Monday, January 12, 2009


Late last evening as I was getting ready to take Scooter out for a 'stroll', I discovered that he had thrown up...sometime earlier. I was sure of this because I had to scrub the floor to clean it up. But, clean it up, I did.

This morning, soon after I woke up, I realized that I was not going to be leaving my house any time soon. Let it suffice to say that the reason I was spending so much time in the bathroom had nothing to do with decorating! Oh, the agony! You've been there.

A little while later, Alex calls to me, saying he needs help, "NOW!". I go to his room to find him holding towels saying, "Scooter just threw up again. Here, I cleaned it up." And, I took the towels straight to the washer.

Meanwhile, I was alternating between trips to the bathroom, and stopping by the kitchen to take another Imm*dium. After about 4 (Imm*dium, not bathroom trips), I began to feel a little better. A little.

Moms can not rest, though. No matter how bad they feel. Time for Scooter to take another trip to the 'great outdoors'. Now, I do not want to be graphic here, but, it was obvious. as I waited on the other end of the leash...that Scooter and I were experiencing something in common. Only...his had progressed to a dangerous stage. I came in and called the vet and they said they would see him right away. So, saying a quick prayer for the good Lord to put a stop to 'things' for me, I took off to the vet. Seems he ate something that did not 'agree' with him or it could just be a virus. Oh, he was a sick dog. Two shots, some internal meds, and 2 more prescriptions for the next few days. He has spent the afternoon laying around on the floor or in his bed.

I have spent the afternoon laying around on the couch or in my bed. Today was not a day fit for 'man nor beast' (or woman nor dog, either)!
Alcohol...Coffee...Onions...Garlic...Grapes...Chocolate...Macadamia Nuts...Yeast


Musicaljean said...

I'm so sorry you had such a "gross" day, Tonja. I must say, though, that even in your misery you made me laugh out loud when you said you prayed for the good Lord to put a stop to "things" so you could take the dog to the vet.

I was reminded of the evening I was "prepping" for a colonoscopy. Dick took Destiny to the hospital to visit her new born brother J'von. He called home to say that he realized he had put the video camera on top of the car when he put Destiny in, and forgot to take it off. Well, I was so upset about that, I also prayed for the good Lord to temporarily put a stop to "things", got into my car, and drove slowly down the road looking for that video camera. I found it about a mile from home, thank goodness, and made it home on time. Unfortunately, the camera was ruined.

I hope this too shall pass!

Lynne said...

Tonja - I hope you both feel better soon. Have you found out what the 2 of you might have eaten that caused your problems?

Jean - "this too shall pass" - LOL!

Jennifer said...

I hope you are feeling better.
I thought dogs didn't eat grapes because of the texture but maybe they know it is bad for them. I hadn't heard that before.

LivingTheLife said...

I'm so sorry for both you and Scooter...but mainly sorry for you...b/c as you said...a mom never rest...even if it's her dog child that is sick.

Our little "Cookie" (the not so bright, but thankfully adorable shitszu) had a little intestinal upset the other day, too...she threw up...I found it when I went in to take them out for their morning ritual...honestly, I don't know how I got through children...the thought and the smell of that stuff almost made me loose it...but, then again...It is just me here this I HAD to take charge! Gross just about covers it...with a few...ewwww's and icckkksss thrown in for good measure...along with several "gags"...honestly I wished I had a surgical masks for these types of things...YEA, a surgical mask steeped in Lavender...then maybe I could get through the clean ups with out gagging too much! I'm sorry, I'm a sissy when it comes to smells...I can handle blood, broken bones and all that...but give me something to deal with that gads!

Feel better soon...maybe if things don't subside for can call Scooters vet, he seems to have loads of things to help...if that were a human...we would have to ride that "wave" and not in a good way!


justabeachkat said...

Gross is right! And bless your heart. It's bad enough to have to clean up after someone else, but especially gross if you're feeling bad yourself. Did you both eat the same thing? I hope Alex doesn't get it too.

I hope you feel much better tonight.


nancygrayce said...

Well, bless your heart! and scooter's! I hope you're both feeling better soon!

He Knows My Name said...

Tonja, I guess you'll just have to chalk up today as another day down the drain...oh sorry to mention the plumbing.

I have an onion story for you. I made beef stroganoff. Chopped onions is an ingredient. My husband won't deny his little buddy anything so he shared his dinner one night when I was not home. Next day while rocking my grandson, down at my feet stood little buddy sadly looking up at me with his smooth coat sticking out all over his body like he had cowlicks all over the place. Zoomed him to the vet...HIVES...onions the culprit and a steroid shot and more to go home with.

I did not know about the mac. nuts though. thanks.

Hope tomorrow is better for all.

Sharon said...

Awwwww I am soooo sorry, I know how you feel. I had to put my baby girl down last summer for a illness they could not cure, and didn't even know what it was she had, after I had spent over 2,000 dollars, and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. The throwing up, the poopies, her crying, these sores, my vet to started to cry because he didn't know what else to do. Then I was sick, when my gall bladder decided to go. It was terrible.
I feel for you my sister, I pray and I apply the blood of Jesus on you, your dog and your family.
God bless you

Jillian, Inc said...

Oh gosh, I feel for you. *Gross* has a seat at the table in our family it seems. ha! At least you kept your sense of humor.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh my, you poor thing. I thought I might could get over my fettish with dogs and own one some've reminded me that maybe God hasn't yet fully prepared me.

I hope you feel better soon.

I can only imagine what onions do to dogs. I know what they can do to people and let's say, it can involve releasing a very bad gas odor from the body. Ugg.

andi said...

I am so sorry!!!!