Friday, May 2, 2008


Just a little week-end humor! How matchy-matchy are you?


Robin said...

So cute. I always love hearing from you. Hope you have a good weekend.

justabeachkat said...

I'm not a matchy matchy girl!

Have a wonderful weekend.

nancygrayce said...

I'm afraid I'm a matchy girl! I always think the shoes should match the top and the purse should be an appropriate color for the outfit. It's a curse, I tell you, a curse! But it sure makes you buy a lot of shoes :)

LivingTheLife said...

When everything you own is BLACK or goes with's not hard being "matchy-matchy"...keeping it simple...that's the only way to go. Now...I do have some other colors to add some "pop" (tops and such)...but I really do have several pairs of black pants, black skirts, black capris...even black dresses and drives my sister CRAZY!! She always says when we shop together...oh...lookey...just what you need...ANOTHER black skirt...hummmm...isn't she rude??? LOL...I do like black...its not only slimming...but it goes with most anything! I guess I'm just boring...I do have jeans (no black ones, either) and other things...but I am always drawn to black...but I do see myself starting to deviate a little from that chocolate brown has become so popular (shocking, I know!)...yes, now I have many black and brown clothing pieces...Makes for easy decisions (I'm hoping to graduate to other colors one day, soon...then I'll have tons of every color in my closet...all grouped together in colors and in order of their're worried NOW!!)... I don't always HAVE to buy matching accessories...b/c most likely I have them already!!! So does that make me MATCHY-MATCHY or just LOOPY-LOOPY???

Blessings...I love your sense of humor...we could get into so much trouble together!!


LivingTheLife said...

OH!! and for the record...if I have one white blouse I have 30 or so...I have white tees (long, short and 3/4 length) white blouses straight hemmed and shirt tail hemmed, white jackets and sweaters, white tanks and shells, more white blouses some w/buttons, ruffles, zippers or snaps, white 3/4 length blouses and tops, white long sleeve tops, white short sleeve tops (not so many of those) and then some more white tees...Did I tell you I like WHITE, too! BUT NOT PANTS...nope...I only own one pair of white pants...they are linen...they are lined...and they are a bit baggy...and I think we all know the reason for that! thankyouverymuch!


Ang baylis said...

My daughter said it's not cool to match too much. I have to fight it... cuz I like things to match!
Angie xoxo

Musicaljean said...

I totally can identify with Teresa. I own a dreadfully lot of black. I just love black. I haven't worn anything brown since the early 80's UNTIL yesterday!!! That outfit I bought a few weeks ago to "match" my worship team's turquoise shirts has a skirt that is turquoise, brown, and black print. I've been wearing a black shell under the turquoise jacket, but just this week I bought a chocolate brown shell to wear instead. I cannot believe it. But the jewelry is all turquoise and brown, so I just had to go brown.

I do like things to match - I don't care if it's not cool.