seems, some tenacious plant has insisted on growing right there by the doorway to welcome whomever may enter. Did it just shoot up through a crack in the sidewalk? No, it looks as if there is maybe a tiny plot of earth right beside the door. Since this seems to be the only thing growing, perhaps this cottage owner just grew tired of trying to garden there. But, 'life' is not held back by our giving up, is it? The strong will continue to grow and change as need be. And that which wishes to 'bloom' will find a way. This picture has such a sunbaked, hot feeling to it, yet, I still am drawn to find out what lies beyond those torn curtains left hanging in the window...of the door...of the little cottage of blues.


Ang baylis said...

That's soooooooo beautiful, Tonja!
God will make a way! I wonder where you find these pictures?
Hope you are having a good Sunday!
Angie xoxo

justabeachkat said...

I love the photo too. It does make you want to know "the rest of the story".


Musicaljean said...

I always feel sad when I see places that are abandoned. It does make one wonder what it looked like when it was someone's happy home and where the grandchildren of those people are now and why it was left to sit empty and uncared for.