Monday, August 27, 2007


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I have been trying to get these pics since last week. You remember the unfortunate accident with my is still in intensive care, so I am depending upon the kindness of others to share their pics with me. Thanks Joy and Adam.

Our family has 5 birthdays in the month of August, so we always have a Birthday Bash at some time during the month. This year Mom was hostess and we had a wonderful dinner. A table full of goodies. Our "family" consists of 3 extra loved ones. Bill and Pat are our dear friends and pop's riding buddy. And Uncle Allison and his family lived next door to us while we were growing up. He had 3 daughters and we all were truly like a family. They were Aunt Katherine and Uncle Allison to Joy and I , and Mom and Pop were Aunt Eloise and Uncle Clyde to their daughters. Aunt Katherine and one of the daughters, Brenda, live with Jesus now, and the other 2 Jolene and Jan , live quite a distance away. So no family gathering is complete without these 3 joining us, too. In the picture above, celebrating birthdays in August are, sister Joy, brother in law, Tommy, myself, brother in love, Bill, and my beautiful Mom.


Musicaljean said...

Great picture, but I enjoyed even more going through all of them. My favorites - "Granny's glasses" and "Tonja singing with the card." It looks like you were having so much fun!

nancygrayce said...

I hate when my camera isn't working!! It looks like you all had a great time!

melissa c said...

What a wonderful celebration. You are blessed to have such great friends and family!


Dianne said...

Great picture, but Jean's comment lets me know I need to go back and look at ALL of them! Happy Birthday to everyone!