Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We made it through Christmas, even though it was sad without Mom. We all felt her absence. Each of her grandchildren received a gift from her that Joy and I picked out from among her things. Hopefully these gifts will be a reminder of the love she felt for them. I missed her way of doing things, her delicious dishes, her beautiful smile. I missed her just 'being' there.

I wrote this little poem on Christmas night...after everyone had gone home. Don took care of cleaning up the kitchen, along with the Alex and Ian. I found myself on the daybed, with my feet propped up...laptop in my lap...looking at the pictures I had made during the day.

My home was filled with 'happy' all day. People laughing, smiling, singing, praying, eating. We played games, we opened gifts, we repeated, from memory, the verses from the Bible that tell the Christmas Story...Luke 2:1-20. We were blessed to have a beautiful baby in our midst to ooh and aah over! Beautiful, sweet John Thomas was a delight to have with us. I thought of the words of the song..."O, come let us adore him..." We all adored this sweet baby. And, how much more did the angels and heavenly hosts adore sweet Baby Jesus when He was born!

All is well. All is well in my my my heart...

It's Christmas night,

The day is done.

The food put away

The dishwasher run.

We spent all the day

With our family near...

While missing the one

We held so dear.

And, though we were sad,

We didn't cry.

So in case you wonder

Here's the reason why.

Heaven , they say

Is a place to behold.

The mansions, the streets,

Are gold, we are told.

Now this is my mind

To think thoughts this way...

But, I would imagine

They, too, celebrate today!

In Heaven, it must be

Such a wonderful thing

To actually celebrate

The birth of a King!

To be at the party

Of Jesus, our Lord.

To see and to know

Just how much He's adored.

I imagine there is singing

Happy Birthday...and more.

And, I'll bet there is dancing,

On that golden floor.

And, my Mom is right there

To witness this sight!

I bet she's been singing

All day and all night!

So, we can't be sad

Or dreary or glum

She's there at the party

For God's only Son!


racheld said...

I have no words.

Thank you.


Love Being a Nonny said...

What a special poem on such a special day. I know your mom would be proud.

nancygrayce said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Debbie said...

What a beautiful poem. I love it and it can fit for so many people that have lost someone special in their life. I lost my grandmother who was so much a mother to me also, because me and my mother and brother lived with her growing up. The morning before my grandmother passed away, she woke up and said "I'm so dissappointed my Lord did not come get me". What a woman. I've never told you this either....but your mother looks so much like my grandmother, and she loved to dress up and take care of her family. So everytime I read your blog, I see the picture of your mother and it reminds me of my grandMOTHER. I thank you for your blog. Blessings, Debbie

Southern Lady said...

Tonja, you have such a beautiful way with words ... and they, along with your steadfast faith and love for our Lord, never cease to inspire me. I can just picture your precious mom (and my sweet mother-in-law who celebrated her second Christmas in Heaven) singing and celebrating His birthday with the angels.

And, indeed, all is well ... on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Melissa said...

Beautiful poem...very well said! So many of my friends and family have lost loved ones this year, and my heart has really been heavy for them during the holidays.

Kat said...

Oh Tonja, you gave me sweet chills! Beautiful...just beautiful.

Happy New Year sweet friend!

Hugs from the beach!

Musicaljean said...

What else can I say that hasn't already been said? Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Just Breathe said...

That poem is beautiful. Thank you.