Friday, July 10, 2009


Today is Ian's birthday. And, what a joy and delight this child has been. (Yes, Ian, I know you are not a child anymore...). He has brought such fun and laughter to our family. Our family as a whole. He is the 'baby' of all the grandchildren...but, believe you me...he has been able to stand right along side of them in anything they do.
From the very beginning, he has attempted to do the impossible...even when he knew better! It was always hard to hold him back if there was something he wanted to do or somewhere he wanted to go!

Ian loves life. And, he always has. It always surprised me how many people he knew that I didn't. He was the type of little boy who always made his presence known wherever he went. Kids loved Ian, and adults did, too. We even had someone tell us last week how much they used to enjoy having Ian over to their house when their son and Ian were school chums.
Now, he was a clever boy. And, it was hard to play a joke on him...but one time...we got him good! He was having his second heart surgery when he was about 14 or 15 years old. They came and got him for the surgery, and off they went. But, his youth pastor at the time, Larry Holcomb, had sinister plans. He brought with him to the hospital, a bottle of hot pink nail polish. Well, we asked the nurses if they would be so kind as to paint his toenails while he was asleep! Sure! They had nothing better to do! And, so they did. Well, this was a small, private hospital in our area, and so the word spread quickly that the deed was done. Everyone...and I mean 'everyone' came to see his toes. Now, for a good half a day, Ian did not know why everyone that came to see him would check his toes! But, when he realized it...
He was a great sport about it and enjoyed telling the story as much as we did! He could easily laugh at himself, if the joke was on him!

I could go on and tell you lots of stories, but, for now, I'll just say that I am blessed to have him as a son. He is a joy to my heart, a shoulder to lean on, and a most precious gift from God. He gives wise counsel to those who ask, and like his daddy, thinks through a problem clearly before attempting to solve it. Most importantly, he loves the Lord. He seeks His guidance, and recognizes and gives thanks for the blessings he has received.

Happy 26 th birthday, Ian.



Kat said...

Happy Birthday Ian!

Great photos and what a story he has to tell!


Lynne said...

Happy birthday Ian - have a wonderful day.

Jennifer said...

That's great. Happy Birthday Ian!

andi said...

Happy Birthday IAN!!!!!

Musicaljean said...

And he's handsome too! What a great picture of you two. And good stories too.

LivingTheLife said...

Loved reading about Ian...he most certainly is a handsome young man and he sounds like so much "LOVE" all bundled up in one person...aren't sons great!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY make all of us want to get to know you better...

Congrats to mom, too...for raising such a son, loving him, nurturing him and for raising him up to LOVE the LORD...I know you are extremely well you should be.

Love the picture of you two, it shows many more things to the viewer than a mother and can tell you guys love each other...and most importanly REALLY LIKE each other!