Monday, August 25, 2008

LAYERS...Part 1

When they first laid the foundation of the Creek House, I told our builder that I wanted to write scriptures on the foundation before we put down the floors, and he promised that he would give me plenty of time to do this. Well, he called Friday to say that I should work on it over the weekend. They are starting the floors today. Of course, it just so happened that Tropical Storm Fay decided that this would be the week-end to camp out over this area of the South. Saturday, it rained all day and the winds were really blowing...35-40 mph, so I decided I didn't need to get out and go in all that. Then Sunday came around and it was blue sky and sunshine...for about 15 minutes! I got ready, and just as I began to leave, the bottom fell out...rain, winds, thunder, and lightning. Was I just being silly? Should I just give up the idea? What to do? Alex and Don both scoffed at me for this 'crazy idea of mine',anyway. My DIL, Suzanne,and friend, Tina, were going to help me, but couldn't go till later. Besides, it was my project, not theirs, anyway. At least they understood it. And so, with the sky getting blacker and blacker...I struck out for the Creek House. What vision do men have, I ask you? Concrete and bricks...that's what they think a house is. So, I make it across town and I see that they have my driveway blocked off. I have to park at the street. Yuck! Mud and lightning...a great combination. Whew! I made it inside, and it was so quiet...and still...and HOT! No air was stirring, and I couldn't open the windows. I decided to just get busy and tackle it room by room. And, so I do. They had put a finish on some of the floors, and they were easy to write on. BUT, the ones that weren't done yet...hard to do. I had to scrub and scrub to get a place I could write on. Luckily, I had taken some old sheets to sit on. I kept at it and finally finished. Concrete dust all over me and my clothes, sweat pouring down my back...and front, muscles screaming from getting up and down off the hard floor, and hands covered in black Sharpie marker marks...I was a mess! I decided to hurry home before another downpour started. My car, it seemed, had developed quite an attraction for the place. As I started to drive off, I hear the most awful racket underneath. I got out to check and see a long limb stuck under the car, behind the front wheel, on the passenger side. I pull...and I pull...and I pull. Then an enormous flash lights up the very dark sky, and I am certain death is imminent. Do you remember my post on lightning on 7/24?...nothing has changed since then. Then a, a boom of thunder sounds. Then another flash! The door on that side of the car is locked! This dumb car locks up everything except the driver's side. I am in a quandary. This massive tree trunk is stuck under my car, God has chosen this very moment to put on a light show, and the door closest to me is locked. Should I dive under the car or make a dash for it to the other door? Another's the car or me...I make a dash for the door...the car can fend for itself. Did I mention it has been raining since forever here, and there are limbs and leaves and mud everywhere?....slippery leaves and mud...very...slippery. And if a girl goes running like a bat out of a hot place, she's just likely to do that. Slip...on the very slippery leaves and mud. So, I figure I'm a goner. The headlines will ready: VERY DIRTY LADY STRUCK BY LIGHTNING WHILE PLAYING TUG OF WAR WITH A TREE TRUNK THINKING SHE IS FAST ENOUGH TO OUTRUN THE LORD. I am now covered with mud down one leg and I am getting wet. And some idiot who obviously did not read my post about the lightning is out edging his lawn, and looking at me. Did he offer to help? Did he come to my rescue? I don't know, because I tried to get up before he saw me. Here I am dying in the street and worrying about whether he saw me or not. Right before I jump into the car, I remember the mud. Something has to go on the car seat before my body does, and the only thing available are the dirty sheets that I used inside. So, dirty sheet on the seat, dirty girl on the sheet, and ...we're off! I figure the limb will certainly fall off as I drive. It is pouring now...and lightning and thundering...and I am not stopping again until I get home. I mean the one that I live in presently. In case you are wondering, the limb did not fall off. It hung on for dear life as I drove through the storm to safety. It sounded as if there was a whole tree stuck under there. I even had people point and try to tell me there was a limb under my car while I was at the red lights. I ignored them.

I needed a bath, a nap, and a BIG bag of Dove dark chocolate bites.

I got a bath, a nap, and a piece of Melba toast, and a chunk of cheese. Score 1 for the runner!


andi said...

I wouldn't have thought to take sheets...way to be prepared!

justabeachkat said...

Oh Girl! Only YOU can make a scary time funny! So glad you can 'cause I loved reading about it.


nancygrayce said...

Thank you so much for making me laugh out loud! It has been a rough day, but I think you may have just cured me! First, let me say that you are under a tornado watch and I just saw where you are to take cover immediately. Second, that sounded exactly like something I would do, the falling in the mud while pulling a limb out from under my car. AND, nobody would ever think to help me either! I'm so glad you made it home.

Musicaljean said...

Hilarious and horrible, both. But I am most impressed with your writing scriptures on the foundation of your house, under those floors. That gives me goose bumps! I'd love to know what scriptures you wrote.

I think you should print out this story you just wrote about the pains you went to in order to get those scriptures written, and put it under the floor too. Then in 100 years, when someone decides to put new floors in, they'll discover the scriptures along with the story of the day they were written there.

LivingTheLife said...

Oh! have me laughing so cheeks hurt!! You are so much like's just scary! More scary for you...if you just knew what a klutz I am! Isn't it funny (I'm sure not at the time) how you were just posting about lightening and such the other day...then to be caught out in it like you were...hmmmm, not following your own advice...shocking!! LOL!! I could have told you you were under God's protective umbrella...even if you did manage to get a little muddy and wet!

I love how you wrote scriptures ALL by have that time alone on a stormy day...while frightening I'm had to be UPLIFTING to say the least. I know you walk with the Lord daily...and to think now you have built on His word...and will continue to walk with HIM and stand on the word...both literally and just too AWESOME!! Love it!

Now...I would have done as you with the whole tree under the car least you didn't get STUCK in the mud...that would have been me! I've gotten myself stuck in the mud so many times...well, suffice it to say...I need a 4 wheel drive...I don't have one...but I could use one! I think it's so funny how you DROVE all through town with that tree trunk hanging on...and how folks tried to "clue" you in on the IF you couldn't tell from all the racket! YES! that's when you welcome fogging windows and pouring rain...then crank up the radio and just pretend it's just you and the one else around! That scenario still has me laughing as most of your story does...again, not laughing at you...just laughing b/c I know that could be me!

I'm still laughing...I really wished we were neighbors...really I DO! I just know we could get into and out of so much trouble together! LOL!


Robin said...

That was quiet a story ! I am tired just hearing you talk about it..I know the Lord will bless you and your family in your new home for your efforts..I hope you took some pictures of the scriptures for the scrapbooks..Please tell me you did !

elizabeth embracing life said...

Wow, amazing, and the blessings inscribed on your home forever. Thanks for your inspirations.

Dianne said...

Only YOU can tell a story like are too much!