Saturday, August 30, 2008


I think the choice of Sarah Palin is excellent. She has been a mayor, and a governor with an 80% approval rating, while raising 5 children. I feel she is more experienced and more qualified to manage this country than B*r*ck O***a, who was a community organizer, and spent half of his 143 days in the senate campaigning for President. She is much more accomplished that BO will ever be. She is the Chief Executive of a State. Can you name any accomplishment BO has made?

It infuriates me how the 'networks' are spinning this. SP boldly speaks out against abortion. She lives what she speaks..choosing to have and raise her Downs child even though she knew it before the birth through genetic testing. Sanctity of life...that is what it means. John Roberts at CNN actually says that McCain choosing Palin is going to "cause her Downs child not to have a mother." What an unfair and sexist comment.

BO spoke in his DNC address about ending genocide...isn't it just as sad a killing of humanity when 38 million lives have been destroyed before they even had a chance to breathe? And that is 38 million since 1972. Palin is speaking out about this tragedy and actually lives the PRO CHANCE idea...a chance to live, a chance to breathe, a chance to love and a chance to be loved...she shows she truly believes what she speaks.

She is fighting to make the right changes in corrupt government. If actions truly do speak louder than words, she is way, way ahead of BO and JB. She has plans, and knows how to carry out those plans.

I was so disgusted to hear Jimmy Carter's words against McCain...saying that he is "milking the fact that he was a POW." He speaks about his life...and every thing that we go through in life makes up who we are at a given time. BO speaks as often about his early life and things his mother and grandmother inspired in him.

And have you heard what the 'mentally deranged' Mich**l M**re said today? The fact that Gustav is going to hit at the time of the RNC is "proof that there is a God and He is surely on the Democrats side." Disgusting, and very, very sad. And sickening.

I have just finished rewatching the Saddleback Church Program with JM and BO. If you haven't watched it, get it and watch it. You will know who is better qualified just on the basis of answers. No doubt about it.

Now to Gustav...Let's all 'pray without ceasing' about this hurricane. It looks as if it can be worse than Katrina. But, it seems as if all the people in charge are well prepared. And hopefuly the citizens are as well. Mandatory evacuation is already taking place in Miss. and LA. God bless us all.

This is way more than I usually say about politics...but, I must say one more thing.

John Edwards was to speak at the DNC, but after news of his affair was made public, he was Bill Clinton. Do you think they know the meaning of the word 'morality'? Or care?


Anonymous said...

Amen, sister!

Deedra said...

Amen Amen! I love that Sarah Palin practices what she speaks! She lives it! I pray that BO is defeated in one of the biggest landslides ever!

nancygrayce said...

A big AMEN!!!!! It's also hilarious that his initial are B. O. I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist! I'm so tired of the media spin on all this! She's gutsy and I'm so proud of John McCain! I think we should all be thankful to men like John McCain who not only served, but was in a POW camp for US! He did that for his country! What has BO done?

Uh Oh, I get all fired up!

Kristen said...


LivingTheLife said...

Ok...this is a first for me...I may just be way off here...but I'm just about to explode on this whole issue....and I NEVER talk politics with too many folks other than my immediate this is WAY out of my comfort zone...but here's my spin...

First...the only thing that separates M.M. and a beached whale is that the whale has his blow-hole on top of his head...I wish someone or myself could stuff a half dozen socks or so in M.M's. blow-hole!!! Ok...OK...I hope that's not deranged or's just I can't really "like" him for OH so many reasons.

Secondly, isn't it appropriate that they replaced one adulter with another at the convention...hmmmm...scruples....much!

Now as far as'm still laughing at NancyGrayce insigthful "catch" on that one....I don't have too many bad things to say about him...b/c honestly I DON'T really know too much about him. Don't get me wrong...I think he's told his story about his life pretty well, it's his voting record and where he stands on a lot of issues that I'm not sure of....after all a lot of his votes in the Senate from my understanding went neither way...he would just vote "present" and not necessarily take a stand on some of the issues...hmmmm, that sounds like someone preparing themselves early on NOT to have a voting record that could hurt them when they decide to run for know the kind of record that has people guessing as to what you some of the things you say you have done or voted for!! I'm afraid in my opinion, humble as it may be that he is just a little too much of a "soundbite" type of guy for my taste. Let me explain what I mean by "soundbite" type of lovin hubbin worked in a very political enviroment for over 25 years...the stories we could tell...but one in particular stands out to me...a local mayor of a very large city to the EAST of us was in the midst of a pretty big "hoo-ha" around these parts...and she was asking for a briefing in a meeting my husband was attending...she had the gawl to tell them...Hey, I don't have time for all the ins and outs...just tell me what my 10 second sound bite should be....YES!!...she did!!...She was only worried about how she was going to look and sound in print and on the news stations. That kind of crap makes me sick...but I'm not naive enough to think it only goes on in some arenas...I know it goes on in all political parties and with most candidates to some degree...but seriously as far as BO goes...I'm just not ready to hand over the country I love to someone who is just a little too "green" for my taste...nothing personel against's just he's not in my comfort zone...even if he does have a very sweet family and a wonderful story to tell.

