Monday, August 17, 2009

PROMISES® Silky Smooth MILK Chocolate — Peanut Butter
DOVE® Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate PROMISES® are made of luxuriously smooth, rich chocolate that pairs the goodness of creamy peanut butter with Silky Smooth DOVE® Milk Chocolate. Each individually wrapped with a special PROMISES® message inside. An experience like no other. "I concur wholeheartedly with this claim! These are delicious! Oh.My. Goodness!!!
If you have had a day, or a week, or actually a whole month like mine...this is a medicinal product I am sure you will find most beneficial. I hear you! I hear you saying, "Medicinal? She's not as smart as she thinks she is!" Well, I am too, smart...look at this!:

All About Chocolate > Medicinal and Psychological Properties

The Mayans and Aztecs learned very early on the hydrating properties of cocoa butter, a substance obtained after several steps of processing. This balm became an staple item of their pharmacopoeia, used for healing burns and chapped skin, easing sunburn, treating the liver and lungs, and as a preventative against snake bite.

Its therapeutic uses were recognized in Europe for the first time in the Bref Traité de Médecine by Augustin Farfan, a physician to the court of Philip II, published in 1579. According to Farfan, two varieties of cocoa beans, roasted and well ground, when drunk very hot in the morning, is a good purgative "for those suffering from tightening of the stomach" and also serves "to eliminate stones from the kidneys."

Brillat-Savarin is the undisputed master of hot chocolate, which he calls the chocolate of the afflicted. In his excellent book on the classics of the table, he recommends chocolate as "a stomachic and even digestive tonic" and attributes to cocoa restorative properties capable of reviving even the most faltering strength by adding all the wisdom of the east: vanilla, cinnamon, mace, cane sugar and a few grains of ambergris.

Cocoa contains what is called "good cholesterol" and does not harm the body

Let us not attribute to chocolate faults that it does not possess
In itself, it isn't fattening if eaten plain and in moderation, with allowances for the different types of chocolate. Dark chocolate with a high concentration of cocoa is not fattening. On the other hand, the lower the quality of chocolate, the higher the cocoa butter and sugar content … so beware! If you want to inverse the process and gain weight, we suggest caramel-filled white chocolate - foolproof!

Cocoa has no effect on the liver, even in the case of people suffering from hepatic complaints. Biological examinations have not revealed any effect on liver cells. No, chocolate is not aphrodisiac, though it is a stimulant - sometimes people confuse the two.

SOURCE: The Worldwide Gourmet .........and even if I don't understand ALL those words, I can tell they are 'smart' words, and that, in itself, lends more credence to their claim. And mine! I'm just saying...

And, if you are a who prefers pure, unmessed-around-with, chocolaty'll find none better than the dark chocolate.


“There is nothing better than a good friend…
except a good friend with CHOCOLATE!”

“A balanced diet is one with a
Chocolate bar in both hands!”

“Money talks…
Chocolate sings!”


A Public Service Announcement brought to you in the public interest by the good people at Gatherings......


Love Being a Nonny said...

OK, I won't be popular here....Don't get me wrong, I LIKE chocolate....I just don't LOVE it. I am weird. Everyone tells me that. Go ahead, be #1,000,000,000,000 to tell me I am weird. I can take it!:)

I am having a Target card giveaway today. Check it out!

southerninspiration said...

Here's to health, my friend and LOTS of it!! :)


Musicaljean said...

Great public service announement!! Almost better than your Sunday sermon. Just kidding!

racheld said...

I'm just wondering about that "snake bite prevention" clause of the cocoa butter thing. Did you rub it on your skin, or consume vast quantities so as to build up an aura of chocolaty-ness?

70% for me.

LivingTheLife said...

YUMMMMM...chocolate...I've always believed..."it cures what ails ya"...AND now I have proof. Thanks for the PSA...I'm going to have to run out and buy a few weeks worth...still re-couping from the toxic crud!! So tired, maybe chocolate will help "kick" me back into high gear!!


nancygrayce said...

I love chocolate, but unfortunately the kind that's bad for you and it needs to have something with peanut butter, nuts, etc!

Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE Dove Chocolate, I LOVE peanut butter - - - I NEED to find a bag of THOSE!!

Kat said...

You're so right...everything seems better if you have some chocolate.



Dianne said...

"Well, I am too, smart...look at this!:" are hilarious!