Monday, January 26, 2009


I got up this morning
And what did I see?
A fence with a gate
Waiting for me!

I jumped up with joy
I cavorted with glee
Cause when Scooter goes out
I know where he'll be.
Look! It is finished. There is a gate. And the fence completely encloses the back yard. The only problem is that on one side of the house, the gate is off the ground high enough for Scooter to go under it. So, we must do something about that. But, it is so much easier now to let him out. He was so excited to be off leash, he just ran all over the yard. He kept coming back and looking up at me like,"Are you sure this is OK?" He has much to explore.

That is my little potting shed in the middle picture.
There is one more area to finish up with fencing. Only 1 buddy showed up this morning to finish...don't know how that will work out.

Several years ago, Don, Alex, Ian, and I took a trip through California. We went to San Francisco, and Monterey, to Carmel and to Sonoma. We stayed in bed and breakfasts in each place. It was delightful! Every one of the places was owned by the same family, and each was unique in its own way. The one we stayed at in Monterey had a neat feature in the bedroom. You could walk out of French doors to a tiny secret garden. It was completely enclosed by brick walls about 12 feet high, and of course, no roof. It was only big enough for a small bistro table and chair, and a lounge chair. The ground was covered with a ground cover, and there was ivy climbing up all the walls. Several big pots sat in the corners, just brimming over with colorful blooms. It was such a peaceful place. There was no other door, so the only way to enter was through the bedroom.

Don and I remembered this and when we started building, one of the things we told our architect we wanted was a secret garden. And that is what we will have...when the fence is finished and some planting gets underway. You can enter it through our bathroom, and it is completely enclosed with cedar fencing. We even have a rainfall shower in it. Ours did have to have another door in it, but it can only be opened from the inside. Just a little peaceful retreat area. I will show you pics as it actually becomes a garden...right now, it is just dirt, and an almost finished fence!


windycorner said...

Yea!!!! It looks amazing, Tonja. Skipper must be like a different dog today.

Lynne said...

I don't know what we'd do without our fenced yard. The dogs love to run in the yard.

When we bought this house - right next door to my daughter - we decided to fence both yards together, so the dogs have a really big area in which to run. We had the fence started the day we closed on the house and we didn't move in until it was all finished.

We can't take Teddy for walks because of his heart condition - he gets tired out about a block from the house and can't make it back. So the yard is great for him. He'll run if he feels like it, but he knows he's close enough to the house to come back in when he's tired.

Sharon said...

Too funny I can just see your pup running around the yard looking at you like that. I get those looks from my baby too.
The fence looks great I am sure you and the pup are thrilled.

Maggie said...

Good fences make happy dog owners. Robert Frost forgot to say that in his poem, but we all know it's true.

nancygrayce said...

We have some friends who have a secret garden and it is so neat! My skinny dog actually got through our fence one day and was in the neighbor's yard. We fixed that! I really like your potting shed with the swing on the porch! How nice to pot awhile and swing awhile....:)

justabeachkat said...

Yeah! As a dog owner myself, I know what you mean. It looks really ncie too. the potty shed...can't wait to see the secret garden.


Keetha said...

That potting shed is just plain adorable. I'm envisioning it all painted up like a little cottage.

Musicaljean said...

Yes!! I'm so glad you and Scooter can both have a better life with that fence in place.

The secret garden sounds like paradise.

LivingTheLife said...

Everything is LOOKING GOOD! I know the relief you must feel when you can just let Scooter "out" w/o leashing him...what FREEDOM for both of you!

I do so love the idea of a secret the thought of only being able to access it from your bedroom...and the outdoor shower...ooohhh la-la! I'm afraid I would have to shy away from that on nights like to night...almost freezing here...but it does sound wonderful for a warm summer night!

I also love your potting shed...when the dream house we are planning is built it will have a potting shed for well...and NOW...I may have to copy...ummm I mean borrow that secret garden idea!


Oh...and if you want to hear me rant...go to my's a long post...but it will explain my "mood" as of late!!