Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have been working on a grouping of family pictures, and today, I finished. I have looked long and hard to find the pictures to display. Sadly, there does not seem to be a single formal picture of my maternal grandparents anywhere. And, I haven't found but a few of them taken together. So, for that one, I was forced to blow up a snapshot. I checked with all my aunts while we were in NC last month, and they did not have one either. I actually was surprised that my paternal grandparents had one made. I do not even have one of Don's grandparents at all.

If you are fortunate to still have your parents or grandparents, encourage them to sit for a portrait. Or, at least, get some good snapshots. You can hire a professional photographer to come to your house and make them, if you'd like. Future generations will want them. Last year, I got Adam to go to Mom and Pop's house and take pictures of them in their yard and in their rockers on the porch, and in their house. I am so happy that I have these. Also, if you have a big family gatherings of some sort, hire a photographer for an hour or so. The memories you capture will be priceless one day.


Just a little decorating tip...
If you have a small space that needs to be filled, here's a way to fill it without spending much money. This little table is actually a bar stool! This is one of those cheapo kind that you can get at any discount store. This one happens to be approx. 30 inches high. Now, the cover is a 70 inch round tablecloth. See, it fits perfectly! This cloth came from W*l-M*rt for $12.00. If you like the look, you can change out the cloths for the seasons. Stacked on top are decorative boxes from the party store. I store the small ornaments for fall inside. But, it would look just as well with books, or a plant or candle. Yes, I know the boxes aren't straight...but they will be!


New release...Amazon...$9.99
You remember Chynna Phillips from the group Wilson Phillips? Well, she is married to one of the Baldwin brothers. This CD is all Christian music, and the music is all quite nice. It is also available at Lifeway, W*l M*rt, and T*rget.


I am getting ready for a special happening at my house on Saturday. Suzanne and Patty are giving my niece, Tara, a baby shower. She is pregnant with a baby boy. His name is John Thomas.

I have had fun gathering all the decorations for the shower...and I can hardly wait to share the decor with you. Tara was recently admitted to the hospital for a week, due to High Blood Pressure. So, work is finished till after her sweet boy is born.


And, on a personal note...Thanks Princess Shirley, for calling to check on me today. Knowing that you are thought of and missed is a wonderful feeling. Thanks for caring! (She thought I must be sick since I had not posted all week!) Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!


Donna said...

You can never have too many pictures. Over the years I have taken so many pics and actually have them organized for scrapbooking.
Fortunately after my dad passed away I found so many family pics from years ago that I am scanning and putting on my computer. They go back generations. I never knew he had so many pics.
Since my daughter, Amber passed away I am so thankful that I have sooo many pics of her! I will always cherish them. I have them all over the house. They bring me such comfort during this difficult time of my life.

Kat said...

Your wall of photos looks very nice. I have one too and love it.


Dianne said...

Well hey...I can add my name to the people that were concerned??!! I checked in yesterday at lunch and thought it a bit odd myself that you hadn't posted anything, so can I have a special place in your heart too???? :-) Seriously, your decorations look great and I love the family photos. I'm sure you really are thrilled you had those made of your mom and dad last year...what a blessing!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great pics. You did a fab job on the family collage...but then you always have excellent taste in decorations.

The bar stool idea is great for a small nook.

Love Being a Nonny said...

WE DID have pics made a few years ago. I am so thankful for them. Love your picture wall. I have pics going up my stairs. Get to see them every night at bedtime!!!

Sure have missed your posts lately. Glad to see all is well.

Just Breathe said...

Picture wall looks wonderful. Have fun at the baby shower, they are the best!

Jennifer said...

I learned the hard way to get pictures of older loved ones. When my MIL passed away I had a terrible hard time finding a picture of her with my youngest daughter. It broke my heart. I have since been bringing my camera to all family get-togethers and I ignore family members who tell me they don't want their picture taken. Wink!