Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I went to Wal-Mart last night. Guess what I found while I was buying toothpaste? You can buy filling stuff for your teeth...you know in case a filling was to fall out and you could not get to the dentist. Know anyone like that? And you can buy those mirrors on a stick and the little picky things, too. I bought it all. I was thinking that if I took that stuff with me, then I wouldn't have to go to the dentist tomorrow and Tina and Shirl could fix my tooth if it got worse. While I was across the sea. In Maui. Away from the dentist.

However.....Don pointed out that if I just go to the dentist tomorrow like I have planned, it would all be taken care of, and there would be no cause to even think about it while I was gone, and I could have a much better time if I wasn't worrying about my tooth hurting, and I wouldn't have to bother my friends by making them practice dentistry while we are all on the trip of our lives! Makes sense to me...therefore....I AM going....to the dentist...tomorrow.

And all will be well.

Your kind thoughts have strengthened me...and not a single one of you called me silly or foolish. Thanks, my friends. I'll let you know how it all turns out as I face bravely the unknown terrors of the dentists chair.

But, just to be on the safe side....PRAY!!!!!!!


Musicaljean said...

What time? And which time zone are you in?

Lynne said...

Good for you! You'll do fine and then it will all be over. You don't want to go to Hawaii and have to worry about going to the dentist when you come back. And what if you had to go to a dentist while you're there? You might not be able to find a nice gentle one. This is the best thing for you to do. I'm proud of you!

RealEstateGirl said...

I'm sure your friends will appreciate you not making them practice dentistry!

It will be over with before you know it and you'll be SO glad you took care of it!

Dianne said...

Keep us posted. I'll be eager to read about it...as ONLY you can tell it! :-)

Tonja said...

Jean, it's at 11:oo, central time zone...THANKS!!

Adam R. Owens said...

You are so silly!

NspiredByFaith said...

I hope your dentist appt went well and you are feeling better already! I am so jealous that you are going to Hawaii! What a wonderful trip! I hope you have the time of your life!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear how the date with the dentist went.

Angela Conklin
a friend thru your entries

justabeachkat said...

Well, where are you? You did survive, right? You're okay, right? You're a big girl, right? Come on, don't keep us in suspense!

Southern Heart said...

I understand how you feel...I work in the medical field (and know---in my head---the importance of dental visits), but I would rather visit the GYN....twice (and I hate that)! That is why you see more and more dentists advertising as catering to those who are fearful.

I hope that all went well...let us know when you can!