Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today has been a good day! First I met some dear, dear friends this morning for breakfast. We met at Atlanta Bread and talked and talked and talked. We haven't all gotten together in too long. Ann and Kathy used to teach at the same school I do. Wow! Those were the days! Then Ann retired to lavish love on grandchildren, and Kathy, the artist, moved on up to the higher grades...teaching art. Judy used to live across the street from me, and we have shared some of life's sweetest and most trying times! When I was pregnant with Alex, she copied me and got pregnant, too...with sweet Dana. Those two were like brother and sister. Dana with coal black hair and Alex with pale blond. They went to school together, and were true buddies! Then, I had Ian, and Judy was there to help me cope with that.(see Ian's story...sidebar) Judy taught public school 7th grade for25 or 30 years and retired a few years back. She even went with me when Alex was in the hospital in Dallas.
It was great to hear about all their children and grandchildren, too. We made plans to get together again soon. These ladies are true friends and so important to me. Pictured below is Ann, me, Judy, Kathy.
Before I left Atlanta Bread, I got them to pack up a box of goodies to go. I hurried to Pop's to wish him a Happy Birthday! Whew! Just made it before he went off to work! Isn't he the most handsome man? I love him so dearly! He is 82 today. Can you believe it? He doesn't look a day over 70!
Then I had to take my dear, dear, laptop to the hospital. Late last evening, she had a little spell. I knew something was was so unlike her. She blinked and sent some some kind of code word...and then she just closed her screen and refused to open back up. I coaxed and coaxed...even Alex came and tried with his most convincing words. But all to no avail. So, she is at the hospital as we speak...and I have not heard from her as to a diagnosis yet. But, I just know she is lonely there and wondering where I am. We have such a close relationship...she follows me around every where and even climbs in bed with me when I need to rest. What a trooper...I'm just praying for a quick recovery so she can be back by my side soon.
So. I am talking to you friends on my desk top....which has been having its own issues lately. Alex said all along it was nothing serious, and he could fix it. Well, today was the day it finally had to be fixed...I could wait no longer. Well, I had no idea that this would lead to open-case surgery. Do you know what the guts of a computer look like? Well, I do now and it is not pretty. But, being the strong women I am...I even helped with the procedure. We took out a shiny round thing and Alex sent me to Wal-Mart to get another one. I did and he replaced it. We closed the wound and put it in place. Then, he turned her on...and...all was NOT well. She flashed this urgent message that we had not connected a major artery back to its rightful place. So, we had to go back in. She flashed again...we went back in...again and again and again. Finally on the 6th time...we got it right. We sent her to recovery and when she booted was with a smile on her screen! Now, all was well. So, I am speaking to you through her and she is glad to be of service. She is even showing the correct time and date now. Wow! Modern medicine!

One other good thing...Adam had to have surgery on his nose last week, for the second time in 3 months. He went back to the doctor today for a check up and the doctor is very happy with the results. He should be able to breath much better now!

O.K. I am thankful for all these things...and YOU, too!


nancygrayce said...

Oh, my gosh! I broke my husband's desk top today! I swear it was an accident. He is going to torture me to death with a glaring look! Plus we won't have time to fix it because we're leaving at 6 a.m. in the morning!!!!

You're dad is 82 and he was going to work??? I love him! Happy Birthday dad!

Lynne said...

Isn't it nice to be able to sit with your friends and just have fun? I wish my old friends (old in number of years that I've known them, not their ages!) lived closer.

Happy Birthday to Pop! He looks great for his age.

I didn't realize you were an OR nurse! Or that Alex was a surgeon. Hope you followed Universal Precautions during the surgery - wouldn't want you to catch some "virus" from the patient! And the patient was discharged from Out Patient Surgery with no complications. Good!

Musicaljean said...

Wow, you and Lynne are both full of it today, aren't you?? Hilarious analogies, indeed!

How wonderful that your dad is so healthy. What a blessing!

And I do love times with old friends - those that were there through all the "stuff."

Paula (SweetPea) said...

You said your Pop was "off to work"? Oh my, at 82, that is the reason he is 82 and looking good.

I whole heartedly believe keeping active with something such as work makes us live longer and healthier.

My lap box was at the doc's also. You can read about it on my blog. With God I can make anything spiritual and into a devotional.

andi said...

I just know you had a blast. I love Ann and Kathy. I don't know Judy, but the 4 of y'all had some stories I am sure of it. ABC--gotta love it. I used to go there every Thurs. a.m. for coffee with some buddies. I miss it. No time anymore. Glad A. is doing well. Mom is doing o.k. Can't get her foot down b/c of compensating for so long. They'll have to stretch her muscles out with therapy. She was able to walk to the door in her room. One step at a time.
Your dad is adorable!

LivingTheLife said...

Oh Tonja...
Sounds as though you have had a few "code blues" around the house!!! Devastating!! I tell you...I am mortified when things go wrong with my computer baby! I hope you remembered to sign all the HIPA regulation nothing is leaked out without your permission!

Oh! MY GOODNESS!! I think your DAD is THE most adorable man...I hope he doesn't mind that I think that...but he is so darn cute...and he's 82!! NO WAY! Really he looks better than some people I know at 65...really!

Glad you had a great time with your close friends from way back...I call those types of's treasures!

Give your dad a little extra hug from me and wish him a big happy b-day for glad you had a great day!


Sherrie said...

Your Daddy is so precious!!! I agree he does not look 82 nor does he act 82...riding motorcycles..gracious!! You are blessed to have your parents and they both look so happy and healthy! I miss my parents.

You also have the most girlfriends!!! Wow what another blessing!!! I bet y'all caused quite a stir at ABC!!!!

Oh BTW...I got my LOA phone call today!!! Yippieeee!!!!!!!

Robin said...

I love each of those women you breakfasted with ! They say you are know by the company you keep and I must say you have some outstanding friends..