NOW...onto J.M. for president...I had not heard what Mr. Carter said about his boasting too much about being a war veteran and prisoner of war...WELL, from someone who LOST a very dear uncle in the Vietnam war and having another uncle who was a prisoner of war in Korea...I say...if he went through ALL that for as long as he did...for my freedom and MR. CARTERS...WELL...dangit...I say tell it, brother...tell it all and I'm going to STAND with much gratitude in my heart...and LISTEN!

Ok...sorry, I'm just a little "crazed" tonight...I don't like negative politics...I'm just too darn nice for my own good...I suppose...but I wish like heck...everyone could REALLY just put our country and its people first...and put their politics, their agenda AND their parties agenda aside...say in another in M.M.'s blow hole...or put it in a bubble and set it my sweet daughter always says.

As for me...I'm just praying like crazy for our country and the days to come...monumental times we are approaching and I just pray folks remember what principles our incredible country was founded upon and vote accordingly...but hey, aren't we blessed to have the choice...and I ALWAYS choose to matter what...I think I owe it to all that have fought for our country, died for our country and suffered for our freedom to vote...OK...sorry, sounds like I'm about to strike up the band...roll out the floats and start a parade...but I do feel very strongly about ALL of us getting out there and celebrating the fact we are free...and we can make a difference with our commericial break is over!

Blessings...and thanks for blogging your heart...I can always count on keep it real....and as usual I loved your take on all of it...THANKS!


Anonymous said...

How anyone can question Gov Palin's preparedness to step in as President if something should happen between the years of 72 and 76 for McCain, (who has only had 4 bouts with cancer, so why worry) amazes me. My goodness she has been a Mayor of a town with a population of more than 6,000 and is now the governor of the largest state in the whole country. And the population of Alaska represents 2 thousnadths of the population of the USA. It's as large as Charlotte, Memphis or Fort Worth, for goodness sakes. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism and was a sport caster, so she can win over the media. And foreign policy experience - hey she got a passport last year. She's ready to go meet Sarkozy, Peres, Kim Yong-nam or Karzai. She can win them over with her Miss Congeniality skills. And as for those 5 precious babies, the VP will have help. Those silly Hillary fans should be all over her!

Anonymous said...

As if 5 children isn't blessing enough - Palin's 17 year old daughter is now announced as being 5 months pregnant. Another great way to demonstrate the pro-life, family values stance. Wonder if she will marry before the birth or wait until after the election. Hope she will at least stay in school and graduate. At least no one will question the republicans' morality becuase she is just a child and unmarried. So much better than adultery.

Tonja said...

It is always interesting to hear views different than my own. And that is one of the great things about America...we are always free to say it. And I am happy for you to share them here. However, I am not ashamed of my views, and proudly sign my name to them. And, you, I see, hide behind the word anonymous. Also, I will be the first one to say that the things that our children do and say do not always reflect what they have been taught. Throw stones? Not me. We all mess up and make mistakes. Thank God for His grace to forgive and see us through. Any mother should do the same, following His example. It has been my experience that we all have done things we hope no one ever finds out about.
And, still after reading your words...I would rather her be in charge than BO. I asked the question in my original post...what has he accomplished? What army did he serve in, most of his votes have been 'present', which is neither 'yay' nor 'nay'. Strong convictions? I don't think so. And if his daughter gets pregnant one day, he will just kill his own grandchild because it would be more convenient? God help us all!

Maggie said...

What we want to be concerned about is how little McCain knew about Sarah Palin before selecting her as his running mate. Is that how he'll make other important appointments? We should be concerned that Sarah Palin is taking on a potentially solemn trust with family issues that require more attention than she will be able to give if she is VP. NOT good family values IMO. RE denigrating military service, the Republicans started it first by slandering John Kerry's service and even worse, Cleland's--apparently losing his limbs in Vietnam wasn't sacrifice enough for Republicans. Bush and Cheney shirked their service--their party has no business criticizing others.

windycorner said...

Hi Tonja,
Glad you have the backbone to blog about this and are able to soundly respond to the anonymous folks who can't debate honestly but have to resort to misdirection and straw men. Any woman who has a successful marriage, five children, and a successful career has enough experience in my book. I know how much mental power and juggling it takes to make all that happen.

Tonja said...

Well, this is becoming quite an interesting debate. Maggie, thank you for having the courage to print your name...however, there is no link to follow back to I'm not sure if that really is whom I am talking to. HMMM. Anyway, How do you or any one else know how much JM knew about SP? JM is not a dumb you really think he did not have all information that was necessary? Actually, a teen age pregnancy could happen to any family, and it in no way reflects on whether SP is a good choice or not. The girl is getting married and she will probably have plenty of support...and way more eyes on her than any one should ever have. I am sure that SP AND her husband are very capable of handling their own family's needs without any help from the rest of the country.
Now, Maggie, I do not have any thing negative to say about any person who served in the military. I think anyone who has served our country in the military is a hero, and I would never say anything to the contrary. But, I still feel that a person who has 'been there' is more qualified than one who hasn't. What has BO shown to encourage us to believe that he is qualified to be the Commander in Chief? Oh, he did make a 'well publicized' trip to see the troops. I still think JM's experience trumps BO's.

