Wednesday, May 30, 2007


A few weeks ago I saw a meme going around about shopping mall, and picking the stores you would want in it. No one tagged me, so I decided to take the idea and put my own slant on it. I have always wanted to own a shop for the stylish and fun-loving woman. Not just clothes, but shoes, bags, jewelry,gifts and who knows what else. In my dreams, I will build a large department store, and here is the line-up of floors.

!st. floor: FACE IT!...a selection of beauty items...make up, my Niven Morgan scents, hair
2nd. floor: BOTTOM'S UP!...a selection of the finest lingerie...including Spanx, and all cotton
underwear, cute things in ALL sizes.
3rd. Floor: LET'S PLAY DRESS UP!...pant, tops, dresses, and other clothing items...stylish
in every size.
4th. floor: SOLE SISTER!...only the cutest shoes in styles for every age woman, sneakers,
heels, athletic, flats, and FLIP-FLOPS
5th. floor: CARRY ON!...the finest collectiom of handbags available...small, large, totes,
shoulder bags, REASONABLE prices
6th. floor: EMBELLISHMENTS!...every thing you need to add the finishing touch to an outfit...l
scarves, jewelry...real and costume, hose, socks,etc.
7th. floor: TREASURES! shop...for any occasion and for any age...even gifts for yourself..

8th. floor: HOMEWORK!...home decor and accessories, linens for bed and bath

9th. floor: EYES AND EARS!...a selection of the finest books...all kinds except naughty
a selection of the best in music...but NO rap or heavy metal
10th. floor: LET'S EAT! there will be a P.F.Chang's, a Cheesecake Factory, an Olive
Garden, a Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop, and a Godiva Chocolate
store...and a Sonic.

Would you like to shop in my department store? want to know the name of the store? .....Why...GATHERINGS, of course. A gathering of all the best!


RealEstateGirl said...

Tonja, I LOVE this! You are so creative! I think it would be a perfect "mall" idea!

I'll spend my time on the 10th floor! Yummy! All that talk of food has made me quite hungry!

Penless Thoughts said...

I linked to you from Tracey's site. Hope you don't mine. That was a cute post. I suppose with all the delicious food on the 10th floor we could WALK down and burn it off!!

Lynne said...

I know you're in Alabama, but could you open another mall here in Atlanta? Perfect place to shop! Steer me to the 9th floor - elevator going up!!

justabeachkat said...

Sounds absolutely perfect. Every single floor!

Dianne said...

VERY cute post!

Musicaljean said...

What a GREAT place to shop!! I think I would start at the top and then walk down each flight as I shop to burn off the calories. Can you put a little snack shop on the first floor too, because after I'm all done shopping I would probably be starving again and I most likely wouldn't have time to go back up to the tenth floor!