Tuesday, February 23, 2010


There are not many times at this stage of life, that I am called upon to face a dilemma. It's not often that there is a choice to be made that causes me to weigh the situation. Not often am I called upon to list the pros and cons of what I am facing in order to make the best decision.

Really, all of the hard decisions that I face...have already been faced. I know the right answers, and I know what to do. I do not even have to think about most of them anymore. And, that makes my life easier.

However...a dilemma has presented itself to me today, that I have no experience in dealing with. I have never come up against this exact choice before...so I have nothing to fall back on. I am going on instinct here. There is nothing I can read to help me decide. And, whichever way I decide...someone is going to be left out. And, I am going to be the one doing the suffering. Why must life be so hard?

And, so...I must decide...and I must decide quickly...there is a time limit. It is possible that you may have dealt with something similar, so let me explain...

Tonight...at 7:00...

All 3 of these shows come on! All at the same time! Life, it seems, has dealt me a cruel blow!

OK...I have a DVR, so I can record one of them. And, truth be told, it will not REALLY matter if I miss American Idol. Actually at this stage of the game, it's really hard for me to keep them all straight anyway. I tend to enjoy it better when I start watching when it gets down to the top 10. So, that takes care of that...and I'm down to 2 choices.

LOST...I have been watching since the beginning...and everything that happens now is tying the story up. They are laying the groundwork for the big mysteries to be solved.

OLYMPICS...I am not much on most of these games. Especially the little bumper car things that go around the track by themselves...does it count if they get into their little cars the quickest? And, why do they have to push themselves off? Couldn't they have pit crews like at the Nascar drivers do?

And the skiing...who knew there were so many different ways to go down a hill? Some times, they are alone...then groups of 2...or 4. Sometimes they have ramps to propel them skyward. And, on the way down they twist and spin and twirl. Sometimes they follow a track...and sometimes, they take a break in the middle and shoot at some targets with the guns they are carrying on their backs....which doesn't seem all that safe to me...but no one asked me.

I suppose if you were a hockey fan, those games would be exciting to watch...but, I'm not.

What I am a fan of, though, is the figure skating. I love watching them as they slide and glide and twist and turn and fly over the ice. I wonder how they get their bodies to rotate like they do . I wonder how they manage to keep from tripping over their own feet...or their partners.

So, that's where we are...take Idol out...that leaves skating...and Lost. Skating and Lost...Lost and Skating.

Can you guess which one I chose?

EDITED TO ADD---I watched LOST! And, that was the right decision. All of the girls that I wanted to watch came on after LOST was over!


YaYa's Funhouse said...

Same situation here. How about LOST?? I have to admit that is what I watched. I, too, have watched every episode. We rented all seasons and watch back-to-back. I am just as confused as ever. WHAT??? WHO???? WHERE??? WHEN????

Bonnie said...

Lost . . . no doubt.

Love Being a Nonny said...

Lost...because don't you watch it with Alex?

nancygrayce said...

I knew you would choose Lost! :)

Jillian, Inc said...

Realize I'm a day late on this one, but you can record two shows at the same time on the DVR while watching a third....I think??? I do it and it seems to always work for me. After this week the point will be moot though, since the Olympics are ending.

Musicaljean said...

I'm glad you watched Lost with Alex and still got to watch your favorite girls. How sad about the girl whose mother died of a heart attack while in Vancouver.

Ang baylis said...

I've SO enjoyed the Olympics this year! The skiing is crazy! I love skiing, but wow! When 4 people ski at the same time I get nervous. It's been a lot of fun! I don't watch Lost, but maybe I should start!

Gram said...

I made the same choice, then watched the figure skaters. They have been airing Lost again the following week before the new show with little pop up comments that remind you of some of the things from past seasons.