Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Because my thoughts are on staying cool...and only on staying cool, I find myself lying down, and flipping through magazines quite a bit the past few days. Now, I do love me some magazines. However, I let all of my subscriptions lapse before we moved, and have not renewed any...but soon.

ANYWAY, as I was perusing one of my fav magazines today, I caught a glimpse of this bag...
cute, isn't it? Well, NOT IF YOU HAVE PLANS TO EAT FOR A MONTH!!! This crazy thing, by Anya Hindmarch is $625.00. Yes, I said...SIX HUNDRED and twenty five dollars! I 'bout stroked. Now, I know this is a 'fancy-nancy' brand, with prices to match...AND...I have occasionally..maybe once or twice...paid too much for a 'designer' bag. BUT, not a straw tote to schlep to the beach and pool. Not a bag to have my Diet Dr. Pepper turn over in. Not a bag where the top falls off the sunscreen and coconut scented lotion oozes out of the straw bottom. Not a bag where the sand gets stuck in all of the above and will not let go. NO, just NO!

So, I set out on a mission to find a more suitably priced tote. I stuck to those fashioned out of straw, so the comparison would be fair.

Here's the first one I found. It's by a company called French Basketeer, and sells for $69.00. Now if you ask me...this is still too steep a price for a beach bag. But, I do like how you can draw the top closed to hold your belongings inside.

Now, this is from that store we all know so well...G*P. I really like this tote, and of the 4, it's my fav. I really like the shape.The price for this one is $35. Reasonable, I think.

And, lastly, this one from Beall's comes in several different color combinations, and sells for $10.00...regularly $20.00. I've seen many variations of this bag at every discount store around, and while it is serviceable, to me it just looks cheap.

Since we are well into June now, I would imagine that you have already bought a tote for this year. But, that wasn't the purpose of this post, anyway. The purpose is to point out that everything can be found in a price that is reasonable for you. All these totes are nice to look at, and will carry out their intended function. So, it is with most consumer goods. We can find a nice looking pair of jeans for $200.00, $80.00, or $ 19.99. Or take a couch, for instance...$2000.00, $1200.00, or $400.00.

The next question, then, is the quality. Now that $625 tote will last forever. But, will you tire of it before then? I sure would! I'd much rather have that Gap bag and discard it when it comes unravelled...and get a new one. The pay for good quality here. That $200 pair is going to offer the best fit and the best quality denim. But, if you are only going to wear them to work in the yard or to ride your 4 wheeler...go for the cheapest! As for the couch...since I am still in the process of furnishing The Creek House, well...let's just say...I have a little problem being objective about the moment...but I am sure I will get much soon as the furnishing are all purchased! :)

With the economy such as it is at the present, we all have to make our dollars buy the most that they can. Just a little shopping around can yield you a good buy, with money left over. And, while some of us enjoy shopping around and looking from store to store...some of you despise it. Though I don't understand that, I know it is a fact. So, there's the internet, and even the flyers in the newspaper. One of the things I have started doing when I shop is trying the store brands at the grocery store and for over-the-counter drugs. Most of these have the same taste and quality as the name brands...and I will be the first to admit that I have been a bit of a 'name-brand snob'. I am trying to do better. But, I refuse to change from Kraft Mayo! :)

I leave you with this 'funny'........


Musicaljean said...

I love them all! And I have long been a user of store brands, but for heaven's sake, the one brand name I insist upon is Hellman's mayo. Did you say Kraft? Pulease!!!

racheld said...

Haven't carried a purse in twenty years---guys have had it easy all this time, with pockets and all. I stick my lipstick in one, my ID flap in the other, carry the phone if I'm driving off somewhere, and hang my glasses in the neck of my T-Shirt.

A good while back, I'd occasionally have a pair of slacks with no pockets, and my DH is SO dear that he'll carry anything.

I used to tell him I hoped he didn't have an accident and the EMT's find him with a lipstick and a Tampax in his pocket.

And I like THAT purse, Down THERRRRRE, with the plants.

Just Breathe said...

Yes, I do look for a good sale and I do try store brands but you have to stick with the Mayo, I agree. I look for sales om the internet for most of my clothes but when it comes to purses that is where I spend the big bucks, just can't help myself.

Kat said...

Living here on the beach makes it hard for a beach bag to last more than one season. I bought a cute one this year at one of our local beach shops, Beach Bums. It's adorable and was $36.00. Good enough for me!

Where does the time go?! I can't seem to stay on top of things lately, but I've had fun tonight reading all your posts I've missed.


Sharon said...

Hahahaha NONONO I would never buy that purse, store brand, the beach salt~sand with just mess it up.. No I think they made that one for brittany spears, hahaha
Great share :)
Have a beautiful day and enjoy the beach when you go. :)

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm not at all sure the $600+ one would last any longer than the cheap one. Wicker is wicker and it WILL wear out.

I kinda liked the cheapest one second best - - - the pink striped $65 dollar one being my favorite.

So - - - I say, go for the cheap. So what if it only lasts a few seasons, at that price you can buy as many as you like!

Jennifer said...

Kraft Mayo and Jiff Peanut Butter in this house. LOL! I can't believe someone would pay that much for a tote bag. How ridiculous.
We just got back from a vacation on the ocean in the Outer Banks and lost a pair of sunglasses and a skim board on the beach so I don't think I would take anything of such value to the beach. LOL! Us Michiganders are used to sitting on the beach but are NOT used to high tide and how fast it comes in. We grabbed everything in a hurry but missed a skim board and the waves took it out without us realizing it because we were grabbing cameras, towel, beach chairs and such. By the time we realized it was missing we could no longer find it. Bummer! Then while looking for it I went under a boardwalk to look further down the shore and got surprised once again (slow learner) by a big wave and goodbye sunglasses. LOL! We were all laughing at that point. I am sure some locals were laughing at us too.