Thursday, February 4, 2010


My husband, and my Pop both instilled into my 3 boys many fine manners. I am proud to say they are very well mannered, polite young men. One of the lessons was about hats...YOU NEVER WEAR A HAT INDOORS! Now, my boys knew this...and knew we knew this...and even though every other teenage boy in church came in with a ball cap on his head, they knew if they did either their Dad or their Pop or their Mom would be taking that hat off for them.

Now, I know this is a new day...but can some one tell me why the young men wear those wool caps everywhere? At first I thought it was a cultural thing...but now I see boys of all races wearing these ski cap /toboggan/skull caps. I mean, they have to be hot...and they wear them everywhere! I saw some of the people at the Grammys with them on the other night. I just think their heads have got to be awfully sweaty.


I think Norah Jones has the most mellow voice ever. I just love to hear her sing. It's as if her voice changes to suit the mood and intensity of the song. She is very talented. Some of you may remember Ravi Shankir...way back when we were young. I think he was some sort of guru, and he played the sitar, I think. He's 82 now. Well, she is his daughter. Anyway, I can recommend her music highly...especially if you like music where you can understand the words!


I hear that we are having more winter! Phil the groundhog said so. And, seems he is usually right! Do you know that PETA...(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is claiming that it is unfair for Phil to have to show us his shadow once a year. They are actually calling for a ROBOT to take his place. One of his handlers said today "He's (PHIL) got it made. An air conditioned and heated home...a vet on call...all the food he needs...a safe place to stroll around free of the danger of predators--no other groundhog has it nearly this good! And, he only has to work one morning a year!"


I think John Edwards is pathetic! He deserves nothing but disdain! Good for his wife for finally standing up to him. He'll have to pay for all the grief he caused her while she was sick with cancer. And, his baby daughter will grow up knowing her daddy wanted to hide her so nobody would know she was his. Sad, sad people. God help them all! I know there are some, but why are there not more decent, upstanding moral people in politics?


Have you seen the commercial on TV about the dog trying to find a safe place to hide his bone? Nowhere he puts it gives him assurance. Very clever, and sweet!


A PROLIFIC BLOGGER is one who is intellectually productive....keeping up an active blog filled with enjoyable content.

Thanks to my friend, Debby, at JUST BREATHE. I am very honored and appreciate her thinking my blog is worthy of being called 'prolific'...I do try to keep an active blog and I try to fill it with enjoyable and interesting news in addition to my family stuff, and a little inspiration. The 'intellectual' part...I'm not so sure about! :)

Visit Debby to see the cutest little dog ever. And to read her fun and interesting blog. Thanks again, Debbie.

I choose to pass this along to 2 bloggers that I feel really do meet the criteria for this award...prolific, enjoyable, and definitely intellectual. Their blogs are always so worthy of reading! No matter what post, they always inspire. Rachel spins words around like nobody's business and draws the most wonderful pictures in your mind. To hear stories about the 'real South' go see her! And, Janie, shows us places around the South that are filled with history, and interesting places. Her pictures are professional and inspiring! To see what the 'real South' looks like, go visit her.

Rachel at Lawn Tea

Janie at Southern Lagniappe


And, finally...even though I choose not to speak about these things yet, I would humbly ask that you lift my family to the Father. Joy and I both have children that are going through some testing and trials at the moment. They are all grounded in their faith and know where their help comes from. So, please pray that they make wise decisions, that they are open to hearing the Father speaking to them, and that they are infused with strength and confidence. I appreciate it so much.


racheld said...

Oh, My Goodness, Tonja!

What a lovely thing to say!! I so appreciate your kind thought, and will have Chris show me how to put this on the sidebar soon as he comes home---I've never been chosen for such an award before, and I appreciate your thinking so of me.

I concur re: Manners, hats, and the unspeakable John Edwards.

And my prayers are with you and your family, always.

Southern Lady said...

Tonja, what a nice surprise. Your sweet words were like a ray of sunshine on this cold, wet, and dreary day, and they mean so much to me.

I pray God will hold your and Joy's sweet children extra close and give them the wisdom and strength they need at this time in their lives.

nancygrayce said...

First, I will be praying for your family! Trials are just hard to go through.

Second, I laughed so hard about PETA! All I know is that they are nuts! And who's to say the robot won't be offended. I'll bet the ACLU will come in with a suit for making robots feel like they are just NOTHING! :)

Gram said...

I said a quick prayer and will continue to lift your family in prayer.

I am in full agreement with the hat issue, Norah Jones, John Edwards and give me a break - PETA!

LivingTheLife said...

I will be praying for your kiddo's and Joy' is actually an honor to do so...

Secondly, I don't understand those hats anymore than you do...and another thing I don't get...what's with the pants these guys wear down to their knees or at least close to their knees these days...seriously, they can't even walk b/c they have to keep one hand on the waist of their jeans to keep them from falling down around their ankles. For the life of me I don't know why they bother...b/c you see most of what is under those pants anyway!!

I too, LOVE Norah Jones...she is truly a very gifted young lady...she is just so relaxing to listen to...and she looks like she is the SWEETEST gal on earth.

Now for John Edwards...I am so disappointed in him and thoroughly disgusted. I feel for all of those that have been left in his tumultous wake...I have no respect for all!!

And I agree "Phil" the groundhog has a great life...lay off our groundhog...PETA!!!


Just Breathe said...

Again, a wonderful post. That is why I gave you the award. I don't get the hat thing. Actually I was telling my husband about the guy from Dexter and his skull cap. Turns out he has cancer. I haven't heard of Norah Jones, I will have to check her out. Yes, Edward Jones is pathetic! I will keep your family in my prayers.
Sending them to God right now.

Just Breathe said...

Thank you for the sweet words. I went over and put both of your ladies in my reader. Look forward to getting to know them.

Melissa said...

Prayers have been lifted up for your family...

Musicaljean said...

It's not even just the hat. The kids seem to like to keep a hooded sweatshirt on all the time too, no matter the temperature. I don't know how many times I asked last year, "Aren't you HOT?" They didn't seem to care. And yet, when they were allowed to start wearing shorts on April 15th, it didn't matter that it was a cold day, they wore shorts!!! KIDS!!!!

I bought a People magazine last evening, just because I wanted to read the article about John Edward's wife. What a lady. My heart just aches for her.

I'll lift your dear family to the Lord, and I'm asking you to do the same for me. My niece Lori's cancer is back again. There might not be much more they can do. And two of my siblings are having cancer-related testing coming up.

We too know to Whom to turn, and we are blessed to have each other.

The Brezina's said...

Mrs. T
I always look forward to reading when I've seen that you've posted. My day is always better because of your "mothering wisdom" to your 3 boys and because of the reflections of your Faith! Hope that I can be a Godly example to Clark and Carsen as you have been to Adam, Alex and Ian!