Friday, May 9, 2008


I have been very busy with programs this week and today was the third one.(The biggie is still to come) Today we had our K-4 musical...72 4 year olds on 1 stage...and they did great!
After the program, my sweet boss, Bonnie, sat down and told me some heart stopping news that she had heard on the way out the door. She, wisely, didn't tell me about it until after the program. A single gunman pulled a gun on a security guard at Samford University this morning. No shots were fired, and the gunman ran away. The campus went into lockdown and the campus police as well as Birmingham police scoured the campus, but no sign of him anywhere. I immediately went to call answer. I tried several more times and finally I got a return call. A very sleepy voice said,"What do you need, Mom?" He was asleep through the whole thing and didn't even know about it. He lives off campus...but close. His roommate was at home. So, all is well. But, what a feeling that is. Remembering the horror on other campuses just sends shivers all over me. The campus is secure and Ian is there now in the library studying for exams next week. He will graduate on Friday with his MBA. I always ask God to cover my children with His goodness and grace and protection. And He does. I thank Him for His protection of all the Samford students and faculty today. Of course, I had to do the Mom thing and remind him to be careful and not walk around by himself after dark and to watch out for strange characters, and to not talk to strangers and to lock his doors in the car,,,you know all the stuff we are taught to say in MOM SCHOOL. He just laughed and sweetly said, "Don't worry, Mom...I'm fine." And he is...thank God.


Kristen said...

So glad to hear that he (and everyone else) is OK. How scary! The program was fabulous! So sweet! And the t-shirts were precious! Thought you'd like to know that Anna Clare wanted to wash her hair with a special strawberry shampoo last night so that "when I go up to say my part, Mrs. Owens will smell it"! What a mess she is!

LivingTheLife said...

I am just now getting around to reading your Friday posts on Saturday...I am so sorry that you had a scare...and very thankful to God that he protected each and every person in and around the campus. What a relief...I can just imagine how your heart "fell" to your knees when you heard scary.

Blessings...oh...and so very glad your programs went well.