Monday, August 20, 2007


I have put it off for as long as I can...the vacations with fabulous restaurants to visit are gone, the long summer lunches with friends are past, the birthday parties, and back to school celebrations are finished....there's just no more reasons to put it off. Well, I'm sure I could think of something...but I'm strengthening my willpower here, friends. THE DIET STARTS TODAY. Actually, it started this morning, and so far, so good. Oh, it is going to be a long hard battle, but it must be done. The first 2 weeks are supposed to be the worst...but, you can do anything for 2 weeks...right? Come on, sisters, let me hear some encouragement. I prayed this morning that God would help me stay focused on my goal, and not yield to temptation. In case you can't tell this about me, I'm an immediate gratification kind of girl...So waiting for the payoff is hard for me.

EDIT: I tried to post this last night, but someone who is visiting from Birmingham had my mouse and I couldn't post or even turn this baby off. So actually, this is day 2 now!


Musicaljean said...

We're in this together, my friend. August has been a good month for me, discipline-wise. I pray that I do not give up. I pray the same thing for you. I have a very long way to go.

Lynne said...

Good luck to you. It looks like a lot of us are taking this stance right about now. You mentioned 2 weeks - Atkins? South Beach? Whatever plan you're doing, I know you can do whatever you set your mind to doing.

melissa c said...

Best of luck to you - I am right there with you, trying to get these 10 (ok...more like 15lbs) off!!

username: mccaligiuri
password: lulubelle

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Me, too. And I just posted about my new best friend! Good luck.

Ang baylis said...


I am here to tell you that YOU can do it!!!!!

You will feel so good about yourself! I heard Beth Moore say that Excess is always rooted in emptiness! I've been thinking about that one. Let's make sure we are getting our satisfaction from HIM! I am talking to me right now!

Anyway... eat right and go for a walk with some good praise and worship music and you will feel great!

Seriously, I am here to encourage you because with God's help...Anything is Possible!!!!!
Keep us posted on how it is going!
Angie :)

justabeachkat said...

Well know I feel your pain. It's hard. No doubt about it. But, we CAN DO IT! Yes, we can. Hang in there. I had a slip up yesterday with the cookout and all the company here, but I'm not gonna let one slip up make me stop. I'm doing it. You can too. Rah Rah!


Dianne said...

Two, Four, Six, Eight..
I think Tonja's really great!

You can do it....

GOOOOOOO Tonja! :-)