Monday, June 29, 2009


It is so hot here...just stifling... 104 tomorrow! I cool off in the pool, but this kind of weather makes me think of the beach. I have collected quite a few 'beachy' pictures, and want to share some of them with you. Hope these send a few cool breezes your way!

Aren't these colors refreshing? They just make you feel cooler by looking at them! Maybe it's because they remind me of sherbert colors!!!

Here's a neat way to show off those shells you collected on the beach...perfect displayed on this bold shade of aqua!

What a great collection of vintage sand pails! And what a fun way to display them! Add in a chippy chair, and you have a lovely setting!

What a wonderful room! I love the splash of color the orange pillows make against the white sofas. Outside or inside? Both are very enticing!


Just Breathe said...

Love the photos, the colors are so beautiful and the displays are so awesome. Thank you for sharing. WOW

Kat said...

We had white shabby chic sofas at our condo on the beach and I used pillows of blue and terra cotta.

Love the green too.


YaYa's Funhouse said...

The last picture REALLY makes me want to be there!!! I love the beach!!
Love all the cool colors!!

Musicaljean said...

GREAT pictures! Everything looks so cool and crisp and clean.

BeachyRustica said...

What fun ideas! FYI, you might be interested in a new site... it's all handmade coastal art, beach decor, etc. direct from the artists. It's at There are some very unique beach oriented things there.