Friday, February 26, 2010

RUNNING to speak...

I started out the day, yesterday, with a mission...see my friends for breakfast...get a hair cut...visit TJM*XX....go to Dr.....purchase at Office store...purchase book at the Book store...stop by W/D for Alex... I am his official grocery-getter. (years ago when my boys were quite a bit younger, we had a station wagon. A REAL station wagon. You know the ones that were as long as a train, and the back seat made into more seats...or laid flat for grocery getting...or young-uns sleeping. It was yellow with 'real wood' on the side! And, I was QUEEN OF THE ROAD in that thing! Oh, my, it was a big, big, car.
My boys and all the other kids in the neighborhood called it The Grocery Getter! And, EVERYTIME I pulled out of my driveway, what ever child happened to be outside would have the responsiblility of yelling to every house within shouting distance, "There goes that Grocery Getter!" Except Ian...the baby...he would yell,"DERE GOES DAT GO GETTER MOMMY!" Whichever..the whole neighborhood was made aware of my comings and goings.) (I once took my mother, my mother in law, my sister, and 5 grandchildren in that tank all the way to NC, which was 13 hours driving time...on a good day---we did not pick a good day. We had the first unplanned stop about 20 miles from home. For some reason my 2 youngest boys figured that since I was driving, all the teaching and training and rules and decent behavior was not necessary because WE.WERE.PACKED.LIKE.SARDINES.INTO.THE.GROCER.GETTER.

I warned a few times and then I came to my senses...this was not going to get better and we were less than an hour into the trip. I pulled off the road...we were in the country...not much traffic. I walked down a little dirt road until I found a bush that was growing the most wonderful switches. It was covered in, I decided to 'borrow' a few. And, I, the boys and the switches had a quick review lesson of proper behavior. AND, one of the swiches decided to travel along with us. It was placed in a prominent place...easy for all to see!)

Back to the present...I did quite a bit of running! I met my friends for breakfast. Before I even got there, I knew that my lower tummy area was in some distress. And, boy was it! And, it got more distressed. But, I was able to visit with Kathy, Judy, and Ann....between runs to the bathroom!

The girl who cuts my hair called me and said she was ready for I left quickly and made the run to the salon.

I hurried to TJM, but did not buy anything. Really! I ran into my friend,Dawn, and we chatted a while. I really miss her...and all the girls I worked with! It was nice to catch up a little.

I went to the Dr., who put a shot in my back, up near my shoulder. FUN.

But, at least my irritable bowel is feeling much calmer now. Got my book...I'm gonna save it to read on a trip coming up.

And stopped by the grocery store. Got Alex's list of THINGS I HAVE TO HAVE.

And my running is over. The only thing moving on me is my fingers. And, that is all I can tell you about today.


Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVED that "grocery getter" story!

I used a wooden kitchen spoon as a "switch" so long, the spoon part broke off. I just found it the other day and "saved" it for "show and tell" the next time all the kids are here - - - -

racheld said...


What a runner you are!!

We had two of those GG's over the course of my children's growing up and all the parties I "did" for people.

One was purple, also a three-seater---I took the kids to Canada in that one---and the other just like that one, without the snazzy wood. It was the exact yellow of the Eagle Brand Lemon Icebox Pie filling.

Between them, they probably carried tons of groceries and hundreds of Cub Scouts. You always kindle the most-fun memories!

Bonnie said...

Hey, run over our way sometime! We miss you!!

Gram said...

I'm exhausted just reading this. Hope you feel better and have had a good weekend.

Just Breathe said...

Sorry about the bowels :(
Glad you are better and were able to finish your day. We had a station wagon too back when the kids were little. Talk with you later Grocery Getter.

Southern Lady said...

You make whatever you do sound like fun, Tonja ... except for your IBS and the shot at the doctor's office.

Hope you're feeling better now and have a fun Monday.

RosieJo said...

When we realized we were expecting our first child in early March '77we bought a brand new 1976 Ford Squire station wagon, tobacco brown with two-toned 'real wood trim'. To this day we still refer to it as if it were a long missed family pet. Our Bi-Centennial Gas-Guzzler will always be our favorite vehicle.