Sunday, December 21, 2008


1. There are 1 million boxes in the Creek House and current house.

2. There were 2 million boxes moved today...go figure.

3. It is doubtful that we will have any room for furniture in the Creek House.

4. I am fairly certain, however, that I can build a nice table and chairs out of the million boxes I have in my possession.

5. There is still more packing to be done at current house. I found out...TODAY...that the movers will NOT pack my china. They also will NOT pack my books. They will , however, MOVE them...if they are in a box.

6. The movers are coming tomorrow.

7. Pray for my sanity...and my back.

8. I could not have gotten this far without my friend, Tina. She deserves an award for going above and beyond the call of friendship. I am going to make her a very nice surprise...out of a box...and then I'll wrap a box.

9. I hope I never see another box after this.

10. Yes, I have gone off the deep end....but it's OK....I landed on a BOX!


Musicaljean said...

Humor in the midst of it all, Tonja. You're the best.

Ang baylis said...

You made me laugh first thing this morning! Praying for your sanity and for your back!

Much Love,
Angie xoxo

nancygrayce said...

Would you like it in a box?? Good thing you can keep you sense of humor. I'll be praying for your back!

Mrs. Breezy said...

i might could take some of those boxes off your hands and send them on to Iraq. How does that sound?