Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday, I finally went back to school, and got my stuff together. Of course, I had already brought a car load home before school was out...and then things got so busy there at the end, that I didn't have time to get the rest packed up. So yesterday, I went and separated my stuff, from the school stuff, and filled the back of my car with what was left. And, it is still sitting there today. UGH! Now the job is finding somewhere to put it all. I'm such a book collector, and I happen to love children's books. And, I can not bear to part with any of them. Now one day that will be great for my grandchildren, but for now, it's a lot of children's books! I'm fortunate to have a library now to store them's just finding the energy to do it. Maybe they just need to rest in the car for a few days.

There are still alot of things to organize with the new music teacher, and we'll tackle that when she is ready. But, I did get the desk drawers cleaned out and organized and the storage cabinets. So, when she gets ready, there will not be so much to do. We can just work on files, etc.

So, my stuff is out of the school, but part of my heart will always remain!


Keetha Broyles said...

I think I've told you I'm not sure about next year yet - - - and I'm still not sure. If I decide NOT to return, I am DREADING packing my stuff & getting it out of there.

I know this is pretty late to be deciding about next year - - - there are, shall we say, "extenuating circumstances."

racheld said...

Partings ARE sweet sorrow, aren't they.

And the new teacher---I'm sure she's elated by being chosen to carry on, and daunted by the great space you're leaving behind.

Perhaps, when you go to coordinate things with her, you could do what a highly-esteemed, much loved teacher I know did for her own new follower:

She bought a pair of the teensiest pink flip-flops---a keychain, really, and showed her that filling those shoes was not insurmountable, and that the new teacher had her complete support and enthusiasm behind her.

The story came from the NEW lady, who was touched and amazed at the concern and caring, and has carried it on herself for probably twenty years now. She also still carries that keychain in her purse.

Kat said...

You and Jean are going through the same thing. It has to be hard, but just think of all the fun things you can plan coming here??


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm pretty sure I see some official school property in those boxes . . . OK, just kidding!

a bitter preschool director :-)

andi said...

And ours with you. I already miss you dear friend.

Musicaljean said...

Fun, fun, fun!! My office here at home now has boxes of "stuff" from school. I didn't realize when we moved here four years ago that I was blessed to have all that free "storage" area at achool!! I threw so many things away this week that I know I'll never use again, but I'm probably still hanging on to too many things. I always imagine that someday I'll have time to relax and s-l-o-w-l-y look through and enjoy everything.