Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm the type of girl who has ideas jumping around in my head all the time...and I want to do them all. Not possible. In my mind, I can see the finished product. And sometimes I can see all the steps along the way. It is very helpful to myself when this happens. However...sometimes I see the steps on a 'need to know' basis. And, that can cause a 'FLUSTERATION' of the largest kind. [yes, FLUSTERATION is a word. Why should Mr. Webster get all fun? It's a cross between FLUSTERED and AGGRAVATION. And, it is not a pretty way to be. FYI].

Now, to the point of this little post. It does have one, in case you were wondering! I saw my mantle in my head. I knew how I wanted it to look. See, this is one of those cases where I get the info on a 'need to know' basis. So, I drag out all my big candle sticks...and place them on the mantle. I had bought 2 new ones, the sort of red ones with the funky ridges around the bottom. If you will notice, they have changed color several times...and may again. They were a pinky shade of red to start with.

And, I added the cream candles. The look was just not right. So, I removed the candles, and added 2 more larger candle sticks. I liked this better. But, the candle color was off. Couldn't use red, or green, or cream.

HMMMMM...What to do? What to do? I DID NOT want to go and buy candles for all these...they would cost a fortune. And, I already had these on hand. AHHHHH! I spied this pretty tissue paper that I picked up in B'ham. I wished the candles were that color. And, they may even look good with that print on them. MOD PODGE! That's what I needed! And, a Diet Coke. OH! Happy Day! I had both on hand!

To the terribly cluttered work table in my studio I headed. I cut the tissue to fit the various sizes of candles. Then 'painted' on a layer of Mod Podge. Gently I laid the tissue on top, and smoothed it out. *****FYI...It does not matter how gently or slowly or carefully or meticulously you place this tissue on the candle....IT WILL WRINKLE! It is something about the laws of Christmas, and the level of anxiety you feel at the coming of the season, and directly related to the fact that you have a houseful of guests coming in VERY SOON! I tell you this so you can avoid the dreaded 'FLUSTERATION'. So, tell I do...that the wrinkles are really quite nice and add to the character of the finished candle. *****I told me that..and I believe it...and I like the wrinkles!

After I laid the tissue on the candle,I covered it with another layer of Mod Podge. OH! MY! Those wrinkles really showed up then! Beautiful!

Be sure to set these on a plastic bag or wax paper, so they will not stick to whatever you set them on. FLUSTERATION happens when you have to pick off tiny pieces of newspaper or an uncoated paper plate.

Let dry well, then cut off any excess. Take them to your candle sticks, and place them on top. Stand back...admire your clever handiwork...and pat yourself on the back for being such a resourceful, clever, creative girl!


RosieJo said...

Beautiful!! You've started a new trend. Love it! Love it! (Is modge podge flame-proof? I really don't know.)

Just Breathe said...

You should have been here right now when I said "OH WOW"!!! What a wonderful improvement, they look awesome. You are one creative lady!

southerninspiration said...

That my friend is EXACTLY what you needed. PERFECT!!!


Musicaljean said...

You're a creative genious! Ideas like that just never entery mind. Until I get them from you! Thanks!

Musicaljean said...

Oops. Enter, not entery!

Anonymous said...

WOW they look very clever girl !!!

Merry Christmas,
Kathy :)

Southern Lady said...

Another WOW from me, too, Tonja! Your candles are absolutely beautiful. What a brilliant idea!

marychristina said...

Awesome! I wish you were here yesterday when I was trying to get my mantle just still could use some work!

Gram said...

I like the candles and love you new word - I feel like that all the time but never knew what to call it!

Kat said...

You go girl! Great idea! They truly look perfect.

My grandson used to say that his sisters "frustrulated" him....his scrunched up face and his made up word always made me smile. I get frustrulated a lot too!


Leah Belle said...

That is BEAUTIFUL, Tonja....great idea...great handiwork! way to go!