Wednesday, December 2, 2009

AT 7:00 AM CST

This big yellow spot is sitting right on top of the Creek House! This means that I will not be leaving my house today! Since all my Christmas decor is sitting in big boxes in the foyer...I think I have my day pretty well planned!
Hope it's dry where you are. And, if you are near me...stay in and stay safe and dry!


andi said...

Sit tight sister. :) I have a river running through my yard.
Have fun decorating...since you are having a little luncheon at the Creek House, you better hope on it. No pressure. ;0))))))
Can't wait to come feast my eyes and tummy. You always amaze me with your creative ideas!!!!!

Kristen said...

We decorated today too. I was really glad I had Anna Clare home to help!

Kat said...

Can you believe the weather we had last night and this morning?! Good Lord a-mercy! By lunch is was so much better here.

I spent the day decorating my den tree. I am now officially finished with my decorating. Yeah! How 'bout you?


Gram said...

Hope you got all your decorating done. I wish I could have stayed home today - we had snow and it is going to be bitter cold tonight about 2 degrees with more snow. Looking forward to pics.

Just Breathe said...

It's dry here and as soon as I'm done reading my A-List I will be putting ornaments on my tree. Have a great day making your house all festive!