Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I ROCK!!!!

Thanks, Kat,Just a Beach Kat for the 'rockin endorsement'! I want to rock, I plan to rock, I try to rock, and according to you...I do! WOW! I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now. :)

So, now I get to choose 5 other rockin bloggers.

First, Leah, at Staying In Touch, a fun girl who lives in the deep south like me. She has 2 cute kids and I enjoy reading her blogs about she and her family.

Second, A Walk In My Shoes is one of my favorite reads. She has thoughtful insights into life. I love her pictures and poetry, also. A beautiful blog.

Third, Jean, at What's Up At The Stauffers . I just adore her. This is one busy lady. She has family everywhere. And she is a music teacher like me. Bet she even likes ROCKIN' music! :)

Next is my friend, Dianne, at Glasses of Grace. She has such a sweet relationship with her neices and blogs about that often. She has to just be brimming over with love. I enjoy reading about their adventures together.

And,I love to read Ornamental. She is such an artistic soul, and sees beauty in a myriad of things. I always feel the artsy side of my self being fed when I read her blog.

And again, thanks, Kat, you are one ROCKIN' BEACH BABE! Glad we've become friends!


Musicaljean said...

Oh yes, indeed I do like rockin' music. I'm even gonna learn how to dance one of these years. Just haven't had the time yet. But I can keep up with my school kids and all the choreography pretty darn well for a chunky 55!

Leah Belle said...

ooo! this is the first award my blog has won! how exciting!

I'm having fun reading about your trip and seeing your pictures.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I'm a new reader (I think thru Kat) and wanted to say Congrats! on the award.