Saturday, January 24, 2009


We have been living here in the Creek House for about a month, now. I love it! I love being here, I love coming home here, I love walking in the door here, I love resting here, I love sleeping here, I love getting ready for my day here. HOWEVER, I do NOT like having to take Scooter out for a 'potty break' here. But, I do, because, our fence is STILL not completed!

I do not know who is putting up our fence...but, if I ever had to have another fence put up, I would find out who they are and NOT use them. They will show up, and work for maybe 4 or 5 hours, then they are gone! They have been working on this fence since a few days after we moved in. We do not have a giant should not have taken as long as it has. I will watch them sometimes, and I think they have a 'buddy system'.

One works while his buddy watches, then they will switch. Why they can't both work together is a mystery to me. Why they can not work a whole day is a mystery to me. Why this does not bother my husband, who usually has no sympathy for this type of thing, is a mystery to me. Maybe if HE was the one taking the dog out day AND night, it would bother him more. Oh, dear, do I sound bitter?

The sides and back of the fence are cedar, but, across the front and attaching to the house is iron. When it is finished, it will add a very nice accent to the yard. Also, Scooter will thoroughly enjoy exploring and sniffing to his heart's content when he can be off leash and free. I am writing this on Saturday morning, and TO MY AMAZEMENT, the fence fixers are here...and working!

Will wonders never cease? I do NOT think Don called to complain...I think the good Lord lit a fire under them. Because He knew I was going to BLOW A GASKET very soon if the fence wasn't finished. He knows that this is not a pretty sight, and someone usually ends up saying things she shouldn't and acting in a manner unbecoming to a nice, Christian lady. I wouldn't want to point fingers or anything...that's just not becoming. I'm just saying. So...

"Work on, fence fixers!
Fix my fence, I pray!
Make it safe for man and beast,
Finish! Please, TODAY!"


Keetha said...

Perhaps it should BECOME hubby's job to walk Scooter night and day until the fence is finished?

LivingTheLife said...

Oh! I hear ya, sista! I'm having the EXACT same problem with our painters! They have been trying to get the outside of my house painted since around Christmas! They are still not day it's raining...another it's too cold...then the lead painters sister had a THEY ALL TOOK OFF FOR THE DAY!! Yea, I'm perplexed as how anything EVER gets done...but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel...maybe they will finish at the same time your fence guys finish...THEN we will most certainly need to celebrate!

Good luck...oh and I say...hand that leash and the dog over to your sweet hubbin' tonight...if the fence isn't finished by Monday...I would be surprised!


Musicaljean said...

Honestly, Tonja, you are the funniest when you are mad!! Of course, I am not the one you're mad at, so I can say that!!

I do hope that fence will be finished VERY soon. Maybe you SHOULD be the one to say something to those buddies.

Jillian, Inc said...

ha! I had to laugh about the one working and one watching part. Makes me think of "government" road crews. Makes me ponder even more when the economy is so bad and jobs are so scarce...why aren't people WORKING HARDER??? Glad that gasket didn't blow!

nancygrayce said...

It does inspire a new joke many buddies does it take to build a fence!

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Sound like they are "state employees" HA!!! I understand your frustrations. I would be the same way. Just curious, why do you call your lovely home a "creek house"? I imagined in my head a camp...but certainly not. It is lovely.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

That's called the new "work ethic." People do not want to work. Service is a word of the past. I get so frustrated with these types of construction workers. Having built a few houses I now tell them I will wait as long to pay them for their services as it took them to do the job. When we were building our little cottage up north the guys just disappeared for one month because it was deer hunting season. And they got mad at me, "like you did't know ~ it's deer hunting season?"



Princess "S" said...

Trying to see if this will work. Love, Shirl

Princess "S" said...

Finally!!!!!! I will not be defeated!!!Love, Shirl
P.S. I'm writing down what I just did.

He Knows My Name said...

Listen men, fix the fence.

Scooter needs his freedom, hence;

fix it now, fix it fast,

else yo head be in a cast!


windycorner said...

I love your James Bond pictures of the fence fixers. Wouldn't they be surprised to know that they are the subject of a blog post! I have a feeling that all the sudden it will be all finished and you'll be saying, "When did that happen?"