Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Friends...I did it! I walked into the dentist's office...under my own power, no less! I didn't even cry or make those moaning sounds, either! And she (the dentist) was just as kind and gentle as I remembered her. Well, the tooth has a big 'ole cavity in it, under the filling. She could not believe it had not been hurting me. THANK YOU, JESUS! She went on to say that maybe the nerve had died, so that was the reason it wasn't hurting. I don't know if that is good or bad...but it IS good it doesn't hurt. She said that she would have know, the "D" word. That thing that makes such a horrid noise. She will clean it all out and maybe just have to put a crown on it....or maybe that other SCARY's 2 words and starts with root... UGHHHHH! I can't even think about that now. How will I ever walk in there if I know they may do that? She smoothed out the rough place on the tooth and said it would be better not to open it up until I got back. O.K., that's cool. I can deal with that.....put it off..looooong time. No, I did go ahead and make an appt for the 28th. Yeah, something to look forward to.

O.K. Deep breath..let go of all that tension...just let it go...replace it with palm trees and blue water and tall, cool drinks and 3 Southern Belles toolin' around a mustang convertible. Oh, that's much better...That's what I'll think about. Scary things can wait till I get back.

Seriously, friends, I felt your prayers. Isn't God good? He reaches down and puts His arms around us and holds us close...and He doesn't laugh or call us silly, either. He just loves us. I thank you for listening to me rant for the past 2 days, too. Your kind words helped so much. Just be prepared...I'll probably start up again when it close to D-Day again. Blessings to you!


Lynne said...

I knew you could do it! Last year, I had to have a crown removed because there was "something" under it. When the crown came off, my dentist realized I needed to see an endodontist. Like right then. So off I went, and he said I needed the dreaded R.C. Panic started to set in, but this guy was so great. Loaded me up with novacaine and the whole thing was done within an hour. The days of the 2 appointments for the procedure are gone. It was actually easy.

Enjoy your trip, but please have "whatever-has-to-be-done" done when you get back. You'll feel so much better knowing that it's finally over. I'm rooting for you (no pun intended).

Musicaljean said...

Hey, cool! I never did see your reply about the time of your appointment until right now. But at 11:45 this morning I thought of you and prayed that the Lord's peace would descend upon you, whatever time your appointment was. That would have been 10:45 your time, right?

I hope you just forget all about it now until you come back, and go have a BLAST!

RealEstateGirl said...

So glad you're not in any pain and it can wait until you get back! You'll be fine...put it out of your head and just enjoy the wonderful trip you are about to embark on!

I'm headed to the beach in a couple of days too, so I guess I'll "see" you when I get back!

Have loads of fun, buy lots of fun stuff and take tons of pictures!

Love you, my friend!

justabeachkat said...

Wonderful!! So glad you survived. I knew you would though.

Dianne said...

Great news...glad it all went well!

DebraK said...

Dropped by your blog and had to laugh...I had several root canals.....nothing to it...a bit of novacaine and the worst is over. It does not hurt so don't be scared. Do it and then you can stop worrying. [[[hug]]]]]