Friday, August 1, 2008

HEAR YE !!!! HEAR YE !!!!!!

I tried to do a good job of it, but, it all boils down to cooperation. I slowly and oh, so kindly explain the proper way to get things accomplished...but the rest of the world wants to do things their way. Hard as I try...they just will not get in line behind me! So, I'm resigning!
The comcast man finally came and got things better. But, they have to come back to fix the line. It is in the attic and it is too hot up there later in the day. So...7:00 am Tuesday! So, if I disappear again...I'll be back!


justabeachkat said...

Good Golly! I KNOW how frustrating computer problems can be. Hopefully things will stay together until Tuesday morning. Fingers and toes crossed for you!


LivingTheLife said...

I sympathize about getting into an attic these days...we've had 100+ temps. here...I can just imagine how hot our attic is....but they KNOW how important you are and how we all depend on you "daily" to encourage us, make us laugh, witness to us, keep us posted on your new home...geez...I hope they get it fixed quickly...but I'll be out of I'll have to check that status when I return...

Blessings...and thanks for your sweet comment on my post about our trip...I am looking forward to a little "down" time...I hope the girls let me sleep in a few days.


Musicaljean said...

Ha,ha,ha!!!! That picture and its caption and your additional comment are all TOO FUNNY!!! I can so relate. Gradually I am learning to resign from that self-given position, but it's hard. I have to learn to take the advice at the end of Kat's post!

windycorner said...

You made such a good dictator, Tonja. All of your ideas made sense to wasn't men who were disagreeing with you was it? Heehee.....patience is the only way. "A gentle and quiet spirit is pleasing in the eyes of God...." Good old Peter knew what he was talking about didn't he.

andi said...

you just tell him, to get it fixed or the attic will feel real cool. :) JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved the picture! You're so creative and witty. Love ya!

Dawn said...

I have had the same troubles waiting for a line to be replaced. Don't they know that the internet is a life line to the outside world. I hope you get it fixed soon.

Oh, and by the way, my niece pronounces her name with a "y" sound....but sometimes I call her Tonja with a "j" sound.

take care,

elizabeth embracing life said...

wow, I must have been lucky. Our Comcast guy, with sweat pouring went up into our attic. Found the wires, but said it was so hot and would have taken so long that he just turned all the cables on. Our house was prewired for every room to have cable, and they charge for additional rooms. He even slugged a huge extention ladder up our non-AC home. I do sympathinze with you. It did take them two weeks to come out and I was without a landline, internet and TV for two weeks after our big move.

nancygrayce said...

I think I'll resign too! I've always said if everyone would just do it my way, everything would work out much better!!!