Thursday, June 28, 2007


I made it, friends. But, it was rough, let me tell you. However, when they got that gas a pumpin'...I was feelin' fine. Shame they have to turn that stuff off. :) My dentist was a sweetheart as she always is and she did not hurt me at all. Bad news....I have to have a ROOT CANAL! And it is not scheduled untilAugust...that means a whole month to worry. She cannot do it and is sending me to another doctor...then back to her for the crown. There is a temporary crown on it now. This is just way too much stress for a body to take when it's summer vacation time.

Anyway...THANKS for all the support! I know some of you bumped me up on the prayer list...I could tell. You're the best. Jean, you can relax...I didn't cross over....but that gas had me flying pretty high.:)


Musicaljean said...

Ha, ha!! So glad you're still here on this side to keep entertaining us! Now stop your worrying, my dear. As you can see, they get you high and numb you up, and you don't feel a thing.

justabeachkat said...

Well, glad you're still around!


RealEstateGirl said...

so glad everything went well, as well as can be expected at the dentist office!

Loving all your pictures!