I just heard Ru*y Gu*l*a** say "this is an election about experience and judgement...and on those 2 qualities, we have the candidates and they don't." And, I happen to agree.

You can say what you like about Bush...but he has kept us safe for 8 years. And I would trust his decisions any day over BO's. I most certainly do not want him getting his experience at my expense!

Isn't this a great country? God has given us wonderful freedoms. I pray that we always use those freedoms to build up and not destroy, to help and not to hurt, to grow and not step back, to serve others and not ourselves.

It's been a pleasure talking to you.

Earthmommy said...

I usually don't comment on political posts, but this one is dead on right. I've not heard this written so square on. Amen.

andi said...

T-jator, My dear, you are right on! My MIL is a representative and has met S.P. and agrees that she is an EXCELLENT choice! Very thankful! Great points and to all that have commented-thank you for great comments.

Jillian, Inc. said...

I'm a life long Republican and I agree that the McCain ticket is much better than BO's on the issues. However, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the selection of Palin and I can't quite put my finger on why I feel that way. Though, I do realize as mayor and governor, she's actually run a government, unlike any of the other three. I got slaughtered in comments way back during the primaries for saying Hillary has never run a government. I guess if you count running Billy in the White House. hee-hee. There's certainly something very, very wrong fundamentally with BO and I cringed when he said in his nomination speech that people can't pull themselves up by the bootstraps if they don't have any boots. It's not the government's job to give people boots! I'm so sick of the liberal's agenda that the government should help everybody. And as for Jimmy Carter - he's a disgrace to the nation and to the State of Georgia. The Carter Center is a hub of corruption here, about on par with the MLK family. And Michael Moore is just down right disgusting. If Billy Clinton hadn't handed Bin Laden back to his people on a silver platter maybe history would have taken a much different course. Bush has had one catastrophy after another - and only hindsight is 20/20. I can only imagine how he's counting the days to get the h*ll out of Washington.

LivingTheLife said...

WOW! This has been interesting if not to say entertaining at the least!

I think that people need to realize even if they do not support the war or the efforts in the Middle East...that we have been safer these last 7+ years since 9/11 and the Bush's administration of taking action against these thugs!! Please remember how we all felt on that day...I think if you couldn't really be so opposed to protecting our homeland...I don't like war, in any way, shape or form...but I don't like having a bulls-eye plastered on my beloved countries head and then wait around to see what happens b/c of that apathy. I don't like to point fingers or lay blame...but I feel we were attacked by Bin Laden on that dreadful day b/c certain politicians dropped the ball on our national security front and lessened the importance of our military! IF we don't take care of our national security in a pro-active way...then we won't have to worry about things such as Social Security, Education, Health Care and so on...OR even pulling ourselves up by any government" subsidized preverable BOOT STRAPS....because...quite frankly, we're going to have a whole lot of other crap to deal with...we won't even have TIME to think about those things....we'll be too busy looking over our shoulders, worrying about travel both air and rail, we will be cautiously hiding behind locked doors, we will have to spend mass amounts of money on having our water & power systems updated and checked regularly for possible tamperings...I could go on...but I'm sure you get my point. NO! I'm not trying to use scare tatic politics...but I do know one thing...had Mr. Bush and his administration NOT stood up to these terrorist after 9/11...we would have remained sitting ducks...and we WERE sitting ducks in my opinion b/c the previous administration dropped the ball on that one...making us all the more vulnerable. Say what you will about our president...but I certainly think he has had more on his plate to deal with than most any other president of our times...has he made mistakes...only time will tell, which of us hasn't. Do I like the war...not no, but hell no, I don' think any of us do...but I do know that I support our military beyond anything any political party could throw at me...and I do believe they are committed to protecting each of us and they respect their duties and those that are in charge. I can't wait for all our military folks to be home and safe in their families care...but b/c they are doing what they have been doing...allows each of us to be safe and free to stand in line on that approaching November cast a vote...a vote that is to many...worth dieing for.

Just my 2 cents worth...and as far as SP being a wise choice as VP...I guess we really never know how wise any choice we make is...but I feel as Tonja said, McCain is a smart man, he did what he thought was a great thing for his party...and quite frankly I'm ready for a NON POLITICAL savy women to be our next US VP...and if anyone thinks less of her b/c her daughter is pregnant...well, shame on you...shame, shame on could happen to any of our children or grandchildren...or to our doesn't doesn't reflect poorly on her parents...what reflects poorly in my opinion is those who like to cast the first stone...but of course...I am sure these persons are people who NEVER make mistakes...have poor judgement or do anything that isn't consider politically correct or proper. HMMMM...I think the P. family is stronger than any of us care to know...and thank GOD she is keeping her baby instead of disgarding like a piece of trash.

Thanks again, Tonja...this has been liberarting...

I proudly sign my name...and continue to ask for Blessings for each of us!!