Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Joy, Mom, Tonja......8-18-07
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Just one more pic to share from the Birthday Bash. I LOVE this pic of us! We are so blessed to live close and get to spend time together whenever we choose. I thank God for my beautiful Mom and my sweet sister...(yes, she's beautiful too...and don't we look so much alike?)
I found a picture frame for Joy for her birthday and it had this scripture on it...which I think is so appropriate....


To me it was a reminder that every thing in this life that brings us joy and happiness and contentment is a gift from the Father to us. Each time we smile, we should say, "Thank-you" to Him who is the giver of smiles. I admit that I sometimes take them for granted as if they are somehow 'owed' to me. But, they are not and I vow to remeber this and make my thanks known to God for his rich blessings.


Ang baylis said...

That definitely looks like one you should frame! And... The verse is so true! I am looking forward to this weekend when I get to be "Mother and Daughter" when my daughter comes home!

We are truly blessed...and we know it!
Have a great day!

Angie xoxo

Mary said...

Three beautiful women and how much alike, especially you and your lovely sis - sure you're not twins!?
I always wanted a sister but ended up with a brother 8 years younger than me - he's great, but so far away (South of France!) and we don't meet up too often anymore unfortunately. Hope to get over there again next year.
Take care Tonja.

Musicaljean said...

You all look so good on that picture. I like your shirt. I was looking for a new one after I left the hospital this evening, but no luck. Gotta look good for Sunday, ha, ha!!

Lynne said...

That's a great picture of 3 lovely ladies.

I just tagged you for a little meme.