Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It is Wednesday evening and I have just sat down to rest. I know...I said I was going to sleep all day, BUT...I should have known better!
My program went very well last night. The children sang their best...well, most of them, anyway. A few had to act out, as usual, but overall, I was very pleased. It is strange how from year to year there is a different 'feel' to the class as a whole...actually 4 classes. This class has always been a little reserved. And some years, it seems as if they all are high energy. But, whatever, they are all precious. It is a privilege indeed to be able to help guide their steps. Our program this year was called "Follow the Shepherd". It is one of my favorites. I wrote 3 of the songs and 3 poems for it, and the rest I compiled. After the program, our director, Bonnie, presented me with this beautiful painting! How will look perfect in my new house! And look at that frame! Thanks so much, Bonnie! You, and my new painting, are fabulous!

This is my friend, Debbie, who is my pianist and dear friend! She is a mighty prayer warrior and we seem to see most things the same way...the world is full of 'crazies' and they all need to come to us for advice! She is a pastor's wife, and she would NEVER say that, but I will! Forgive me, Deb. :)

This is my new friend, Andi, who has been an aide for me the past few months. She is a breath of fresh air and a boost to my spirit. She has helped me tremendously, as well as shared 2 of her 3 little boys with me! I am blessed by her so often.

So, since I was so wiped out yesterday and last night, I did not finish cleaning out my room. Nor, did I get my things to my car that I needed to bring home. SOOOOO, I had to go in this morning and get that completed. Ian and Adam came by to load it up for me, and finally, I was through.

I managed to get into the car to head home, and our friend, Ron, called to say the new cars were in and my lease was up. I needed to come in today and look. So, Don picked me up and off we went to the Honda dealership. I have been driving a Pilot for several years, but the new ones are larger and it costs so blamed much to put the 'go juice' in them, that Don really wanted me to go with something smaller. So, I drove a CRV and then an Accord. I picked the CRV because I am just not ready to give up my SUV and having that extra space. So, tomorrow, I will go and pick up my new car. I had several colors to choose from, but settled on a new, funky green. Haven't seen any others this color. I'll show you a pic tomorrow. Now I have to go and clean out all the stuff in the inner recesses of the Pilot. YUCK!

OK...while we were there...Don got a call we needed to go check on something at the, off we went to see about that. Here is a picture of the outside you can see the mortar wash. I think it is going to be very pretty, especially when accented with another tone a little darker.

THEN...can you believe there is another THEN?...Ian met us at the new house and was starving! Moving is such hard work. and he has been unloading this truck for 2 days.
He is all moved in, except for stocking his kitchen. But, he and his roommate are leaving on their road trip to NYC Sunday, and all his cash is in lock-down mode. So, off we went for a late lunch. How very handy to live in the same town as Mom and Dad...!

NOW, I am home and sitting on the bed...filling you all in on my day. I will make no predictions on tomorrow...because I would most likely be wrong. But, soon...very soon...I am going to have that 'day of rest!'


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Oh my word, a whirlwind, indeed! The end of the school year is so hectic. Two more days for us. I loved the photos...darling t-shirts!

Musicaljean said...

I certainly haven't found any rest yet either. But I too know it's coming one of these days.

Dianne said...

I love reading your posts, Tonja. You are so funny, full of life and are just great! Let me know what you think about that know that's my 'dream car'!

Anonymous said...

Ok, now that painting was from all of us who love you dearly and it was your fabulous friend from the front desk who picked it out! Get some rest, girlfriend!!

Bonnie :-

Anonymous said...

P. S. Are there zebras in that U Haul???

justabeachkat said...

It sounds like you need to "schedule" your rest day. I used to (half way) tease that I didn't have time for a nervous breakdown until I could work it into my schedule. LOL

Love your painting, cute photos and the mortar wash looks real good.


nancygrayce said...

Oh, I wanted a CRV, but I'm staying with my paid for olds bravada. I'm like you, I like my SUV.....for one thing I like sitting up a little higher. I "plan" rest days, but it just never seems to work out!

Kristen said...

Anna Clare says Enjoy your summer and Rest Rest Rest!!!

Lynne said...

Lady, sit down and REST!

The picture and frame are beautiful. And I love your T-shirts!

So that's mortar wash! Basically, it's like painting the bricks but much lighter so that the actual feel of the brick shows through? And some of the actual brick color too? It's going to look great.

Can't wait to see your new car! You need to drive it over here to Atlanta some day - there are lots of stores where you can get goodies to fill it up!

Anonymous said...

LOL----Rest! :)