Monday, February 15, 2010


Last week, it snowed here. We were expecting it, and looking forward to it. I even found myself waking up during the night to look out the window to see if it had started. I watched it and marveled at it, and thrilled to see it...all by myself. When I could stand it no longer, I went to wake Alex up. Somehow I knew that it was much more likely that he would be excited about it than Don. As it turned out, he was already awake...but had not even bothered to look outside. Boys! Men! I'll just never understand them!

Anyway, he was so gracious to come and sit on the couch with me and look out the big picture window in his apartment. It is the largest one in our house and it looks out over the pool. The snow falling was beautiful...just beautiful. I'm sure there is much to be said about the fact that it is something that we have seen so rarely. When it floats down from as far up as you can is mesmerizing!

Well, we watched for an hour or so. It was a sweet time spent together with my son. As we sat there talking about first one thing and then another...and always back to the snow...Alex said some things to me that touched me so deeply.

"If it had snowed last year, I would not have been able to see it." (No, at this time last year, he was legally blind)

"Do you know how wonderful it is to be able to SEE?" (I don't, for I have always been able to see. Even though my own eyesight is quite poor...I have always been able to see what I wanted with glasses.)

"Mom, I am so blessed! So blessed! I can see! I can see each of those snowflakes! I can see how many there are! I can see them when they fall! "

"Do you see that bird nest up there?" I remarked to him that I knew it had to make such a difference to be able to be able to see the branches and the leaves in the trees. He then went on to tell me something that I had never heard him say before.

"Mom, before my eyes were fixed, it was just like someone had filled my eyes with V*aseline. I always felt like like I was trying to see through it. But, now it is like someone wiped all the V*aseline out of my eyes!"

Oh, Alex, I am so happy that you can see. I am so happy that God choose to heal your eyes. I am so happy that He worked all this out in His time and in His way. I am blessed as well.

But, as much as I am blessed by the fact that you can see...I am just as blessed by the fact that you recognize that this gift came from God. Blessed that you realize that every good gift in our lives is from Him. Blessed that you don't take it for granted.

So revel in it! Thrill to it! And, use your eyes to see all the beauty there is in this world. God made it all for us to enjoy! Take the time to see it all...and take the time to say "Thank-you!"

But, don't count on seeing much more of that beautiful snow 'round these parts!


Just Breathe said...

Oh Tonja this is a beautiful story.
He has been given a huge blessing.
I am so happy for all of you.

racheld said...

Oh, Tonja!

What a lovely moment to share---the rarity of the snow coupled with that perfect conversation with your son.

It's a great blessing to you all---to US all, in the telling and in the sharing of this great miracle.

I Believe.

When Caro was very young, I noticed her sitting right up in front of the TV. I spoke to her and she looked up, squinting to find me across the room.

We went to an appointment with the eye doctor, and as we rode home with her new glasses, she kept her eyes on the scenery out the window.

"MAMA!" she said. "There are LEAVES on the trees! I can SEE them. I always thought trees and bushes were just fuzzy lumps on the trunks."

Love Being a Nonny said...

How precious!

Indeed, every good and perfect gift is from above!! I too love it when one of my kids recognizes that!!!

I know it does your *mommy heart* good to hear his words!

Musicaljean said...

How precious, Tonja!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful post! God is so good, isn't he!

Gram said...

What a wonderful blessing. God is a generous Father.

I still appreciate the beauty of the falling snow even if I don't appreciate the mess it makes out of traffic and how dirty it can be before it melts. The world is so quiet and beautiful as it snows!

Kat said...

Beautiful photos! And Alex's comments gave me sweet chills. Our God is so good.


nancygrayce said...

I'm so glad he got to see the snow! I'm so thankful that God allowed this miracle of sight and that Alex recognizes that he's blessed. He's such a wonderful son!!!

Southern Lady said...

What a sweet and moving story, Tonja. The hymn, "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow," comes to mind, and I know Alex feels doubly blessed ... not only to have his sight, but to have you as his mom.

Anonymous said...

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