Thursday, January 29, 2009


Here in my home town, there is a malady common to many. It can strike any time, and anyone. But, we've all had it, and though it may differ a little from person to is known by one name to all...The Crud. You open your mouth to speak and someone says, "You got the crud?"
You cough, and sneeze, and someone else says," Oh, no, you've got the crud?" Even, "Oh, you poor thing. Go've got the crud." We all know what it is. Oh, not the technical...the medical name. But, that matters not. We ALL know what the 'Crud' is.

First you feel just a minor problem with your throat. It could even pass unnoticed...but for the fact that it is a familiar felt it many times before. Next comes an ever so slight problem with getting air through your nasal passages. And, you know, you feel it deep in your bones...the crud is on the way.

You will then start to feel that tightness in your chest as if there is something in there that shouldn't be...and you're right. Thus begins the coughing...very slight at first...mostly just a tickle. A mere annoyance. And, you know, you feel it deep in your chest...the crud is on the way.

Soon you experience a totally stopped up nose. Which causes the head atop your shoulders to begin to ache...and move on quickly to a hurt. And your poor nasal cavities do not know what to do. They are alternately flowing like a river and stopped up like a dam. Before you know it there is so much 'yuck' living in your sinuses, you wonder how it could grow so quickly. And, you wonder if there is room for any brain cells in there. You can blow and blow and blow until you are seeing stars and light headed...but, it keeps on coming. And, you know, you feel it all the way up your nose...the Crud is here!

Now the 'yuck' in your chest begins to break loose. Oh, misery! You have to must. It will not be quieted. However, if you are a woman 'of a certain age' must beware! Unless you are very careful, you will wet your pants during the coughing spell. And, as far as walking and coughing...don't even try it! You've been there. And, you you're changing clothes...the Crud has struck!

You may or may not have fever, you may or may not ache, but, for sure you are still coughing, and wiping, and holding your head. And, if you happen to be a teacher of young children, you may hear these prophetic words, "Mrs Owens, you sound like my Grandma...she's dead!" And you know, deep in your heart...that children don't lie. You sound terrible. Positive diagnosis...the CRUD.
And, because some idiots decided to make meth with the OTC drug that works best, you must go through an act of Congress, get fingerprinted, show your driver's license, and offer up your firstborn, just to get the simple remedy to open up your nose. It is not quite as hard to get the cough meds...if you can just manage to decipher the bottles to decide which one you need.
And, you wait...and wait...and wait. And slowly, you begin to feel slightly normal again. And, before you know it...all is well. Life is good. The sun comes out, the clouds float by, the birds are singing. Breathe deeply. Enjoy it. And wait...cause 'round these parts...the Crud will surely come again. Bummer.


Melinda said...

We are all too familiar with the crud around here!!

I hope you'll have a chance to stop by my blog and read about the amazing provisions the Lord has given us this week!

Lynne said...

Hope you're feeling better. I haven't gotten the crud this year (knock wood) but it's all around.

Musicaljean said...

That's a new term for my up here in the north! We just say head cold and chest cold, I guess. I'm sorry you're so miserable, and I hope you're able to fight it off really quickly.

Sherrie said...

Got to love us Southeners, we can come up for a name for almost anything!!!!

Hope you feel well soon!!!!

Love ya!

nancygrayce said...

In my town, which is just a little piece from your town, we would say "Bless your heart!" Hope you're feeling better soon!

racheld said...

Feel better soonnnnnn!!

Debbie said...

You described exactly what is going on with me right now. The Crud. Thats a horiible But oh so true. Thanks Doc.....Debbie

Tracey Kirksey said...

that's exactly what it is! The crud! I'm so sorry you're feeling bad...hopefully it won't last too long.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! You are a treasure!

Ang baylis said...

Oh,Tonja! I am perfectly healthy right now, but can almost feel the crud coming through my computer screen. I hope you are feeling better!
Angie xoxo

justabeachkat said...

Oh no! Not the crud! I have a friend suffering with it right now. I hope and pray it doesn't visit me. I hope you feel much better real soon.