Friday, February 26, 2010


If you have to 'run around' sure to look cute and have fun!

Oh, and take a friend, if you makes the journey so much nicer!


Southern Lady said...

LOL Tonja ... that's so cute! I'm on my way out to "run" to the grocery store. Not sure how cute I'll look but I'll have fun anyway ... lol.

Musicaljean said...

Adorable!! We won't be running too fast up here with all the wind and blowing snow. We're planning to drive down to Lancaster County this evening, so we're hoping things calm down by then.

racheld said...

I've just read of and seen a separate movie about people's envy of and wish to experience just once the sheer joy of a dog, running for the pleasure of it, chasing an obliging squirrel, hanging a lolly face out the window of a fast car.

Chris and I were just discussing it the other morning---what animals miss out on in life, and what they get in exchange.

I think that the joy of dogs as above and the ease and ability of all dogs and cats to just nap at any moment, without a care for obligations of work or company or what to have for supper---now THAT would be fun once in a while.

Just Breathe said...

So adorable, love that photo.
Doesn't it look like happiness?

Kat said...

Oh girlfriend, I'm chasing my own tail most of the time lately. Busy, busy, busy!


LivingTheLife said...

Cute...I have a "running" buddy here in Cali...and I thank the Lord for her! Not sure how cute I look when out running around...but you can bet I'm having fun!!

Thanks for always brightening my day...with your sweet wit and your great pictures...where DO you find them all???